In the end, everyone went before Carl came back. It left Judith and Beth with me, and we all sat on the floor of the house. Judith with a doll we found in one of the rooms, chewing on it's slightly dusty arm. I sat against the wall, looking at the ceiling. "We're goin' to have to leave here soon.", I said, looking at Beth's hunched shoulders. She didn't take her sister's grief well, or the fact Glenn had died, but tried to hide that from me by having dried eyes. Her hand was loosely in mine. She nodded.

"When Carl gets back.", She glanced to me, then Judith. Two hours ago was when he left, who knew if he was coming back. On cue I heard a bang downstairs. I stood up, deciding it was time to have some sort of awkward talk with Carl, and made my way downstairs. I paused at the last two steps, seeing two guys from terminus searching the house for signs of life. They glanced up, seeing me, and I ran back up the steps as fast as I could. I hid at the top of the stairs behind the small wall, searching my surroundings for a weapon.

"Beth!", I screamed, panicked. "Bring the bow!", I settled for my fists, since Beth had my knife. A man came around the corner and I didn't think twice to hit him below the belt, then elbow the back of his head so he'd fall. The other pounced on me, slamming me back into the wall and nearly knocking me over. A knife was at my throat.

"You don't wanna be doin' that.", I heard Beth's steady voice say as my crossbow was pointed to the man in front of me. Judith was behind her, holding her pant's leg. Beth made a motion for the guy to move, and when he did she shot him in the head without a blink. She turned to me.

"Other one dead?", she asked. I shook my head and she took her knife- my knife- out, slitting the other's throat. "Now we have to move. Walkers will smell the blood..", she said quietly, putting the knife back at her side. I walked over and picked up Judith.

"We'll find Carl eventually.", I began, "-but we got to find another place. Now.", I grabbed her hand, holding Judith with my free arm, and tugged her outside. She remembered to retrieve the arrows before we left, and I felt proud to know she was learning from me. I worried about her, killin' seemed to be coming easier to her now. The three of us walked for hours, Beth insisted on leaving a note to tell Carl to find us, and that we were moving north. It was risky since the people from Terminus may come back to find their people, so I found a place suitable to stay the night where we could watch anyone coming from the south. It was a small shed with one window, I killed the single walker inside and dragged him around back. Beth babyproofed so Judith wouldn't scratch herself on something sharp or rusty. I suggested first watch. Beth wrapped Judith in her overshirt, letting the kid fall asleep for once today, and set her down gingerly once she passed out. She then crawled over to where I sat and took my hand in hers.

"Think he'll come?", She asked quietly, so not to wake up Judith. My head was tilted back on the rotting wood wall, and my free arm rested on my head.

"Yeah.", I said. "He's not stupid. He'll come, kid's got a temper.", I was tired of walking and fighting and wanted rest. She seemed to notice this, and I felt her hand on my shoulder.

"Sleep Daryl.", I heard Beth's concerned tone say. "I'm not tired anyway. I'll be fine. You go ahead and I'll wake you up if I hear somethin' okay?"

It took me a second, I didn't feel like she'd be safe, but I nodded.

I woke up to a loud noise. First thing I saw was a revolver on the ground, followed by a sheriff's hat, and knew Carl had just found us. I looked up to find Beth holding him against the wall, angrier than I'd ever seen her.

"You did what?!", She asked, her brows furrowed together like some sort of angry but cute animal.

"I tried to reason with them.. they've got Michonne. And Dad.", his pleading innocent eyes bugged me. Kid was smarter than that.

"My sister?", Beth asked quietly, I saw her face fall the smallest amount.

"I-I don't know. She ran in there before any of us were ready and started killing everyone. It got us found out.", The kid had a split lip and a bruise on his cheek, followed by a black eye swelled shut. He was holding his shoulder, quietly asking Beth to move her hand. He'd knocked it out of socket, and had to pop it in himself in the midst of the fight.

"Passed out after.", He said, looking at the ground in shame. "I woke up outside of Terminus. I don't know who moved me or if I sleepwalked.", now I knew for sure he was lying. He must've made a deal, and Beth stared for a second in disbelief. She shook it off. "Here you must be hungry.", she said instead, and grabbed some of the dried deer meat. He bit off a chunk, then went over to his sister and picked her up, giving her a long hug like it'd be his last. Beth and I exchanged glances.

"We got to find another group.. maybe someone will help us.", She said suggestively. She was always an optimist. Carl spun around, his eyes were red and irritated.

"Look at those people! They eat us, Beth. Wake up everyone's not a saint.", he spat at her. He was getting smarter as the apocalypse went on, grew older than he should be.

We made camp that night, everyone sat around a small fire. Beth was tense, and drawing in the dirt with sticks so thin they kept snapping. She got frustrated and used a larger stick. Judith sat in Carl's lap, playing with the doll we found in the last house. She shook it and chewed on it's dusty ears.

Then something happened I wasn't aware I'd been missing- Beth was singing. It was the same song from the house that night, and if the kids hadn't been there I would've been tempted to rip her clothes off more than I already wanted to. It got me thinking.. was Beth a virgin? She looked the type maybe, having not even had a drink before. I'd have to save that question for later. It was quiet, except for the occasional gibberish and "Beth!", shouts coming from Judith.

Morning came again. Except this time- no Carl or Judith was to be seen. I woke Beth and we began tracking them down. It seemed like hours until the tracks stopped at a house. I had my crossbow ready, instructing Beth to open the door with a simple nod. When she did, I stormed in with her behind me. A familiar pair of faces looked at me wide-eyed, and I lowered the crossbow.

"Tyreese.", I said, greeting him. Carl and Judith sat by him.

"Where the hell were you goin'?", Beth scolded.

"I had to find somewhere safe for Judith and I ran into Tyreese.", he said quietly.

"Oh and you think there's somewhere safer n' us?", I said loudly, making a gesture with my right hand. He looked me square in the eye and said "Yes.". I started forward, but Beth held me back. Of course I wouldn't do anything to Carl- hell I wasn't my Dad, but sometimes you just had to make someone fear you to earn respect. Beth would'a told me different.. told me I had to give mutual respect and that I wasn't doin' any better than a bully would've. She hugged Tyreese briefly which sparked a small amount of jealousy in me, but I ignored it. Carl still stared me square in the eye. He wasn't afraid of shit, so I'd leave it to Beth since women seemed to strike deeper with women. She sighed.

"Carl where do you think you were going to go after dropping Judith somewhere? To Terminus to get yourself killed?", she said loudly. "Because everyone we know may as well be dead. And we're going to have to accept that and move. on.", she had point. We couldn't go back there and risk Judith's life anymore than it was already daily risked. We had to be together- even if the kids got in the way of what I wanted. Carl stared at his feet for a while. You couldn't see his face beneath his sheriff hat, but eventually droplets dropped down, making a quiet tapping on his shoe. Beth wrapped her arms around him, and his quiet sobs filled the morning.

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