Waking up is a severely hard thing to do when hung over. I swear my brain is pounding in my skull. The unlivable pain, which is of my drunken stupor. Who would have ever though drinking could cause this much pain? Why did I have to drink in the first place? I was doing fine without drinking, until my mother brought me to Vegas for some fun.

I sat up, looking around. The room was different, actually very different. It was bigger than ours, it looked like a suite instead of a random room. I stretched, running my fingers through my hair. I froze when the sun hit something, which resulted in sparkles, nearly blinding me.

I brought my left hand to my face and stared at the biggest diamond I'd ever seen. My mouth fell open, wide. I married in Vegas? I can't believe I got married in Vegas! What the hell was I thinking? I'm only eighteen! Oh, God Mom's so going to kill me. I looked down and thanked the Angel I was still dressed.

I squeezed my eyes shut, took a deep breath, and then opened my eyes again. The ring was still there, the room was still large and my face was even more pale. How could I have been as stupid as to get drunk and married? I don't even remember anyone from last night. All I could gather was gold hair and gold eyes and golden skin.

I started to hyperventilate, What idiot what get married at eighteen? I heard the shower in the bathroom turn off, when did it even turn on? I wondered who was behind that door... I was freaking the hell out, more so now than when I found out about Simon's new band name. It literally sucked, but this was worse. It was my worst nightmare.

I put my face into my hands, as I heard the bathroom door open. I heard someone walk into the room, and the bed dip. I felt the warmth of a body coming closer to me. How could I have been so stupid as to marry a complete stranger? What would people think about me? What would people say about me?

"I see my beautiful wife is awake" A voice as sweet as honey said, it sounded so angelic and velvety. I never wanted to stop hearing it, it was an amazing thing to listen to, enjoyable in every way.

I slowly removed my hands from my face and looked into the eyes of my husband? God, the man was extremely sexy, hot, gorgeous and definitely older than me... What the hell happened last night?

The Golden God, smirked his face holding a loving expression. I knew for sure my facial expression held nothing but one emotion, only one and that was mortification. I had married someone I didn't know who was extremely hot but also, extremely older than me.

"How did you sleep?" He spoke again, my heart panged in my chest. God, this man was extremely intolerable, I just wanted to jump his ever-blasting bones.

"Who are you?" I finally found my voice. I was freaking out to the max by now. How could I have gotten married? I now knew what mother meant by drinking is for adults. Obviously the young brain, would do something so stupid because the mind wasn't yet processed for big decisions.

He chuckled, obviously he found this situation funny. I knew from the looks of the room and the ring I had on, as well as his body wash. He was rich, and not average rich by the looks of it.

"Well, I'm Jace Herondale, and You're Mrs. Jace Herondale" He said, I groaned. Yep, Mom was definitely going to kill me. I could just see her face when we told her. Oh God... Dad...

"We have to get a divorce!" I shouted, I could never stay married to someone, I was only eighteen. Father was going to have a field day. Jace looked upset by my statement, which made no sense.

"You have to divorce me!" I screeched. I was going to have an ulcer, when Mom found out. She would kill me, and I'm sure it would be slow and torturous. I was starting to freak out.

"I don't have to..." He said, I glared at him. He doesn't have to? "I don't want to..." Now I was starting to turn red, I was ready to literally start kicking and screaming, demanding he gave me a divorce.

"Well I don't want to be married to you... I am eighteen for Christ Sake's!" I shouted, I had just graduated from High school. Mother wanted to come here and shop, gamble and celebrate.

"I know" He says, nonchalantly.

"If you know why did you marry me?" I question. He moves closer to me, I glance at him while he moves. His bare muscular, lean chest. I could make out the V by the waist of the towel around his hips. He was literally sex on legs and I was pretty sure he knew it by the way he was smiling.

He pulled me into his lap, putting his arms around me before I could even pull away. He lifted my chin so I could face him.

"I wanted to marry you, because you're so different. I've never met someone so beautiful and smart. You weren't self-entitled like other girls. You were just the right sets of smarts. You were frothy and stubborn but also funny and nice to be around" Jace said, I felt my cheeks redden.

"We just met... I'm too young to settle..." I whisper. He shakes his head.

"Maybe we just met, but you're it for me. I just know we'll have a successful marriage Clary..." His voice dazzling me, I could stare into those tawny eyes for hours. He was unbelievably sexy.

"I-" He cut me off.

"All I'm asking is you give us a chance?" His eyes pleading with my own. I could feel his fast paced heartbeat. It was as if he was afraid of something... I was so comfortable in his arms. It was as if we belonged.

"We barely know each other..." I murmur.

"Your name is Clary Fray, you're from New York, You're very smart, funny and stubborn. You just graduated high school, you took this trip with your mother. You're originally from Switzerland, but you were born in the U.S.A., Your mother moved you to Swiss when you were just six months, than when you turned five she moved back here" He says, my eyes widened.

"Well your name is now Clary Herondale" He whispers, kissing my cheek. I blushed a deep red.

"I know nothing about you... and what you know about me is just the basics..." I whisper.

"We could get to know each other. All I'm asking for is time... Time spent getting to know each other, falling in love" His eyes were blazing. I was basically on a ledge.

"I don't want to... I am still young..." I said, fidgeting to get out of his lap.

"I know, but I love you..." He whispers. I gape at him.

"Love me? You don't even know me!" I was full on upset now, if I could, steam would be escaping my nose and ears.

"I want to get to know you! and by the looks of how much I love you now... With little to- no information about you, proves we'll make a great couple. I can only imagine our love growing" He whispers. I feel my eyes water, I'm married to a man who definitely won't let me go... I had to see mom, she would definitely scold me but also help me.

"I need to see my mother" I say, he nods. Removing his arms from around me. He stands again, I notice he's tall. I'm 5'5 which pretty much sucked, because he would tower over me.

"I had the front desk send you some clothes, and supplies" He says. He walks over to the chair by the window and hands me a cute paired outfit, it was obviously chosen by a female. No doubt.

I turn on my heels and head towards the bathroom, once inside I slide down the door and place my face in my hands. What did I get myself into?

Could I have been so stupid as to marry a complete sexy, stubborn man who I know nothing about?

He was handsome and by the looks of it he could have any girl he wanted. I wondered why he chose to marry me?

I was plain, I wasn't even pretty. I had curves, but I was short. I wasn't that drop dead gorgeous. I was just a plain Jane.

After allowing myself some self-pity. I stood and got into the large shower, quickly washing my hair and my body. He had a perfect strawberry shampoo and body wash. They both smelt divine. It was weird because it was the same brand I used at home or even when I traveled.

I got out of the shower, drying off my skin. I massaged oil and lotion, lathering it. Then I put on my clothes. I found a brand new toothbrush on the sink along with mouth wash and used them.

I decided to wrap my wet, tangled and wild hair into a bun. I secured it with a hair tie, It was going to be hell, combing through that mane later on. I was sure to feel some pain...

The room was empty when I got back out, so I went towards the door, and stopped in place. The suite was larger than mines, it wasn't that surprising since the bedroom and bathroom looked amazing. I walked out into the living room where Jace was sitting on the couch, he was dressed in a faded blue, button-up, white jeans, a brown belt and matching brown loafers. He was extremely sexy.

"I see you're ready to go?" He questioned. He noticed my gawking and he smirked.

"Um... Yes" I coughed, narrowing my gaze. He was beyond perfect, I wondered why he said he loved me?

Was he hoping for some random hook up? A slut who would be nothing more than a notch in his belt and arm candy? I wasn't pretty enough to be arm candy so that couldn't be it...

I sure as hell wouldn't be a good lay, seeming I was a virgin. All through high school I managed to stay pure. There weren't much attempts, so I lived through it without any sexual temptations, but boy when I saw Jace, he was like sex on legs.

I could barely function right, the tingling sensations were overwhelming me. I felt like jumping him right then and there.

"We should go... My mother's probably worried by now" I say, he stands. I follow him as he leaves the room. We walk down the hallway to the elevator.

"Are we in agreement about the no-divorce thing?" He asks.

"No" I say, looking at the elevator.

"Clary we just need time, you can't just shut us down without even giving us a fair chance. How do you know we won't be something special?" He says, in his pleading tone, I swallow.

"I just..."

"Four months... That's all I am asking for" He says. I cock my head to the side and stare at him.


"If in four months of us being married, you don't feel anything. I will sign the divorce papers and leave you be" He says, his eyes sad.

"That's a waste of time because I won't change my mind..." I say, standing my ground.

"Clary" His eyes watching me with such intensity, I shift from foot to foot, supporting my weight.

"Jace" I say in the same tone.

"Please?" He questions.

"How about we wait until after my mother says her peace?" I raise my brows, he nods. As the elevator opens, he pulls me in.

"How old are you anyway?" He chuckles.

"Twenty-eight" He says, I gape at him. I knew he was older than me but not by ten years...

Mother would never agree to me marrying a complete stranger and staying married to him. That would never sit well with her, she would rather chew her own toe nails than let me do what she would call 'a mistake' she's married my father at the same age and they divorced soon after.

I forgot my key in the room last night so I knocked. After a minute, the door opened to reveal a seething with rage Mama Bear. I cowered into Jace's side a little. My mother was scary when upset, she and my older brother Jonathan... Oh Shit.. Jon...

"Clarissa Adele M-"

"Mom!" I splutter. She relinquishes using fathers maiden name. I had changed my name to Fray because I didn't want to be tied to my father or my mother, I wanted my success to be for my hard work.

"Where have you been and who is this?" Her voice stern, she was glaring daggers at Jace.

"Um.. well you see..." I stopped talking and fidgeted, praying to God this was just a dream and I would wake up at any second.

"Hi Ms. Fray... I'm Jace Herondale. Clary's husband, we were married last night" He says. I frown as my mom morphs into her scary calm expression.

"Clary?" She asks.

"It's true..." I look down, I'm kind of scared.

"Hur gammal är han?" (How old is he?).

Jace looked confused, I decided to to see if he'd understand what we were saying.

"Tjugoåtta" (Twenty-eight).

"Clarissa! Vad kommer din pappa och bror säger!" (Clarissa! What will your father and brother say!)

I flinched at her words. My father and brother were worser than my mother. They would fly into pure rage...

"Jag är ledsen, jag vet inte .. Jag försökte få ut av det, men han säger att han älskar mig, han vill att vi ska försöka ..." (I'm sorry, I didn't know.. I tried to get out of it but he says he loves me, he wants us to try...) I answered her.

"Känner du honom?" (Do you know him?).

"Ingen" (No) I shook my head.

"Hur kan han älska dig om du inte känner varandra?" (How can he love you if you don't know each other?)

"Jag vet inte mamma ..." (I don't know Mom...)

"You really love my daughter?" My mother finally spoke to Jace, who had remained quiet. He tried to hide his confusion but I could see he was uneasy.

"Yes Ms. Fray" He says. My mother looks at me with a questioning look.

"Han vet inte vem vi är. Han vet bara mitt namn är Clary Fray" (He doesn't know who we are. He only knows my name is Clary Fray) She nods.

"Well I side with Jace..." She says the words I never thought I would hear. My eyes nearly fall out of my head.

"What!" I screech. She lets us in the room, so we won't be entertaining the nosy people around our room. We sit on the living room couch.

"I don't like that you married Him, a complete stranger at that. But you did what you did and you'll live with the consequences." She says in a stern voice.

"But-" She cuts me off.

"I want you guys to stay together for half a year. Six months Clarissa. If it doesn't work out at the end of the six months, you're free to divorce." She says, her expression is stoic.

"But.. Why?"

"There's something in his eyes... and I also know you Clary. You would never just up and marry someone, deep down you feel something for the boy, So you will suck it up and live with him for the next six months." Her tone scary.

"Thanks Ms. Fray" Jace says, I glare at him.

"Detta är orättvist, bör du ha min rygg." (This is unfair, you should have my back.). My mother gives me the bitch brow and I cower in my seat.

"Sex månader Clarissa, om inte jag kommer att berätta för din far och han kommer att få dig på strålen i mindre än en timme tillbaka till Schweiz!" (Six months Clarissa, if not I will tell your father and he'll have you on the jet in less than an hour back to Switzerland!).

"He won't know until we know this is for real. If you divorce we won't tell him at all" She says, Jace raises a brow but I shake my head.

"Do you understand?" She questions.

"Yes, Mother" I say, she comes over and hugs me.

"And do believe I will be checking to make sure you're doing everything you can to make this work" She says, as she lets go.


"I love you sweetheart" She whispers, I swallow the lump in my throat.

"I love you too mom" I say, she grins.

"I have a flight to London, so I'll send your stuff to Jace's room." She says, standing.


"Remember what I said Clary. Try to make this work, you two look adorable together" She smiles, as she grabs her purse and suitcase. "I'll have the Concierge bring up your bags" As she leaves, I huff.

"So instead of four months, I get six months" He grins. I growl at him.

"That's hot..." He smirks, kissing my head.

"Lets get some food into my beautiful wife" He says, standing. He holds his hand out for me and I accept it, as he walks me out the door. We head for the hotel's buffet.

"What did you and your mom talk about?" He asks, as we sit down. I play with my breakfast as Jace sips his orange juice.

"This marriage..." I say, being vague.

"What about it?" I look up at him and arch a brow. He doesn't let up so I sigh.

"She told me to try my best..." He smirks.

"I knew I liked that woman" He comments, I roll my eyes.

"Eat, it'll help with the pounding in your head..." He says, sounding like an expert. He probably is seeming he's twenty-freaking-eight!

I eat the toast and watch as people in the restaurant gawk at my husband. I can't help but glare at the whorish females, sending flirty smirks and smiles at my husband. Jace grins at me.

"What!" I say as I chew on a piece of bacon.

"Nothing" He shrugs.

I glower at him.

"It's just... for a woman who wants to be out of this marriage you sure care that other females are staring at me" He says, with a triumphant smile.

"I do not!" I say like a child.

"But of course..." His smirk widens.

"I just think it's pathetic, those women are practically drooling over you, while you're having breakfast with another woman" I say, nonchalantly. He laughs.

"If you say so"

We finish our meal in complete silence, then head back up to the room. My vintage suitcases are already in the bedroom, I sigh.

"What do you want to do for the day Mrs. Herondale?" He questions. I shrug.

"Doesn't really matter. Maybe we can go to a club? Go on a tour? I didn't really get to go sight seeing, since I spent most of my time with my mother and I shopping. Well her shopping, and me more on the phone" I say, he nods.

"This will be fun" He says, smiling.

"How about we tour the Vegas strip, than have lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, and then after that we can go to the Vanity Nightclub" The corners of his mouth twitches up.

"Sure" I grab my purse and find my phone, which is completely dead. I plug the charger into an outlet, then we leave the hotel for sightseeing.

Jace takes my hand in his, swinging it as we walk. I can't help but smile at the direct contact, he was determined to have me fall in love with him. I had been glaring so many times today, my eyes felt tired. If that was even possible?

Good Grief... Women were so slutty, is it not enough I'm wearing a big diamond ring?

He was mines!

Wait? Mines?

"Since you won't break the silence I will" Jace said, pulling me to a stop. We were in front of some old time theater, we'd walked from the strip. It was nice and simple. Jace paid for our tickets then led me inside. The theater was huge and amazing, but average.

We took our seats in the far back at the top, everyone mostly was in the front and middle section. Jace and I's hands were still entwined. I settled into the seat and self-consciously rested my head on his shoulder.

I felt him tense, but relax after he'd realized I was leaning onto him. I just knew he was smirking with the most smuggest ones of all. He was after all a smug bastard.

We watched the show in silence. It was a Hitchcock marathon. For the most part I just eat my popcorn, I could really careless about the shrieks and screams from the girls in the audience.

Jace was obviously hoping I would cower into him or jump into his lap, because he frowned when the first five horror scenes came. Being friends Simon had me immuned to horror movies and shows. We'd watched almost every thing there was, if not more.


God, my life is going to be so much more complicated in the next six months. I wonder if Jace lives in New, York.

"Jace" I whispered, the second Hitchcock movie was about to end, starting the third one.

He looked down at me with a quizzical expression.

"Yeah?" He answered.

"Where do you live?" I ask.

"Los, Angelos" He says. I press my lips into a thin line and say nothing.

I would be half way across the country from my friends and family.

Well to be quite honest my one friend. Simon was the only one who knew of my actual family heritage, Jace was in for a surprise when he found out my father was king of Switzerland.

"Are you alright?" Jace finally asked, once we were half through the last movie.

"Yeah... I was just thinking about my life back in New York" I shrugged.

"You can always have your mom and friends visit or we can visit them?" He offered up.

"Sure..." I say, not wanting to engage in conversation anymore. I start to pay attention to the film.

It was weird how people got scared of these old time horror films, when the ones out today were much scarier. These were basically one-sided ideas. This modern area now had vampires, werewolves, witches, warlocks, beasts, monsters and other terrifying things.

It always seemed to amaze me how people could react so ridiculous. If Simon was here we would be laughing at them, having a field day.

Once the film was done, Jace took me to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch, we had a private booth in the far back, away from the loud and annoying stares of people.

"Are you sure you're okay? You haven't said anything since the theater" He said, his voice full of concern.

"I'm fine Jace." I say, shaking him off.

A busty brunette with huge cans walked over. You could tell her boobs were fake, just by the size and the swooshing sound when she moved. She smiled sweetly at Jace, leaning over him a little to show him her cleavage.

"Hi, I'm Mindy what can I get you?" She questions, basically shoving her fake, plastic watermelons in his face. I roll my eyes, yet another slut trying to make a pass at my husband. What was wrong with women? They were throwing themselves left and right at him.

I knew he looked like a Greek God, probably is a Greek God, but it didn't mean women should try, however pathetically to get with him.

"I'll have a burger, with fries and a strawberry shake" He emphasized strawberry. I couldn't help but smile, I loved strawberry, the taste, the smell the color.

"And for you?" Mindy-The-Plastic-Slut said. Her tone was very rude, she was all but growling at me.

"The same" I said in a calm and collected tone, I could be just like my parents some times, whether calm and collected like my mother or outrageous and destructive like my father. Jonathan remained stoic, never showing emotion unless it was something that really pissed him off.

"Really?" She sneered, I rolled my eyes.

"Yes" I say, politely. Mindy looks at Jace and he glares at her. She quickly writes down the order and stalks off.

"hmmm..." He hums.

I arch a brow.


"You and your mother have that same calm and collective, scary, calm thing going on" He says. Observing my expression. "Like 'I'll behead you and burn your limbs to ashes if you keep it up' sort of thing".

I giggled, at his Twilight reference. What an Idiot, I had to admit he made one smoking hot idiot, but idiot none the less.

"So how'd you like the films?" He questioned, I snorted.

"They were alright." I said, simply.

"You didn't jump at all... not even flinch or winced" He said.

"I'm used to horror movies. I like watching them, it's something me and my friend back home do as a hobby. Movie night's, we have sleepovers and just pig out" I say, smiling at the memories of me and Simon, him at my house or me at his house.

"That sounds like fun" He smiles.

"It is" I reply.

"Maybe we can start a tradition" His eyes sparkle, and there goes my panties...

"Maybe" I nod. Mindy the bimbo returns with our food. For some reason I wouldn't be so shocked if she spit in mines.

She all but throws my plate down, then gently places Jace's plate in front of him. I swear if looks could kill she'd be dead.

"I would appreciate it if you would refrain from treating my Wife with such disrespect" Jace growls at her. That's sexy.

"Wife?" She stutters.

"Yes, Wife" He nods, showing her my hand with the ring. She glares at me, and stalks off.

"I swear if she comes over here again and disrespects you, she'll be out of a job" He grumbles, I brush his hands with mines, calming him. He stares at me with an odd look for a few moments before clearing his throat and telling me to eat.

Once we finished our meal, Mindy came back with the check. She had nearly knocked a juice over on me, Jace had finally went off on her, causing the manager to come out and apologize. Mindy was fired and said a few choice words before leaving.

I had all but dragged Jace out of the restaurant, he looked murderous.

It was odd to think he loved or cared for me so much, to the point where he'd be ready to destroy someone. It made my heart clench in my chest, as we made our way back to the hotel. I wanted some rest, I was tired and we were going to that club tonight so I decided to catch a couple of Z's.

I pulled my shoes off, slipping off my blazer, I folded it and put it on the sofa. I climbed on the bed, slipping under the sheet and letting sleep take me. Jace said he'd join me in a little while. He was going to order room service for when we woke up.

My eyes opened, breaking me out of a dream where my father, brother and Simon had all ganged up on me, yelling at me for ruining my life with an unknown stranger. I had told them all to 'fuck off' and defended Jace. The dream scared me more than anything else, not because of the men in my life but because I had defended Jace.

I tried to move, but I felt something or someone holding me down. I turned my head to see Jace had his arms around my waist, I slowly removed his arms and went to the bathroom. I washed my face, then patted it dry with a towel. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water, I grabbed my laptop out of my carry-on bag.

I logged onto my email and saw I was email-bombed with messages. I sighed, reading them one by one.

To: Saint_Claire

Fr: JonnyBoy

Hey little sis, when are you coming back to Switzerland. Father has been dying to see you again, as well as I. I've been calling you all weekend. What's wrong with you phone? Are you alright? Please respond back as soon as possible before I jump on the jet and fly to see you.

Love, Jon.

I shook my head, my brother was overprotective but also very loving and caring. He could be your best friend or your worst enemy. He got along with everyone unless, you messed with his family or me. Me being most important, seeming I was his little sister.

To: JonnyBoy

Fr: Saint_Claire

I am fine Jonathan. I just have been in Vegas with mommy, celebrating my graduation. I'm not sure when I'll get to come visit you, I'm sorting out what I want to do for the rest of my life after all. I knew I've changed my mind alot, but I just don't know what to do. I've been thinking about opening an art museum or studio, along with a bookstore. But I don't know, I really enjoy those two things, but I'll need to think on it some more.

Don't do anything rash Jon!

Love, Clary.

To: Saint_Claire

Fr: Sammy_Si

Clary! Answer your damn phone! Your airhead of a brother keep calling me and threatening my man parts. Jesh... what the hell is with your family and violence. I understand you're celebrating but we talk all the time. Please answer me so I know nothings wrong with you, I'd hate to ask Jocelyn, seeming she'll only tell me what I want to hear...

Respond Immediately!?

Love, Si.

I couldn't bring myself to answer him, call him or even text him. How was I going to tell him I married a complete stranger, who was older than me at that. I felt really bad for not responding to him. I read the next message.

To: Saint_Claire

Fr: Sammy_Si

Don't make me jump on a plane and come hunt you down Claire. You know I will! We usually talk like a million times a day, now I know somethings wrong. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Your mother said you needed some time to yourself, what's that about? Are you coming back with her? Her plane should be here by three so I'll come by your house.

The guilt was eating my alive, he was going to go by my house and be disappointed when my mother told him I wasn't there. I wasn't even in the same state, I would live across the country and he'd be pissed. We'd made plans to travel together, but I doubt Jace would let me go that far without me.

I put the laptop on the coffee table and went back into the room. I started searching for an outfit for the club.

I settled on a silver sequin tube crop top, black stringy mini skirt, red pumps, a gold bangle and a black and gold bracelet, a star-wars necklace and a bad girl gold ring. I went into the bathroom and got dressed, I put on red lipstick and blue and purple eyeshadow, black mascara and painted my nails red. I sat on the ring of the tub, waiting for them to dry.

Once dry, I pulled my tangled, lion's mane head of hair out of the messy bun. I brushed out the tangles, from ends to root, hissing and wincing at the tug and pulls. I had the most unmanageable hair ever. Once it was all combed out, I decided to curl my hair, my natural curls were wavy but I wanted tight scrunched curls.

Once I was done, I sprayed my neck and wrists with peach perfume. When I exited the bathroom Jace was sitting up, he looked up at me and did a double take. I was showing a little more cleavage than before, my toned stomach was showing.

"You look breath-taking" He said, standing and walked over to me. He kissed my cheek.

I smiled. "Thanks" I said.

When he finished getting ready and we ate dinner, he led me downstairs to the valet. There was a red Audi R8 in front of us, I guess he liked the color red?

He opened my door for me and closed it once I was inside, then we drove to one of the most hottest clubs in Vegas. We skipped the line, causing many people to fuss and curse. He was on the V.I.P. list so he led me to a boot in the front, it was in the middle.

There was a band on stage playing some weird rock song? I moved closer to Jace, staring around the room. Sure enough, I was getting the same amount of glares as earlier that day and it was eating at me to know why.

"Jace" I said, he looked down at me, his chin nuzzling my head.


"Why is it? All today girls have been glaring at me and throwing themselves at you?" I question. He smirks.

"Well dear, that's because I'm Jace Herondale" He says, I raise a brow, he told me that already

"So..." I shrug, he chuckles.

"As in the famous movie/music producer" He says.

I still stare at him.

"I'm the heir to the Herondale fortune" He explains.

"Okay?" My eyebrows knit together.

"I'm worth billions of dollars" He says.

"Oh..." I say, simply turning back to the stage.

A/N: So I was watching what happens in Vegas with Cameron Diaz and I just had to write something similar. I had a dream last night about a certain golden boy and a certain red head, waking up married together.

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