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Time seemed to be moving a little more slowly than usual for Anna. It had been a week since the decision was made with Snow to try to get her voice back and when Anna heard Hans and Elsa's conversation. She wanted to talk to Elsa about it, but she didn't know how to approach the subject. But even so, her time with Elsa had increased since then also.

During sixth period or when Anna was in the library, she and Elsa would do their homework together and make plans for a weekend adventure. But Anna always made time for Mulan and Megara. They were her best friends, and she didn't want them to feel neglected. When Anna was in 'dark cloud' mode, they did their best to help her back into the sun where she belonged. Yet they would tease her to no end about Anna's and Elsa's friendship.

"I'm pretty sure that you and Miss Snow Queen are actually dating now, and you're just telling us that your 'just friends'" Mulan would say. Elsa's nickname had changed to snow queen, but she only acted that way towards Anna, the young Chinese girl noticed. She would be a sport and talk to Mulan and Megara, but only to make Anna happy.

Meg noticed this too, but she didn't seem as pleased as she used to be. But she wasn't showing it today. Today her demeanor, though it still had its sarcastic air around it, was cheerful, in a way only Meg could be. Anna had made chocolate covered strawberries for them today.

"Ah Ginger snap, you shouldn't have" Meg said eagerly reaching for the container, but Anna swatted the girl's hand away. She gave her a meaningful look before pointing at Meg's tray of food, wagging her finger, pointing at the strawberries than back to Meg's tray. It was pretty obvious what she was implying.

"Are you serious?! I have to eat all my food? Who are you my mother?" Meg growled playfully. But Anna's face didn't change, only a single brow raised in challenge.

"Okay fine, I'll eat everything on my plate, mother dearest, I'll even go into the bathroom and brush my teeth afterwards, and heck I'll even throw in the floss" Meg said sarcastically. Anna and Mulan both rolled their eyes.

"Okay drama queen, don't go Sharpay Evans on us please" Mulan chuckled when she saw Meg scowl at her.

"Hey, I am nowhere near that blonde High School Musical loser" Meg sneered.

"Of course not M, of course not" then the three enjoyed their food, well as much as you could with public school food. But they finished nonetheless, and as promised, Meg got her strawberries. She was given three and so was Mulan. And the remaining six belonged to Anna and Elsa. So when Anna quietly excused herself and dumped put up her tray; she went straight to the library, container in hand.

Anna arrived at their table in the library, she saw Elsa reading a book. And it was the same Norwegian Mythology book that Anna had seen her reading the first time around.

Why does she read that book? Is there something interesting about it? I'm sure there is, everyone knows that Norway has really interesting stories and myths.

Anna thought as she approached the blonde. A tap on the table made Elsa look up from her book, a kind smile on her face.

"Anna, always a pleasure to see you, what did you bring?" Elsa asked when she saw the container. Anna then grinned and opened the container, revealing its contents.

"Oh chocolate covered strawberries, I love these" Elsa said with quiet excitement. They were still in the library after all. Anna beamed in pride as she saw Elsa grab one. But what she wasn't ready for was the moan of delight that came after that. A red blush bloomed over her face and she began to shift her eyes anywhere but the blonde's face.

"Anna these are amazing! Did you make this chocolate yourself?" Elsa asked. Anna shyly nodded. The chocolate sauce was the only difficulty she had to face.

"Well bravo Anna, and these strawberries taste handpicked! Where did you buy them?" Elsa kept asking. Anna then pulled out a piece of paper and a pen and wrote

'I got them from our garden'.

"Really? So do you grow your own fruit than?" Elsa kept asking. Anna scribbled on the paper again.

'I live on a farm actually; we grow a bunch of stuff and raise animals for the town'

"My how nice, you must have a lot of property than" Elsa chuckled. Anna rolled her eyes in exasperation and gave her a look that said 'you have no idea'. Anna then reached for a strawberry, not paying attention that Elsa was also reaching for one. But when their hands grazed each others, a small wave of electricity passed between the two. Their hands retreated back to their original places.

"O-Oh I'm sorry, please take one you made them after all" Elsa encouraged, she too now hand a tint of pink on her face. Anna, without hesitation snatched a strawberry and shoved it in her mouth. Now looking like a chipmunk, Elsa giggled at Anna's puffed out cheeks then she too grabbed another strawberry and ate it neatly.

It was late at night at the Summers farm, but Snow was alone. He had just finished up with his visit with Anna. This visit had been rather difficult for him, ever since he told Anna that regaining her voice was a possibility, she had become more excited. However, when he told her that there would be risks, he had lied about both of them. Yes, his family would be drawn to exposure, but leaving would not be an option. No, if another pack had found out about what he was attempting to do, then he and his only other family member would be killed. Then, Anna would be too. No human was supposed to know about their existence in society.

As these thoughts raged on, Snow's ear wiggled a bit, he then snorted in slight amusement.

"I know you're here Rapunzel, no point trying to hide" Snow suddenly said. He was pulled out of his thoughts by the smell of his dear friend.

"Well, I wasn't hiding actually, I was observing" a feminine voice said. Coming out from the bushes across the water was a blonde haired girl, with green eyes. Her hair, extremely long, was pulled into a ponytail. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a gold and purple shirt.

"Well, did you learn something?" the deep voiced wolf asked turning to face the girl.

"I did actually, and I all I have to say is that if you are risking a lot for her, she must be 'special'" Rapunzel said with a hint of a smirk.

"I am . . . aware, but she wants to try" Snow replied, not catching what the blonde was implying. Rapunzel suddenly chuckled,

"Okay, I can't take you seriously with that voice, I know it's supposed to help keep you a secret, but no one is around, I scoped this place out before I came here, you are safe" Rapunzel assured. Snow huffed and twitched his tail stiffly,

"Even so I'm not going to take the chance, but on to more important matters, why are you here? I thought you said you were leaving for Corona early tomorrow morning"

"I am, my flight is in a few hours, and I just wanted to tell my favorite cousin goodbye and that I should be back in a week" Rapunzel grinned.

"Well thank you for informing me, and I will miss you" Snow said sincerely.

"Aw, you are too adorable, well stay in school and be good, I love you" Rapunzel smiled before disappearing into the darkness. Snow rolled his eyes before giving a wolfish grin,

"I love you too" then he decided to head home. There was still much to think about.

The sun brought its light once again. And for Elsa, she had wished it would go away, it was a rather hot morning today. She was already on her way to school. But since she lived so close, she walked. She was wearing jean shorts, and an ice white tank top. Her hair was in its usual cascading braid. However, she decided to leave out her snowflake barrettes today. As she walked down the clean sidewalk, Elsa felt a presence approaching her from behind. A quick flare of her nose, and she then rolled her eyes in irritation.

"What do you want" Elsa asked in irritation not even bothering to turn around.

"I just wanted to say good morning, is that so terrible?" a horribly familiar voice asked.

"If it's coming from you then yes, what do you want Hans" Elsa asked, still walking on.

"Why nothing, just wondering how you liked today's weather, I find it rather pleasant" Hans chuckled as he walked up beside the irate blonde.

"Easy for you to say, I find the heat to be terrible" Elsa grumbled.

"I understand, you're more of a, cold person" Hans chuckled humorlessly.

"Yes, and you are quite irritating, go away" Elsa snarled before picking up her walking pace.

When Elsa had finally arrived to school she noticed that Anna was just arriving. She found this odd because Anna normally came later. Curious, she decided to greet the young red-head. But it seems that the wind was not in her favor. As if sensing her approach, Anna turned and saw Elsa striding up the school sidewalk.


Anna thought excitedly before hugging her brother and running towards the blonde.

"Good morning An-oh!" Elsa's sentence was cut short when the slightly smaller girl tackled her into a hug. Stunned at first, Elsa blinked as the situation registered in her mind. But when it finally settled she giggled quietly and gently hugged back,

"Good morning Anna, I trust your morning is going well?" Elsa asked before Anna pulled away with a bright smile on her face and a quick nod.

"Wonderful, so why are you early? I assumed you came later" Elsa pointed out. Anna then pulled out her phone and began to type. But Elsa noted that Anna's radiant eyes dimmed a few shades when she had to pull out her phone. But when the message was complete, Anna handed the device to the blonde, and she read aloud,

"My brother and I have a meeting with the school counselor, and I didn't feel like walking through a crowded hall today" Elsa chuckled at the last part.

"Well, that's understandable; I don't like the crowds either" Elsa smiled giving back the phone. Anna nodded in acknowledgement. Elsa was about to mention a question she meant to ask, but a sudden wind picked up and Elsa's eyes widened. She shifted her eyes to the farthest her peripheral vision would allow before quickly looking back at Anna. She had to go, and fast.

"Anna, I just remembered, I dropped something on my way to school, I need to go get it its important" Elsa rushed out with a grin, her eyes once again shifting. Anna gave her a curious look, summer blue eyes searching for something, but when nothing was found she shrugged and waved at Elsa. Then turned and walked back to towards her brother, but when she spared Elsa one more glance, she was gone.

Meanwhile Elsa was walking, rather calmly, towards the nearby woods next to the school. There was strange stirring in the wind and it had come from this way. Elsa's sense of smell was a bit more acute than most, but as soon she stepped into the opening of the woods, the smell had disappeared. Something told Elsa to keep pursuing the now vanished scent, but class would be starting soon. So she would return when lunch time came around. After Elsa had spared one last glance and walked away. From the tree tops fell a brown wolf. But this one had, from what the sunlight had allowed to be shown pinkish eye color. With a deep chuckle the wolf then vanished into the brush, this new information it had learned through silent observation was perfect!

During the day, Anna noted how strangely Elsa was beginning to act. Ever since she had come back from picking up whatever it was she dropped, the blonde had stared out any window possible, in the halls or class room. Not only that, but the A/C was going crazy again! That's what she had heard anyway. She wanted to face Elsa about it later at lunch time. But now, she was in her math class.

Normally Meg would walk with her, but she, oddly enough, was late to class today. She apologized to Anna, then the teacher. Anna waved off the apology, sometimes a person is late to class, it happened every now and again. But as class went on, Anna's thoughts drew back to the blonde. What was going through her mind? Why was she looking out every window the school had? Was she looking for something? More questions poured into her mind. But her train of thought was interrupted by her Greek friend,

"Hey Ginger Snap, everything okay up there" Meg whispered as she gently tapped the girl's head. Anna blinked at first trying to figure out the sarcastic brunette had meant. But when the gears started to move, Anna nodded her confirmation.

"You think loudly do you know that?" Meg chuckled. Anna shook her head.

"Well you kinda do, anyway, a penny for your thoughts?" Meg inquired, while conveniently pushing a piece of paper towards Anna. At first Anna didn't seem to want to write anything. There was so much she wanted to tell, but she knew she couldn't. So she settled for a simple thing.

'Elsa is worrying me is all, she's been acting strange all day'

When Meg read this, Anna missed the strange way her brow raised. But it went back to normal when Anna looked back at her.

"Well, she's probably home sick or something, she hasn't been here very long you know" Meg said dismissively. Anna mulled the thought over, but something told her that being home sick wasn't it.

It has to be something else. No one disappears that quickly to go pick up something they dropped.

Anna thought, with a growing look of determination on her face. After the small conversation, Anna went back to thinking about Elsa. She was definitely going to find out what was going on with her.

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