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It was a cold snowy Saturday for fourteen year old Anna Summers. She was off for winter break and she was on her third day of frosty freedom. And at the moment, the girl was walking through her family's farm property wearing a simple pair of snow boots, jeans and a light insulated sports jacket. She had her semi long Auburn hair twisted into two flowing braids that rested proudly upon the back of her shoulders. And though she would have love to be out playing outside in the winter wonderland, she was looking for someone. And unfortunately she had to venture into the more dangerous part of the property to find them.

"Kristoff, Kristoff where are you, mom and daddy said it's time for lunch" the young teenage girl called, a little frightened at the eerie silence. She had been to look for her older brother Kristoff, who had gone out deep into the forested part of their property with their two husky dogs Olaf and Sven; he said he was 'hunting'. After close to an hour of searching Anna was growing tired and irritated. Surely he had to be here somewhere,

"Kris you stinker, you know we're not supposed to be this far out, daddy will-" but before she could finish her sentence a large brown wolf had leapt in front of her. Her summer blue eyes widened in fear as she saw the beast get near her. Its fur had risen to its full height and its large ears were flat against its head. It was ready to attack. Frozen in fear, Anna couldn't voice her fear, her mouth only opened and closed like a fish out of water. But once the wolf lowered itself to pounce did Anna scream and began to run the other way.

"Why me" Anna groaned internally as she jumped over a fallen log, the wolf not far behind her. She continued to run, the icy air burning in her lungs as she willed her body to go faster.

"Come on Anna move! You don't wanna get eaten do you?" Anna asked herself internally as she rushed through a rather thick snow pile only to yell in pain when she saw that she was running through a bush of thorny vines. She could feel herself beginning to bleed, and it was now dotting on the snow below, but she couldn't stop now. Soon she found herself by the small river that ran through the property. It was frozen over, but Anna could spot the weaker areas so crossing wasn't the best idea. She finally decide to stop there, she couldn't run anymore, she was tired, cold and bleeding. Hoping to evade the animal, Anna staggered to an oddly placed boulder by the bank. She had climbed it in the past when her father and brother went fishing with her. It seemed big enough to stay out of harm's way. But just as she was beginning her climb, she felt sharp claws swipe at her ankle. She screamed in pain before falling and landing on her back with a clenching thud.

Above her was her pursuer and before she could scream again the brown wolf raised its clawed paw and struck her throat. Gasping, the girl put a hand on her throat and fell backwards again. Then a flash of white jumped over her and hit the brown wolf. Anna sat up a little to see that the white blur was in fact another wolf, but this one seemed different somehow. As it fought off the brown wolf, Anna's vision had begun to blur. And the last thing she saw, was a blast of ice leave the white wolf's mouth.

A sudden alarm went off and a girl suddenly jumped up and slammed it down. Looking around hastily, she sighed quietly as she wiped the sweat of her face.

"Relax Anna, it was just a nightmare from the past" the girl thought to herself as she attempted to get out of bed, all before falling back and beginning to snore slightly. Then a loud knock on her door woke her up again, but her eyes didn't exactly open.

"Anna, you up yet, school is starting soon" an older male's voice called from the other side. When he didn't get his answer, he opened the door and poked his head in. He had light brown eyes and messy blonde hair and he was wearing a kind smile.

"Hey feisty pants" he said with a chuckle as he saw the girl sitting up with major bed hair and closed eyes.

"Anna, mom made chocolate chip pancakes" and suddenly the girl sprang to life and jumped out of bed.

"Oh wait did I say chocolate chip pancakes, I meant scrambled eggs, how silly of me, but since you're up now, why not get dressed" the boy laughed when he saw the look of disappointed, before it turned to playful anger.

"Anna, don't give me that look, that's the only way to get you out of bed and you know it" the boy said with a chuckle. Anna pouted before mouthing the name 'Kristoff' and laughing quietly before wincing and putting a hand over her throat.

"Anna are you okay" the older boy said in a worried voice as he entered her room, to show his much bigger build clothed in jeans and a plain grey T-shirt. Anna nodded her head putting a hand on her brother's shoulder to reassure him she was okay.

"If you're sure, I'll meet you downstairs for breakfast, Sven and Olaf are waiting for ya" Kristoff chuckled before hugging the girl and heading out the door. Shaking her wild mane, Anna walked over to her vanity mirror and sat on the chair. Looking at her reflection she winced in slight disgust at her appearance. Her hair was everywhere, so she grabbed one of her many brushes and began to work through the tangles. After close to ten minutes, she had her hair tamed, and began to do her normal braiding routine. Taking her now much longer red hair, that had obtained a mysterious white strand, she divided her hair into two parts; she loved having to braids.

Once she had finished, she looked into the mirror for inspection. Seeing no flaws, she moved on to her makeup, the only thing she wore was mascara and concealer The concealer wasn't for the freckles that peppered over her nose, no it was for the scar on her throat, the constant reminder of the day she had lost her voice to a wolf during her break from school three years ago. The scar wasn't an obvious one, it had healed over time, but it left a long pink line that reached across her throat.

"Well Anna, better get dressed, today we start our junior year" the girl thought to herself before putting on the biggest smile and continuing on with her routine. She finished her mascara and concealer before moving towards closet to pick out a pair of faded and ripped jeans and pulling out her favorite green tank top. She loved school, and that she only had one more year until graduation. But more importantly this year was the she could finally take Home EC! She had dreams of becoming a pastry chef, and with her love of chocolate it couldn't be more perfect!

"This is gonna be great!" the girl thought excitedly before slipping on her tennis shoes and grabbing her messenger bag. She descended the stairs before turning to head towards the kitchen, where her older brother and parents sat talking to Kristoff about something.

"Now dear, remember that this year is important so your grades have to be kept up with" their mother said as she passed her husband the eggs she had made.

"I know mom I'll try my best" Kristoff chuckled before turning to his now approaching sister, suddenly to hound dogs came barking up to Anna wagging their tails. One was a white dog with a semi long tail while the other was a grey and brown patched coat with a small docked tail. They were named Olaf and Sven, Kristoff's hunting dogs.

"Hey Anna, glad to see you join us, I saved you some bacon and eggs" Kristoff grinned as Anna pulled up a chair beside him. Anna looked at her mother with a small smile and waved,

"Up a bit late again dear, oh well its quite alright, how did you sleep" she asked passing her daughter a plate and a cup of grape juice. Anna gave her a thumbs up and a look that said 'I slept fine'.

"Wonderful sweetheart, now how is your throat, it doesn't hurt does it" her father asked as he chimed into the 'conversation'. He had been upset ever since the attack, after the doctor from the hospital said that Anna may never be able to speak again, it tore the family apart. Her father and brother went looking for the animal, but it had vanished. Then Anna had tried several times to say something to her family, but it was just too painful back then. So she gave up all together. But her family came up with a system to help understand Anna when she needed something or wanted to go anywhere. She stayed strong through the ordeal and eventually began to smile again. And when high school started, her parents had explained Anna's situation to the principle and she understood completely, so Anna was to use her new cell phone to communicate with the teachers.

When Anna shook her head no to her father's question, she began devouring her breakfast. And having seconds, and thirds, Kristoff said it was time to head off to school.

"You two be safe, and remember, when you get home, you have to break in that new horse" their father called as the two walked out the door. Anna turned and waved before closing the door and following her big brother to his 99 Ranger XL truck. Throwing their bags into the bed they got in the older truck and headed out to school.

Arendelle High School was where Anna and her brother attended, she was a junior and he was a senior this year. And as they pulled up into the parking lot they saw all their classmates walking towards the building and conversing with each other. Anna and Kristoff exited the car and grabbed their bags before joining them. But on the way, familiar voices called out for them.

"Hey ginger snap, reindeer boy, over here" one had a sultry tone that was also extremely sassy. Turning Anna saw that the voice had belonged to her best friend Megara, or Meg for short. And beside her was her only other friend Mulan. A girl who had moved to Arendelle from Hong Kong during Anna's freshman year. A look of joy glowed in the red head's eyes before she ran to her two friends. She waved an excited hello to them before hugging them both. Meg, a beautiful Greek girl with fantastic hair spoke again,

"Hey Shorty, looking good, how did your summer go" she asked, even though she knew that Anna couldn't speak. Anna quickly grabbed her phone before typing madly into it. Once she had finished, she handed over the phone to her.

"Nice, very nice, and I remember getting that sunburn, I was there with you" Meg chuckled before passing the phone back. Anna laughed quietly before turning to her brother, she gave him a look that said 'I'll be okay' and he nodded before hugging his little sister,

"Just be careful Anna, and I'll see you later" Kristoff said before turning and walking towards the building where he met his best friend Tarzan and Eugene.

"So how's your throat, is it hurting you" Mulan asked. Anna shook her head and gave her friend the thumbs up.

"Good to hear, I'd hate to go through another gym accident again" Meg said with a wince

"Agreed, but there's no craziness going on, so there shouldn't be any problems" Mulan yawned as she stretched a bit.

"Well thats not exactly true, I heard we're getting a new girl today" Meg grinned.

"Seriously, give us some details please" Mulan said suddenly intrigued. Anna nodded in silence also eager to hear about the new student.

"She's from Norway, I heard she had a rough fight with her family so she's moving in with her cousin, and her name is Elsa Frossen" Meg said as she cocked her hip to the side and folded her arms across her chest. Anna frowned when she thought about how the poor girl had a fight with her family. What could have been so bad, that she had to move all the way to the United States? Maybe Anna could find her and, oh wait that's right, she can't talk. Well there are other ways of communicating in this world right?

Suddenly the bell rang and everyone stopped talking,

"Looks like it's time to go get educated, whoopee" Meg said with heavily sarcasm as she and her friends walked towards the building. Anna was the last in the group and when she turned her head, she saw a flash of white from across the road. But when she blinked it had disappeared. Staring a little bit longer, Anna finally ran to catch up and enter the building.

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