Pokemon: Secrets of the Forty Thieves

Disclaimer: I own nothing

Cast of Characters:

Characters with * have been added to the Anime continuity by me

Aladdin = Ash Ketchum

Princess Jasmine = Misty

Abu = Pikachu

Carpet = Ash's Charizard

Genie = Persian*

Iago = Meowth

Sultan = Viridian City Mayor Carlos (Misty's Father)*

Razoul = Officer Jenny

Cassim = same name (couldn't think of anything)

Sa'Luk = same name (couldn't think of anything)

The Oracle = same name (couldn't think of anything)

The Vanishing Isle Turtle = A giant Lapras

The Peddler = The Narrator finally revealed

Characters added to help progress the story:

Elsa Ketchum (Ash's sister)*

Elsa's Raichu*

The story opens up in the forest outside Viridian City. There, a cloaked man comes into view and looks upon Viridian City with determination in his eyes and the wind in his cape. A herd of Camerupt soon comes into view behind him and they walk right passed the hooded figure as they each carry two large baskets on their right and left side. As one continues to walk, the basket on its left side starts to move and is revealed to be carrying an unattractive man inside. The man tries to come out, but is then forced back into the basket by the hooded man who is now walking right next to the Camerupt.

Apparently, there is something big happening in Viridian City, as a large number of people and Pokemon were gathering there. A large number of Officer Jennys were on the scene as well, either as escorts for the guests or as guards for their entrance. One particular Officer Jenny, however, was not too thrilled about being where she currently was. She just stood at her current position with her arms crossed and her face scowling.

Soon enough, she is approached by an elderly man carrying a rather large sack on his back

Old Man: My, my, in all my years, I've never seen the streets of Viridian City so full of hustle and bustle, and assorted commotion

Officer Jenny seemed aloof towards the old man at first, but she then decided to reply

Officer Jenny: The daughter of our Mayor is to wed

Old Man: Oooh, wonderful, and who's the lucky boy: a breeder, a coordinator, a connoisseur?

Officer Jenny: No, just a trainer of those, those creatures that everyone seems to enjoy, I'll never understand what people see in those little beasts

Yes, apparently, this Officer Jenny is not a fan of Pokemon. But then, out of nowhere, the old man suddenly changes from an old human to everyone's favorite talking Persian. And when that happened, he yells -

Persian: No way

…as the sack he was carrying flies off of him and lands on Officer Jenny. He then pulled her out by her uncovered head and suddenly became much larger. So large, in fact, that he could hold Officer Jenny in the palm of his paw. During all this, he says

Persian: Try it fanatically; we're…Pokemon!

That's when Persian used his Psychic-type powers to fire a blast of psychic energy into the air. Once it was high enough, it exploded in great big blast and had transformed into a half sizzled out Neon sign that said "Pokemon". This was clearly not what Persian was going for, as he then comes back into view and gives the sign an awkward look. He then turns towards the viewers and says

Persian: Awww, some of you don't believe

And then, with a smile, Persian waves his left paw at the sign behind him and transforms it into the much more impressive title…

"Pokemon: Secrets of the Forty Thieves"

Suddenly, Persian appears back on camera and has now taken the form of a fairy with blonde hair and a green dress. He then waves a wand at the sign as he says

Persian: (High pitched)…In color (giggles)

He then hits the sign with his wand and causes a bright sparkle, suddenly the scene shifts to an overhead view of Viridian as confetti falls from the sky. During this time, an upbeat tune can be heard in the background and that soon turns into this musical number;

"There's a Party in Viridian"

(Persian is holding a snow globe version of Viridian City. A smaller Persian flies by him.)

Persian: There's a party in Viridian, and there's excitement in the air.

People pouring in from near and far

(Persian flies by a Camerupt, and hugs the driver and the Camerupt)

A lovely man and woman are gonna have a weddin'.

(Persian flies in front of a man riding a Mamoswine. He sits down in front of the Mamoswine, and turns into a manicurist. He starts doing a manicure on Mamoswine.)

There's a party in Viridian, and everybody will be there

(Persian grabs the driver and another man. He changes their hair to giant afros.)

So if you're a pauper or a shah, do something with your hair.

You mustn't wear an outfit that's naughty…

(Persian unravels a man's turban)

A turban that's unraveling just won't do

(As earrings on a woman's ear)

No earrings which are tasteless or gaudy…

(Persian turns the woman into a fat woman with huge glasses. The woman screams and runs away)

You're gonna look gorgeous when I get through.

There's a party in Viridian, so I'm goin' to paint the town

(Persian, as a painter, waves his paintbrush at three women. Their clothes change into lovely kimonos)

So if you want to see what colors are, follow me around.

(Persian, on an easel, flies through Viridian. Newspapers appear in the hands of citizens.)

Crowd: A couple's gettin' married and it's gonna be

The wedding of the century

Persian: My friends are getting married and you're gonna see

Just how much I can do!

(As an explorer)

You've all been to a safari bar mitzvah…

(As a giant, tiki-style pig)

You've all been to a luau sweet sixteen

But none of them compare to what this

(Persian opens a lid. A roasting Tepig with an apple in his mouth appears. The Tepig pulls the apple out of his mouth.)

The food with be disgusting, by evening you'll be busting.

Three Harem Girls: There's a party in Viridian and it's got us all aglow

(Persian turns into Rocky Balboa)

Persian: If a trainer could have come so far, maybe I can do it

(Persian turns into Don King)

Sure, there's nothing to it!

(Setting: A balcony in Viridian. A woman sings.)

Woman: There's a party in Viridian, but we're not sure that we'll go

(Persian, dressed in drag, appears behind her.)

For although the bride is la-de-dah, the groom is awfully low

(Persian pushes the woman out of the way. Persian appears in front of the Chapel, as Walter Cronkite. But then, two figures that look like Jessie and James in their trench coat disguises can be seen walking in the background. Turns out, it was another Persian using puppets.)

Persian: And now we take you down to the Chapel, where everyone has celebrated all night long

(The other Persian walks in front of the camera, and shows off his Team Rocket puppets.)

Without Team Rocket and all of their malice, everybody's happy

What could possibly go wrong?

(Setting: The Viridian city Chapel; Courtyard)

(The hooded figure and the men in the baskets pop out and burst into song.)

Thieves: There's a party in Viridian, and we're going to rob 'em blind

(Hooded figure pushes up to one of the baskets.)

Hooded Figure: While they're all munching caviar, create a small disturbance; I'll sneak up from behind.

(Setting: The Viridian City Chapel; Wedding Gift Table)

(TR's Meowth is sitting on top of the gift table. People walk by the table, putting down treasures. Meowth pours a goblet full of coins over his head.)

Meowth: There's a party in Viridian, and the loot is pouring in.

I like this wedding stuff so far.

Maybe if I'm pleasant, I'll get to keep a present!

(Setting: The Viridian City Chapel; the Wedding Pavilion)

Persian: We've ordered just a few tasteful flowers

(Persian dumps a cart full of flowers over himself and The Viridian City Mayor)

And valets who will carefully park for you

(In the courtyard, a Mamoswine parks among a group of Camerupt)

The bridesmaids have been dressing for hours

Girls you look just lovely and so grown up too

(Persian pinches the cheeks of the bridesmaids. Persian appears back in the pavilion)

There's a party in Viridian, yes a filling of the room

But there's something missing, yes, aha!

The Mayor: Where is the groom?

The next scene to follow shows us what looks like an older and slightly altered version of the Ketchum family residence.

*For example, there is now a much bigger garden surrounding*

We are then shown the interior of Ash's old bedroom, where a tall young man (presumably in his mid-twenties) is searching through Ash's old stuff. However, upon further inspection, this young man is revealed to actually be Ash Ketchum, no longer 10 yrs old and no longer the short, plucky trainer we once knew. This only serves as undeniable proof that this story does not take place in present day.

*In fact, it has been exactly 16 years since the events of Pokemon: Black and White*

Anyway, Ash continued to rummage through his old belongings and barely notices when Pikachu comes up from behind him as he did so. Once he did notice, however, he just smiled at him and said

Ash: Yeah, I know, Pikachu, don't worry, we've still got time, I checked

Pikachu gave a quick look at the clock and saw that his master was right. But even so, he still couldn't help but wonder what Ash was looking for. Charizard and Pidgeot both felt the same way too, as they watched Ash from his bedroom window while perched on the roof.

Suddenly though, the two of them, along with Pikachu, are caught off guard when Persian suddenly makes an appearance and says

Persian: Hello, somebody's gonna be late for his own wedding!

*That's right, this is Ash's wedding*

Ash was quick to notices Persian, of course, but he wasn't as shocked by his sudden appearance as the other Pokemon. So instead, he just smiled at him and replied to his comment with

Ash: In a minute, Persian, there's something I need

Persian winked at Ash after that and said

Persian: I gotcha (turns into a black-haired woman coming out of a cake with a glass of Root Beer in one paw and a noisemaker in the other.) It's a bachelor party, big boy!

The other Pokemon were given party hats when this happened and Charizard was ready to drink a glass of Root Beer. But Persian comes back into view and takes it away, before saying

Persian: None for you, you're the designated flyer

Ash is not affected by this sudden display of Persian's power, however, as he simply replies

Ash: No, this is for the wedding

Apparently, Ash had found what he was looking for: a small box that held a small dagger inside, with a handle modeled after a Golden Lugia

Persian: (Turns into Woody Allen) Well, it's, uh, it's a nice dagger, interesting nuptial accessory. It's sharp (chuckles)"

Ash barely noticed this impression, as he now looked sad and that sadness carried on into his words as he said

Ash: It belonged to my father

Persian had reverted back to his original form by this point and this bit of info caused him to look very surprise

Persian: Your father? You've never said a word about your father. Oh, I've got to let the caterer know! (Persian turns into a caterer) Chicken or sea bass?

Ash: He's not coming to the wedding. He died a long time ago

Persian: (Turns back into himself with a sheepish look) Sorry

Ash: That's okay, I never knew him. Maybe if I did I'd feel ready for this

Ash then looked down at his feet as he heard Persian's voice coming from that direction

Persian: Ash, (turns into a pair of bunny slippers on Ash's feet) are you getting cold feet?

Ash: No, Persian, it's just…I've always been a simple Pokemon Trainer. I've battled for Gym Badges, went face-to-face with my Rivals…

Pikachu nodded in agreement the whole time, but, his tone changed when Ash finally finished

Ash: …Having to say goodbye all the time

Pikachu then looked sad for a moment, until Ash started to rub on the head, of course

Ash: I'm taking a big step today, into a new world

Suddenly, a microphone appears in front of Ash and upon closer inspection, he sees that it was part of Persian's extended tail as he now took the form of a radio therapist, headphones and all

Persian: Today's topic, "Fears of the Future Family Man." Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, share with us.

Ash didn't exactly play along to this gag, but he did respond nonetheless

Ash: I never had a father to show me how to raise a family.

Persian: No role model? Get a little deeper.

Ash: What do I know about families? (Persian drops the Radio therapist façade and reverts back to normal) Persian, what if I'm no good at it? (Sigh) if my father were here…

Persian: Ash, little buddy, if your father were here, he'd be as proud of you as I am

Ash: (Starting to smile) I just wish he could've seen this

"There's a Party in Viridian (reprise)"

Ash: There's a party in Viridian, and the party's all for me. Just look you guys at where we are, and how our dreams have come to be.

The setting then changes to a hotel in Viridian City, where a woman wearing a bathrobe, a towel on her head, and a face mask is inspecting a wedding dress in front of her mirror

*Thus implying that she is the bride*

Woman: There's a party in Viridian, and I can't believe it's true. After all this waiting, here we are. We'll finally get to say 'I do'

Ash: I never ever had a real family

Woman: I never ever had a real true friend

(Both of their faces appear in the air)

Both: Someone who could just understand me...

(Ash makes a motion to kiss the Woman's image)

Meowth: Oh, come on Ash, this mush has got to end!

(Persian causes the bulk of Ash's room to fill up with balloons and confetti. Meowth has a party hat on his head and a party favor in his mouth. He blows on the party favor.)

Persian: There's a party in Viridian

(Persian holds out a clock)

And it's starting right away.

(Persian changes into a tailor, and changes Ash into his wedding clothes)

Let's get you dressed 'cause you're the star

(Persian grabs Ash for a photograph)

Hey, come on, it's your wedding day!

(Persian and Ash then walk arm and arm over to his opened room window. Pikachu and Meowth follow, also arm in arm. The four of them walk out of the window at once and quickly drop like stones, until Ash and Persian land on Charizard and Meowth and Pikachu land on Pidgeot. The group then flies away from the Ketchum house and head quickly towards Viridian City, where a massive crowd of familiar Pokemon characters is waiting for them)

Chorus: Ash is gettin' married and it's gonna be the wedding of the century; amazing how one trainer could have come so far!

Persian: They're finally gettin' married!

Viridian City Mayor: They're finally getting married!

Thieves: They're finally gettin' married!

Meowth: Look at all these presents!

Woman: We're finally getting married!

Pikachu: (To the rhythm of "They're finally getting married") Pika, pika, pika!

Ash: I'm finally gettin' married!

(Ash, Charizard, Pikachu and Pidgeot all fly into the Chapel, but Persian remains outside, and like a Gospel singer, leads the crowd.)

Chorus: They're finally gettin' married at the party in Viridian!

(Ash lands in the wedding pavilion. Pikachu is guiding a ribbon down a pillar. Viridian City Mayor is dancing)

They're getting married and it's gonna be such a sight to see.

Come on, go with me

(The wedding guests are dancing. Meowth shakes Ash's hand.)

To the party in Viridian!

(Confetti falls everywhere.)