AN: ……and so I thought it was gonna be a one-shot fic! XD Well, I was inspired by it, and I decided to continue…but, I don't know when it's gonna end. Maybe this chapter will end it, who knows *shrugs* I'm constantly RPing, so I probably will continue … somehow O.o;

Characters: Tasuki, Kouji, Chichiri, Nuriko, Hotohori

Pairings: Hotohori/Nuriko and Kouji/Tasuki


Too Perfect

-=Session 2=-

Odd Person Out


            Two days had passed, and I had bonded quite well with Kouji, Nuriko, and Hotohori. But on the most part, Kouji. I was never this close to them then now……but, Tasuki was coming back.

"Will things go back to the way they were?"

            …Is what I kept asking myself in the back of my mind, because Kouji was talking to me at the moment.

He was thrilled; he kept talking about when Tasuki was going to get here…

            I smiled. I was happy for him. But my heart still hurt. I didn't have a mask to cover up my pain, however.

            "Eh?" He stopped in between his blithering, blinking at me. "Whass wrong?" I shook my head to clear it.

            "Nandemonai no da…It's nothing." He eyed me for a moment, but it was quickly switched over to complete and utter surprise as the door was flung open.


            In flew a boisterous and red-haired youth we all knew. He looked a bit scuffed from traveling and such, but through it all, he looked glad to be back. I brought up one knee to my chest and looked into nothingness, just thinking. Nothing more.

            I was so deep in thought I didn't even notice the group hug that had formed around Tasuki, consisting of Kouji, Nuriko, and Hotohori.

            "Oi, 'Chiri … ya okay?" A familiar kansai accent snapped me out of it, followed by a friendly slap on the back.

            "O-oh! Tasuki no da!" I sweatdropped, wanting to kick myself for being ignorant enough to not greet him. "Okaerie, no da!" I grinned at him.

            He blinked for a moment. "Ne, why ya not wearin' yer mask?" He pointed at me. Kouji, Nuriko and Hotohori slid in on either side of him.

            "We took it from him," Hotohori and Nuriko started.

            "…'cuz we wanted him ta stop actin'." Kouji finished. Tasuki still looked a bit confused. He's, in a way, lucky he wasn't here during…that time. But another part of me, wished he knew.


            Because…I don't want him to question me, when I look sad. I don't want anyone to question me when I'm sad, because it'll make them sad as well.

            I looked away from them, now totally lost in thought. It's not like they were wondering why I had averted attention that much. No, not at all. They were now preoccupied with each other.

            My eye must have looked so dead and lifeless, staring at the wall. It was as if the conversation two days ago, never happened.

            For the exception that I didn't have possession of my mask anymore.

            Now people could see what I felt at every second of the days. I wasn't used to this openness; I hardly made eye contact when I wasn't happy.

            Besides that, I felt no better from then than I do now, because the problem seemed to have been forgotten.

            I shut everything out. I didn't want to think about anything for a moment. So, it was silent.

            But it didn't stay that way.

            How stupid do I look…sitting here, obsessing over this? I feel so insecure…I don't know what to do…

            So I just sit here and wait, until they are done. I look away from the wall.

            Or until they want to talk to me.

To Be Continued…