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Naruto narrowed his eyes. This thing just told him that it was created by his grandfather and that he wanted to meet him. How was that even possible. His father told him that Madara had died during the Uzushio massacre. If he didn't then why he hadn't tried to find them? The situation was very suspicious. He remembered that Itachi told him about 'Madara' who was the leader of organisation which wanted to revive Jūbi and apparently that Zetsu belonged to it too.

"Tell me, is my grandfather really alive or you speak in the name of the guy who is commanding your organisation?" asked Naruto. He saw creatures eyes widen and when the white half looked worried the black actually smiled. The boy was really worthy of being his masters grandson.

"Who told you about Akatsuki?" asked worried white Zetsu.

"That is no concern of yours. Now then, are you going to me or you want to die really painful death?"

"Your grandfather is still alive and we were sent by him and not by Tobi. He said that if you want to meet him go to the location known as Sangaku no Hakaba (Mountains' Graveyard). It is located at the north-most region of the land between Takigakure and Otogakure." said black half in raspy voice. That perked Naruto's interest. Why in 4 months and not now?

"Why in 4 months and not now?"

"Because now, your disappearance would be very suspicious. There will be chūnin exam in Konoha and there is 1 month pause before the 3rd round. You can ask hokage to let you train outside the village. I'm sure he will give you permission."

"So, my grandafter is alive, why didn't he search for my father and mother and left them?"

"After the destruction of Uzushio he searched for every citizen of the village. Madara located many Uzumaki but he wasn't able to find his only son. That does not mean he gave up. Many years later he heard from his spies that some Uchiha brat came to Konoha saying that he is grandson of Madara. He told me to check if that gossips are true. I came to the Konoha and spied on you and I have to say that was really reckless of you to reveal your parentage but it worked well. Back on the track, I wasn't sure until I saw your Rinnegan." said the white half surprising Naruto. He was really careful when he used his Rinnegan. The power of these eyes was unmeasured and many people on the world would want it for themselves.

"What else do you know and tell me who is that clown who recruit people to his organisation under the name of my grandfather?"

"That man is Uchiha Obito, Madara found him 13 years ago near the entrance of his hideout. Left side of his body was completely crushed, he was barely alive and his left eye was missing. Your grandfather somehow managed to patch him and thanks to some favourable circumstances he managed to convince him to continue his plan"

"You mean reviving Jūbi is my grandfathers plan? What kind of stupid joke it is?" asked Naruto unpleasantly surprised.

"Ohh, so you read that part?"


"I will leave Madara the explanation. To answer your second question we know everything about you."

"That is creepy"

"Creepy indeed" agreed white Zetsu.

"Is there anything you want to ask before we leave Naruto-sama?"

"What is that Otogakure no Sato? I have never heard of it."

"It is the village created by Orochimaru after he was forced to flee from Konoha because of his experiments on humans. During the creation of it he was the part of Akatsuki but after unsuccessful attempt of stealing Uchiha Itachi's eyes he left the organisation. He has obsessed whit sharingan. I recommend to be careful if you were to meet him. If it is everything we will be going."

"See ya later"

After that strange conversation Zetsu disappeared. Naruto had to admit that this creature was really hard to read. Now he knew that he had to concentrate on the exams. That was the only way to meet his remaining family. He finally stood up and went back to his team.

Iwagakure no Sato, 2 months later

For the first time since 3rd shinobi war, Sandaime Tsuchikage, Ōhnoki was nervous. The thing which made him nervous was the photo on the 57th page of new international Bingo Book. Why you ask? The picture showed about 14 years old looking boy with long black hair who had red markings under his eyes. The grandson of his worst nightmare.

Name: Uchiha Naruto

Nickname: Oni

Kekkei genkai: Sharingan

Affiliation: Konohagakure no Sato

Age: 12

Class: A

Rank: Genin

Family: Father: Uchiha Izuna, Grandfather: Uchiha Madara

Informations: Known for defeating Momochi Zabuza and surviving the fight with Uchiha Itachi. Killed Gato and hired by him mercenary army with single Katon Jutsu.

Approach with cautious: A-rank or higher, Flee on sight: below A rank

Bounty: 10 000 000 ryō dead or alive

Even now after all these years he could remember how Madara humiliated him. His bored eyes looking at him, no matter how hard he tried that day, Madara dealt with him like he was a mere fly. Now his grandson was quickly gaining the power, too quickly for Sandaime's liking. He has to deal with the threat before he grow too strong. Konoha was organising the chūnin exams this year and definitely Uchiha Naruto will be participating. Sarutobi will make him take the exams to show that Leaf is still the strongest of the great five. The biggest problem was whom to send. There are no genin's on his level apart from one. His granddaughter Kurotsuchi but sending her against Uchiha will probably not end well.

"ABNU, bring me Kitsuchi"


Few minutes later Sandaime's son entered the office. Comparing to his father he was tall. He was wearing bandana style forehead protector and traditional Iwagakure jonin outfit.

"What do you need me for father" asked Kitsuchi by sudden call. He was currently taking a nap before todays drinking night.

"Look at the picture" said Ōhnoki and tossed him Bingo Book. When the younger of the two looked at it his eyes widened.

"Wow, I wonder what Konoha is giving their genins if they are getting in the Bingo Book so fast" joked Kitsutchi.

"Do you realise that this boy is THAT mans grandson?"

"So what? Are you going to assassinate him? Think how you will look in the eyes of other villages."

"Is she ready?"

"Are you serious? You want to send her against that monster? Are you blind or something he DEFEATED Momochi Zabuza and fought Uchiha Itachi and stayed alive. Do you realise that he is probably better than Hatake and yet you want to send your granddaughter against him?"

"I only asked you if she is ready"

"For chūnin exams of course but not fighting him"

"Good, tell her to prepare for exams. We are going to Konoha in two weeks"

Kumogakure, same time

"Bee! Prepare you team! They are going to Konoha for the exams" shouted Yondaime Raikage, Ay. When he saw the latest Bingo Book entry his blood started boiling. There was no way that some prodigy Uchiha crawled from some hole and became one of Konoha strongest shinobi. He was going to show those tree huggers that Kumo was the strongest of village in the shinobi nations.

"Yo, bro are you sure,
or are you sick and you need some cure?" going to Konoha just to satisfy his brothers ambition in Bee's opinion was stupid and even if it wasn't he wanted to play his concert without interruptions this time. His brother didn't appreciate his rap, yeah that was probably the reason.

"SHUT UP AND DO WHAT I SAY YOU STUPID SHIT!" yelled Ay punching his brother in face and sending him flying trough the wall.

"Raikage-sama, that is 7th time this month you punched your brother through the wall." said annoyed Mabui.

Konohagakure, 2 weeks later

Naruto was sitting in the middle of the lake, trying to collect his thoughts. After they got rid of Gato and the wave was freed they came back to Konoha to report, when hokage heard it he nearly had heart attack. Nothing unusual has occurred since then. During the last two months he has been spending most of his time on training, because reviving Jūbi would be catastrophic and he had to stop it somehow. His current skills allowed him to fight A rank opponents but if he was to fight S rank then surely he would have to use his Mangekyō Sharingan but that was out of a question at least now. He was surprised when he saw that he was placed in the Bingo Book. He was sure that his fire technique killed every single mercenary Gato hired. He sighed, that would surely bring some problems later. He stood up and decided to go and look for Kakashi, he heard someone talking about chūnin exams and wanted to ask his teacher to sign team up for them. It will surely be a good test for him and maybe, there will be someone who can fight with him on the same level. Sure that was very unlikely but who knows what the future will bring. When Naruto was near ramen stand he heard someone shouting.

"Leave me alone you stupid faggot, with make up on your face" shouted boy.

Naruto recognised him, that was Hokages grandson Konohamaru. He was held by some strange guy who had warpaint on his face and was wearing pyjama, second to him was blonde girl with fan on her back they, were wearing Sunagakure forehead protectors.

"No way you fucking idiot,now I will teach you to look where are you going and respect for your superiors!" shouted the makeup boy which made his teammate visibly annoyed.

"Kankuro, leave them alone before we get some kind of trouble because of your stupid behaviour." said the blonde girl.

"Oi, Temari why did you chose his side, I thought we were siblings"

"Your call, do what you want"

Naruto decided to step in before Hokages grandson was hurt. He knew that his grandfather was going to make everyone pay, if something happened to him. Afterall he was future head of Sarutobi clan.

"Drop the boy and go away before I will kill you" said the raven boy in a cold tone which made that Kankuro drop Konohamaru, who quickly hid behind Naruto. Sand shinobi almost instantly recognised the newest addition to the bingo book, Uchiha Naruto the youngest shinobi to be listed in it. That was really bad, if he wanted he could kill them without breaking sweat.

"Easy there didn't want to do anything we were just joking, hehe" said the guy in black bodysuit. Before Temari could say anything she heard someone speaking.

"Temari, Kankuro you are bringing shame to our village"

When Naruto turned around he saw redhead sitting on the branch of the tree behind him, there was some kind of container for something on his back. He could sense that the boy had unnaturally vast chakra reserves, also there was strange aura coming from him. It was somewhat similar to Menma's.

'Jinchuriki' thought Uchiha and started observing interaction between him and his teammates to confirm his hypothesis.

"We are sorry Gaara, we didn't know that you were there" said Kankuro clearly terrified.

"Shut up or I will kill you"

"O-okk-ayyy" stuttered blonde girl."

"You there, what is your name, mother is afraid of you she told me to not fight with you" said Gaara in calm manner.

"Uchiha Naruto"

Gaara's eyes widened and murderous grin appeared on his face. He will show his mother that she has nothing to fear and he will kill him.

"Uchiha, you will prove my existence. Be ready, because when I will come I will crush you. There will be nothing left, only blood and the rests of your flesh. Kankuro, Temari we are leaving"

Naruto only smiled at the threat. Yes these exams just became more interesting. Now there was no way he will not attend them. The idea of dancing with unstable bijuu host made him excited. He quickly shunshined to training ground number 3 to see Kakashi and ask him about exam forms. When he got there he saw his sensei standing (as always) in front of memorial stone.

"Kakashi" said Naruto quickly gaining his attention. He wondered why his student came here. Definitly not for advice, he was skilled enough to be a jonin.

"Naruto, what a pleasant surprise! You came here to talk with your beloved sensei or just to train?" said silver haired jōnin with eye smile. Naruto only looked at him and sighed. That guy was sometimes really strange.

"Tell me, do you think that Sakura is capable of taking chūnin exams?" asked Uchiha.

"Well, in my opinion yes. Her taijutsu is definitely better that when we became team, I would place her on high genin level. She started to learn medical ninjutsu and I have to admit she is prodigy in that field, also I send her to Kurenai to lear some genjutsu's. I think that she is ready, her skills definitely will be helpful during the exam"

"Good, sign us up for it."

"Here you can fill your form now, actually I wanted to tell you about exams tomorrow but .."

"I don't have time now and it would be better to say everyone about the exams not only me. Think what would they thought if I was the one to tell them about it, their respect for you would ne decreased by that." said Naruto and disappeared with leaf shunshin. Kakashi only sighed, Naruto was right what kind of teacher he was to ignore his students, on the other hand he was given a shinobi whom he couldn't teach. Sakura was mednin type. With her chakra control one day she probably will become the greatest medical ninja since Senju Hashirama. Sai was strange he preferred staying in shadows and striking when the opponent was distracted, he would be great ANBU. There was also Naruto, one of last Uchiha's, the boy who appeared from nowhere and became one of the strongest Konoha shinobi just like that. His fire affinity allows him to defeat every single water user and if he would add wind to it the effect would be overwhelming. Maybe he could ask Yamato to let him teach Sasuke or Menma. He will definitely say yes if older jonin will play 'I acknowledge you as equal' card.

Hokage monument

Naruto was sitting on the head of Shodai hokage. He was the only one who was strong in his opinion, Tobirama was mad genius but was not even close to his brother in terms of pure power. Sandaime was once feared shinobi and probably he still is but he is getting old and probably will die in few years. There was yondaime, named by Konoha populace the strongest hokage because he killed the fox. What an absurd, while Shodai could tame kyubi with ease Yondaime had to use sacrificing sealing technique to be able to seal it in Menma. In his opinion he was 3rd strongest kage behind Sandaime and Shodai. Tobirama the weakest in his opinion, even if his mastery over suiton was legendary his space-time ninjutsu was less advanced than yondaime's and his fuinjutsu also on lower level. He had to concentrate, tomorrow he and his team will attend chunin exams. There will be no place for mistake. He knew that he will have to defend Sakura. Mednin's excluding Tsunade are not meant to battle, they were forbidden from entering the battlefield and Sakura with her temper will not be easy to handle. Suddenly a man appeared behind him. He was wearing bandages over his right eye, had black hair and cross shaped scar on his chin.

"Shimura Danzō, what do you want from me?" said dangerously Naruto. He knew that his appearance meant trouble and probably it was caused by his 'fight' with Itachi.

"I have an offer for you" he said shortly.


"I'm offering you to to join my ANBU section, you would be trained by the best shinobi in the village"

"I refuse, remember Danzo I will not join you private army. I don't even know why Sandaime let you live after you attempted to take his life. If I was in his place you would be executed"

"How do you know that boy?" asked Dazno. The boy was threat if he knew about his forces. He quickly prepared Shisui's eye to make boy forget about it. He was surprised that it didn't work, his sharingan was absolute no one could escape its influence. Something was wrong.

"Don't even bother using your stolen sharingan against me. Kotoamatsukami does not work on me, my father made sure before his death that nobody would be able to control me. If you will try to steal my eyes, I will exterminate your ROOT forces. Do you understand?"

"You are playing dangerous game."

"No, you are. I may be young but remember if you ever try to use that eye on me again, Hokage will learn about it and your 'crippled' arm" said Naruto and when he saw eyes of old war hawk widen he continued "How do I know about that? I'm very good sensor, it isn't hard to notice that your arm gives completely different signature than the rest of your body"

"Very well Uchiha Naruto, I will leave you alone but if you will ever be threat to the Hidden Leaf Village I will personally eliminate you." said Dazno disappearing. Naruto knew that he will not give up, from now on he will have to be more careful. He had to rest, the chūnin exams are starting in few days and definitely he will need strength for them.

Next day

"So my cute little genin, I brought you today forms to fill for the chūnin exams. I was supposed to give you them week ago but I have forgotten, so if you want to take the exam go today to academy. Good luck" said Kakashi and disappeared. He was really annoying, doing things later then he was supposed to like today was really troublesome. Naruto sighed and looked at Sakura. During the last month she became quite capable mednin and her fighting capabilities increased but even with her training she looked unsure about the exam. That was really bad, he heard from Kushina some time ago that you can take the exam only in 3 people teams. He decided to do something to make her more confident.

"Sakura, tell me what do you think about takin exam?"

"Well I'm no sure about it. Even if I trained hard for the last 3 months I don't fell like chunin material more like solid genin."

"It is good that you are not lying to your self but remember we are taking the exam as a team and not a single contestants. Remember that me and Sai will make sure that you won't harmed. I can promise you that."

"Yeah, Harem Lord is right ugly. If someone was to hurt you firs he would have to go through us" said Sai with his annoying smile. That made Sakura feel safer. Her team was counting on it, she wouldn't fail them if they needed her.

"Yeah you are right, let's go!" shouted Sakura making Naruto smirk. Soon he would be able to test himself against that sand boy. When they stated going to academy he started thinking what Sai meant by Harem Lord.

Few minutes later

"Oh, that is what you meant"


When the konoha girls noticed Naruto they stepped out of his way bowing to him. He had to admit that it was really creepy being treated like some kind of feudal lord. When they entered academy, Naruto saw large group of genins standing in front of the classroom. He decided to listen what was going on.

"Listen up people. Every team which came here to take chūnin exam please go to the room 46. Proctors will be waiting there for you."

Everyone started moving but something was wrong. The Uchiha activated his sharingan and saw that genjutsu was placed over the number, he stopped his teammates and went to supervising chūnin when the teams which hadn't noticed the illusion went to the classroom '46'.

"Let us enter the room" demanded Naruto.

"Didn't you listen to us? Go to the classroom 46, that the place where exams are taken"

"I am standing in front of it, now move yourself or I'll make you"

"Like if you could" said chūnin and rushed to punch Naruto but when he was close enough he made a mistake. He looked in his eyes, which quickly paralysed him. Naruto took his hand and threw him into the wall, after that he looked at the second chūnin.

"Will you let us in or you want to dance with me too?"

That made him snap out of shock and move. Team 7 along with few others entered the room and saw around 30 others waiting for the proctors. When they noticed them, they sent wave of killing intent in their direction. Naruto looked at them with bored expression until he noticed few Iwa teams. He smirked and leaked a bit of KI to let them know what was waiting for them if they got in his way. When he was looking around he saw Konoha teams he quickly wanted to hide but it was too late.

"Naruto, Sai, Sakura-chan! Come here!" shouted Menma. Everyone was looking at him annoyed, why he had to be so loud? Naruto sighed and went to greet his hyperactive cousin.

"Hi Menma, so you too decided to take the exam?"

"Yeah, Yamato-sensei told us that we are ready so we decided to test ourselves, right Sasuke?"

"Yeah, yeah. Naruto come here for a second" whispered Sasuke.

"What do you need?"

"You see that girl?" said the Uchiha pointing at the girl. She was from Kumogakure and had blonde hair, blue calculating eyes and huuuge rack for a girl his age. When Naruto noticed her blood started dripping from his nose and a perverted smile appeared on his face.

"Yeah whats with her?" said Naruto still smiling which surprised his clansman. He would never thought that Naruto, the grandson of legendary Uchiha Madara was a pervert. His eyebrow twitched and he smacked him in the head.

"What was that for?"

"Pay attention. Now look at Kiba." The Uchiha turned his gaze to see Inuzuka Kiba who with confident smirk was going in the direction of the girl. He knew how it was going to end so he decided to amuse himself by watching how mutt discredits himself in front of everyone.

"Hey babe, maybe we should go on the date after the exams are over. I don't know why are you still staying with those losers when you have me" said Kiba. The blonde simply raised her eyebrow before kicking him in the balls and saying.

"I refuse"

Now Sasuke and Naruto were rolling on the floor laughing. They thought that she was only going to tell him to fuck of but not something like that. Everyone was looking at them surprised. Normally stoic Uchiha's were acting like someone was tickling them as they weren't aware of the situation that occurred few seconds before.

"Why are you laughing Uchiha faggots!" shouted Inuzuka in pain.

"You should know why 'Alpha Male'?" said Naruto still lying on the floor. When he was to get up suddenly the girl which previously kicked Kiba came and extended her hand to help him get up.

"Saumi" said the blonde in cool tone. From that distance her breasts looked even bigger. The Uchiha quickly shook his head to make dirty thoughts go away and said.

"Uchiha Naruto and the one with duckbutt like hair style is Uchiha Sasuke"

"Hey! I can speak for myself" shouted annoyed Sasuke. His hair didn't look like duck.

"I heard a lot about you Uchiha Naruto and I'm looking forward to fight with you" said Samui and went back to her team.

'What a strange girl' thought Naruto before he heard someone entering the room and yelling.

"Alright maggots, my name is Mitarashi Anko and I will be the proctor of the first exam, follow me!"

AN: Sorry that this chapter was so short but I have a lot on my head lately and didn't have time to write. Yes Anko is the proctor of the first exam and there was no Kabuto shit. I'm still thinking what to do with the second part but don't worry it will not be boring. Next chapter will contain 1st and 2nd part of exams. See ya.