A/N: This is going to be a multichapter epic that chronicles the lives of Frozen fanfic writers in the modern universe of Frozen.

Forkanna - wrote the cake fic.

Living Lamb - wrote "You Are".

Celery Sticks - wrote A Snowflake in Spring

Kate-Kane - wrote R9kelsa is suffering.

More will be added.

Forkanna took a swig of orange juice. She was sitting at the kitchen table, drinking a piece of toast. It was early morning. Birds outside were chirping aloud. She was skimming the newspaper, and as she did so, she smiled from ear to ear.

"What are you so excited about?" Living Lamb, her roommate, asked. She twirled into the kitchen and took a piece of toast, taking a bite out of its edge.

Forkanna grinned. "Duh, Lamb! It's coronation day!"

"Did somebody say coronation day?" a brunette head appeared behind the doorway. She was sprightly and beautiful, but a bit ditsy.

"Hey Celery Sticks," Lamb nodded. "Wait - how'd you get the keys to our apartment?"

"I don't need keys," Celery said, waving her hand. "I just open doors. So, I'm guessing you're excited for Elsa's coronation, right, Forkanna?"

"Wait," Lamb said. She blinked, confused. "Who's Elsa? What's a coronation?"

Forkanna stood to her feet. She moved her way to the fridge, and then got a piece of cake out of the fridge to eat for lunch later. "I'm disappointed in you, Lamb. As you should already know, Elsa is the daughter of Arendelle University's head master principle guy. But he got killed, so she's going to be the new head master principle guy."

"Oh damn that sucks," said Living Lamb.

"Yeah, but she's hot, so it's pretty cool," Celery Sticks observed.

"Let's go! I'll drive," Forkanna intervened. She stuck a fork in her back pocket.

The trio of girls squished together in a small compact Sudan.

"Maybe we should invite Caramelcat!" Celery Sticks suggested. But this suggestion was met with sad glances.

"She's dealing with personal things," Living Lamb said, pouting her lips. She missed her friend dearly, and missed the stories she would tell around the fire.

The car speeded down the highway at thunderous speeds. Then they ended up at the University of Arendelle.

"Oh god I'm excited," Living Lamb squealed. She gazed curiously at all the random strangers walking about.

"Look at that hottie," Celery Sticks gushed. She pointed a finger at a curvy, beautiful girl with a name-tag that said "Kate-Kane". "You guys think she bats for the other team?"

"Let's hope so," Forkanna said, squiggling her eyebrows.

A voice over the intercom interrupted their banter: "Hello, this is Walt Disney. Elsa Helland's coronation will begin in twenty minutes in the Pike Auditorium. All University students may attend."

Forkanna crossed her legs. She felt the sudden urge to make a whiz. "Um, guys, save me a seat. I've got to use the restroom!"

The other girls nodded, then made their way to the auditorium.

Forkanna ran past the food courts. As she ran, she accidentally collided with somebody else. She fell straight into a water fountain.

"Hey!" she yelled, offended. She stood from the water and stared at her wet clothes. "Look what you've done!"

She turned to face the person she bumped into. As she did, her mouth dropped, and her eyes widened.

"I'm so sorry! Are you hurt?" the person said. She was a platinum-blonde beauty, and her turquoise eyes were widened as well. "Here, let me give you a hand." She reached a green-gloved hand forward.

Forkanna, eyes dropping to her chin, took the hand graciously and was led out of the fountain.

"S-s-sorry? Don't be sorry," Fork gushed, cheeks burning red. She was immediately infatuated by the frightened girl who's hand was still in her's.

"Oh," the person said, reluctantly letting her hand go. "I'm really sorry, but I'm late enough as it is. I've got to run." She gestured her thumbs toward the auditorium room in the background.

"No worries! Go ahead," Fork said. She was disappointed, not wanting to leave the gorgeous girl's presence.

The girl started walking away, seeming frantic, but as she did so, she said, "Meet me here after the coronation! I'll formally apologize then! What's your name?"

"Oh - um," Forkanna bit her lip nervously. Why the hell did my ghetto parents have to name me Forkanna? "It's, um, Jessica."

"Oh, okay, Jessica. I'll meet you here in an hour," she smiled brightly, and then picked her dress up, running to the auditorium.

I didn't get her name! Forkanna frowned as she trudged to the auditorium.

"Psst," Forkanna whispered, taking a seat by her friends. "Guys, I just met the love of my life!"

"Shh," Living Lamb whispered. "It's about to start."

"Oh, Forkanna, I need you to meet my new friend," Celery Sticks leaned across Lamb, "This is Kate-Kane."

Kate-Kane bended around Celery Sticks. She grinned happily. "Hey, it's fucking nice to meet you!"

"Oh, wow," Forkanna replied. "Nice to meet you, too."

Celery Sticks winked, then went back toward Kate-Kane.

The coronation began. It started with a choir singing songs in foreign languages, then professors gave speeches about the university's prestige. A bunch of sobbing old men were all sad about Elsa's dad, bla bla bla.

"Oh, here she comes!" Living Lamb whispered.

Forkanna had to bend over a fatass to get a good look at the queen.

"That's her," Forkanna whispered to herself, astonished. "Elsa was the one who bumped into me. She made me wet!"

"Ew, oh my god, keep those things to yourself," Living Lamb whispered, looking disgusted.

"No, you don't understand," Forkanna sneered. "She wants to meet me later!"

"I doubt it," Living Lamb whispered back, shaking her head. "She's the most sought-after lesbian in the whole university. No offense, but you stand absolutely no chance. I mean, look at her!"

Elsa stood on the stage, her dress from the movie gleaming on the stage lights. Although Forkanna was sitting in the last auditorium seat, probably a football field away, she could have swore Elsa stared at her for at least three seconds.