Daryl couldn't stop thinking of the car that had driven off with Beth. Every time his new group walked past a garage he stopped to 'look for supplies'. He discreetly examined cars for days, but never found the car. He promised himself earlier he wouldn't give into the new group's rules so long as it didn't get him killed. That had been broken once he saw the strawberry. She would've liked 'em. He originally wanted it for himself, but for some reason hadn't eaten it yet. He sat around the small fire they had going, keeping first watch while the others slept.

When it was time, he rested his head on his trash bag. It took him a while to sleep, but when he did he was in the house again. The smell of jelly, pig's feet and diet soda filled his senses, but when he looked around there was one thing missing. The house wasn't warm anymore. The candles had been blown out and the sun was going down. In the yard he saw someone. He grabbed his crossbow which was still by the door, and slowly made his way outside. It was a girl, brown hair, or so he thought until he came closer. Mud covered a blonder hair, and when the walker turned, a familiar set of eyes met his. There was no longer the warmness of her gaze, only hunger. He dropped his crossbow, and when her teeth were about to meet his shoulder he awoke.

Despite the bad dream, that wasn't what woke him up. Instead it was something hitting the noise making trap they had set up. The person on guard that hour had fallen asleep, but now everyone was wide awake and staring at girl who'd been trying to get through the traps and hit a dark bottle. Before Daryl recognized her, he blurted one word.


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