Honestly, don't even ask me why I wrote. Sudden urge to write perverted stuff I guess :P


Gray sighed as he felt Lyon's cold lips lock against his. Their bare torsos pressed against their each other as Gray's hands snaked down to the small of Lyon's back. Despite their Ice Magic, the heat between them felt feverish. Their shirts lay in a messy pile beneath them.

"Oh, Lyon…" Gray moaned into his ear.

Lyon pulled away his fingers locked in Gray's soft, disarrayed raven hair. He ran them through the locks, his eyes half-lidded with lust. "Gray…" he whispered.

Ice fragments surrounded the locked door behind to keep anyone who might burst in on them out. Also, the heavy moans, sighs and groans that hung in the air didn't necessarily need to be heard by anyone.

"You're so…beautiful, Gray," Lyon muttered to the brunette, his teeth grazing his ear.

A steady blush crept up Gray's pale cheeks as his fingers scraped the back of Lyon's neck. He leaned down to place a kiss on Lyon's neck, and the white-haired man threw back his head in a pleased hiss.

"You make me feel that way, Lyon," he said to him softly. Their lustful eyes met in an erotic moment, their bodies pressed together and their hands in the remotest of places. Sweat beads made their way down from Gray's hairline and to his chin as he smiled at his lover.

Gray's hand slithered further south, towards Lyon's jeans. A soft groan left Lyon's lips as he dropped his head on Gray's shoulder. He brought his lips back to Gray's now-warm ones to distract him. Gray moaned into the kiss and broke away with a wild gasp as Lyon's hand too travelled downwards. His back arched as he struggled to remain in the standing position they were in.

"I love you, Gray."

"I love you too, Lyon. We'll be together forever, right?"

In response, his lover kissed him again. "Of course."

They locked together in a fierce embrace….

"Hey, I wonder what Juvia's up to?" Lucy wondered, swinging her legs on the bar stool.

Gray gave her a lopsided look, smirking a bit. "She's blushing a lot, she's probably imagining things again."

Mirajane shook her head and smiled pleasantly. "That girl's imagination is too strong for her own good."

Across the bar counter, Juvia stalled a nosebleed as she looked back at the nonchalant Gray sipping a glass of iced water.

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