"If your girl is not in this fucking restaurant, I swear to God, Auggie."

"She's not my girl, Krakatoa."

"Bullshit and we both know it. You staged an unsanctioned, off-books rescue mission involving a former operative with alleged ties to a competing spy service and a crazy stamp on the record. That's not something you do for the girl next door. And definitely not three times. Hell, I was your partner and you didn't do it for me once."

"Hey! This is the second time. And don't start on that. You know that—"

"Shut up. Don't insult me. I know about Russia. The original Hong Kong. This. That's three that you will admit to. What else have you sacrificed for her, Aug?"

"She's worth it. She just needs to know we're looking for her."

"You keep telling me that. Why is she running? Auggie, you have to think logically here. You sent her on a boat from HK to Taiwan, and what does she do? Hop on the first available boat to Bali, illegally I might add. It's dumb fucking luck that I'm here and my contacts still like me. What if she doesn't want us looking for her, dumbass? She's running for a reason, and there's no immediate threat in the vicinity. Her mission is complete. She eliminated her target and was on transport back to base. She was supposed to make it back home. Why is she running?"

"I—I don't know, Kraka. Just, please. Find her. I—fuck."

"Do you love her, Auggie?" Silence on the other line. "Fucking hell, Anderson."

"Krakatoa, complete your mission. Make contact. We will debrief when I land. My flight's about to take off and I need to be on that damn plane to Jakarta. See you in 5 hours. Follow protocol about contact."

"This isn't my first mission, Aug. I know what I'm doing. I'll find her, but it's up to her if she wants to come back. If she even wants to talk to you."

That was six hours ago. His flight should have landed in Ngura Rai International an hour ago, giving him plenty of time to collect his bags and find his way to the apartment. Codename Krakatoa. Haven't heard that in a while, she thought bitterly. She adjusted her niqab and hoped Annie arrived soon enough.

"Wanita Amerika selalu makan di sini sehari-hari di 15:00?" She checked briefly with the young Indonesian girl working at the counter.

"Selalu, ibu," the girl affirmed.

"'Ma kasih, nona." She slipped the girl a 5,000 bill and smiled before putting her finger to where her lips were covered by the black veil.

The girl nodded her understanding of the secrecy and glanced toward the door at the new customer. "'Ia, wanita Amerika, ibu." Ah, so this is Annie.

Krakatoa glanced at the brunette as she took a seat at the end of the bar at the restaurant. The vantage point was close to the kitchen and back door with the entire restaurant in her view. Smart girl. At least her training hasn't left her. She grabbed her tea and strode over to her new friend's table in time to hear her order tea in broken Indonesian and open her laptop. "Permisi?" She pointed to the seat next to Annie.

"Uh, ya. Bisa, bisa," Annie smiled gently.

"Bicara Bahasa?" Krakatoa asks unnecessarily to a flustered look. "Or English?" She fakes a thick Indonesian accent a bit too well.

"I'm sorry, I don't speak Indonesian. Do you know much English?"

She laughs heartily, because yes, of course, obviously she speaks English but Annie won't know that for a while. "Ya, sedikit. Very little. I am ask that you are America?"

"Yes, yes, I'm from America. I take it you are from Indonesia?"

"Ya, I am Indonesian. My name is Kraka. My friend own restaurant. Do you here on the vacation?"

"Kraka, it is nice to meet you. My name is—" Annie stutters for a split second, trying to cover it with a cough. Fuck, she's in deep. "Sorry, um, Annie. My name is Annie. Well, I am still trying to figure that out. I originally made it to Asia for business, but this is definitely a vacation. I really like it. The food here is delicious. The sights are beautiful. I just need to figure out how I can stay long term, I guess. At least I think I want to stay long term. Bali is almost too good to be true!"

"I pass compliment to friend, thank you! Do you have house or hotel close?"

"Yeah, I'm staying at a hostel just down the street. Do you live close to here?"

"I live in complex two streets away. Please eat with me, dinner tonight, Annie? My daughter is learn English in school. She five, but love speak English. If you here for many week, you live in extra room my apartment, pay with teach English my daughter."

"Oh, I—I didn't think about that long term. I would have to think about it, honestly. I would love to come for dinner tonight, though. Your daughter is five, you said? I have two nieces back in the States, Katia and Chloe. They're 11 and 9."

Krakatoa lets out a gentle laugh. "Yes, dinner then. Finish the meal and I show you to apartment?"

"That sounds good. Can I bring anything tonight?"

"Bring you!" She and Annie spoke for nearly another hour before Annie excused herself to the restroom. She pulled out a flash drive and slipped it in to the USB port on the laptop Annie had slipped into her bag. Five seconds and a flash later, she pulled it out and pocketed it.

Krakatoa led Annie to the complex and showed her the code. Annie declined coming up to the apartment just yet, claiming she needed to go home and freshen up before dinner. She thanked Annie profusely before entering the complex.