Part 1/2

Luffy met Law at a club in Vegas and the guy was high as fuck. But it's okay, it's okay, because it fits. Law and drugs, party, sex and alcohol.

"You don't understand boy, this is my scene" he says and Luffy just nods, Law has been coming closer to him and with him the smell of weed and alcohol. But it isn't that bad, Luffy thinks, as Law slings an arm across his shoulder.

Law doesn't know that Luffy understands perfectly. He can clearly see how Law belongs here, in this old club, downtown, the lights dark, the music horrible disco pop, smoke fills the air and so does the smell of sex and sweat. People are dancing and laughing and sweating and probably making bad decisions. This is just a club full of desperate and broken people, and Law, with his blood shot eyes, dark shadows and the little bag of coke in his jeans pocket, seems just as desperate.

"You don't come here often do you?" Law shouts over the music, pouring him another shot at the bar.

Obviously, Luffy thinks as he takes the little glass into his hand. He doesn't come here often, no, this is not how he normally deals with his problems. But never had he had to deal with loss and the pain it brought him and how it shatters him from his inside out, how it makes him drown at night, when he is alone and nobody is there to distract him from reality. Maybe he is just as broken and desperate.

Luffy shakes his head, then drowns his shot. It burns in his throat, nearly makes his eyes water. Coming here was a stupid idea.

"Thought so" Law nods "I would have noticed you sooner" Luffy is pretty sure the other one is flirting with him. He is not in the mood to listen to tasteless pick-up lines. So he moves away from Law, planning to get the fuck out of this place.

Law holds his wrist though "Where are you going? Leaving already?"

"Just going outside" Luffy shouts over the music now, and Law smiles as an answer, taking a step closer to him again, letting his wrist go.

"Care for a smoke?" he asks, and Luffy has to concentrate to understand him. But Law makes it easy though, holding out, no, not a cigarette like Luffy was expecting, but a joint.

Law grins at him as Luffy looks up. He shakes his head, but Law presses the joint into the palm of his hand anyway "C'mon" he says, as Luffy closes his fingers around the rolled paper "Make a bad choice once in a while" He hesitates for a second, coming here was a bad choice already and so was dancing with Law, before the guy led him to the bar and poured him shot after shot, these were all bad choices, he shouldn't add more to the list.

But Law is already pushing him towards the exit and when the cold air hits him and he finally sees Law in the light of the street lamps and buildings, grinning into the night, like he is happy about something, without reason, he suddenly doesn't give a fuck anymore. Didn't he came here exactly for that? To make bad choices, to feel alive and to feel his blood pulsing inside of him again? To be happy? This might be the first step in that direction and he will be damned if he doesn't take it.

"You wanna share the first one?" Law asks him, as he takes the joint out of Luffys hand and gets out a lighter from his jeans pocket.

Luffy nods, watching the way Law lights the rolled weed, before taking a hit "This shit keeps me from going insane" Law mumbles into the dark, as he blows the smoke out, before passing the joint to him.

He takes it between his fingers, he's never done this before, never smoked a cigarette either. He puts it between his lips and inhales. He lets it burn his lungs, but he doesn't feel a thing. He coughs, loudly.

"You wanna go up there?" the other asks him, as he takes the blunt back from Luffy.

"Up where?" Luffy asks, lifting his eyes into the sky.

"Heaven" Law answers, then sniggers and points to a building "Just kidding, I mean the roof"

Luffy swallows and nods. A roof is a little bit cliché, he thinks, Heaven sounds good, though.

"How?" Luffy asks, as Law starts to lead the way.

"There are stairs outside. It's easy"

It is.

He finds himself sitting cross legged next to Law who is swinging his legs back and forth over the edge. He takes hits from the joint when Law passes it to him, although, he feels just tired from it, relaxed. Not really anything else. He thought it would make him feel more.

Free, maybe.

"It's a beautiful night" Law sighs, blowing smoke into the air.

Luffy looks up into the sky and hums although he disagrees, because, it really isn't. There are no stars to be seen, neither is the moon, just a little light is shining through the clouds. It's a little bit cold, and Luffy can hear the dogs bark from below and the city in front of him blinks in neon lights. He feels unhealthy.

He shakes his head when Law wants to give him the joint "I don't feel a thing from this shit" he explains, as Law looks at him questioningly.

Law watches him for a moment, then sighs, before taking a hit from the blunt again.

He lets out a noise of surprise when Law moves in, taking his face between his fingers, before quickly pushing his lips against his own in an open mouthed kiss. He can feel the smoke between them, burning their lungs, as they both inhale against each other.

"Felt something?" Law says as he moves back, grinning, before throwing the nearly burnt out joint down, obviously not caring where it lands.

Luffy nods "I did"

"Good" Law says, moving a little bit closer to him, until their arms are pressed against each other, before getting a little plastic bag with white powder out of his pocket "This is gonna make you feel even more"

He made a bad choice, he realizes, a little too late, as he snorts coke for the first time, on top of some roof, with a guy he just met.

He made a ton of bad choices, but this one tops them all. If his friends could see him now they would shake his head at him in disappointment, hell, Ace would probably flip his shit. He takes a deep breath, as he closes his eyes and lets the drug do the rest for him. Ace, he thinks. Ace, Ace, Ace, he is the reason he is here. So he doesn't have any right to get angry at him, it's his fault. He looks up at the sky again and apologizes real quick, he can't make Ace responsible for his bad decisions.

"For what?" Law asks then, pulling him back out of his thoughts, as he moves his thump to his face to get rid of the white powder, that has collected on the outer edge of his nose. Luffy follows his movement with his own hand.


"You said you're sorry. For what?"

"For doing coke with you" he answers.

"It's alright" Law says "I have enough"

Luffy grins, because Law is really stupid. Handsome, but god, so stupid.

He looks at Law from the side, he feels his body warmth, burning him, where they are pressed against each other, and it only gets hotter by the minute. Why, he doesn't know. He doesn't ask. He knows Law is bad, and mean, and bad, probably the baddest guy Luffy has ever seen, or kissed, or talked to. But it doesn't matter. Nothing matters anymore. Not now, when everything is getting less and less important to him. He doesn't care about anything at all.

He swallows, but moves closer to Law, before pulling the other into a kiss. Law takes the lead pretty quickly, lifting Luffy onto his lab, kissing him back with more force, his hands on his hips. Luffy gets lost into the kiss, sighs, when Law pushes his tongue into his mouth. He pushes his fingers through Laws soft hair. Law tastes like weed and bourbon spiked tea and a lot more.

He moves away from him to take a breath. He wanted to forget, but it isn't working. Neither Laws kisses, or the coke, or the weed are enough to make him forget Ace. It tears him, shatters him into million pieces as the realization of that hits him.

Law moves away from him a little, breaking the kiss "You are crying" He didn't notice, but now he feels the hot tears sliding down his cheeks, leaving wet streaks on his face.

He's hit rock bottom.

"I'm sorry" he snivels, hiding his face in Laws shoulder.

God. What is going on? He is crying in some strangers lab, on the roof of some house, feeling like the trash of the night.

"What's wrong?"

He swallows, tries to stand up, but Law holds him tight in his arms and he lets himself sink back into them. This guy, he doesn't even know anything about, a stranger, probably a drug-addict, maybe even a dealer or something illegal like that, he comforts him more now than any of his friends have been able to. Zoros arms haven't felt that comforting, neither have Namis or Robins.

"Hey, hey" Law coons, and Luffy feels a warm hand sliding over his back "You want to talk about it?"

He doesn't want to talk about it, never ever wants to deal with this again, so he shakes his head against Laws shoulder.

"C'mon, you will feel better" Law says "Or are you crying because I kiss bad?"

"My brother died and I think it's my fault" Luffy mumbles into Laws shirt.

"Oh" Law breaths, before Luffy feels a comforting hand, sliding softly through his hair "I'm sorry"

Luffy just nods, and he is grateful, because Law doesn't ask, how or why or when or what or are you alright? Do you need help? Are you feeling okay? Is this too hard for you? Can you fucking take the death of your brother? Can you?

Law doesn't say anything, but lets him know he is there, his arms around him, holding him tight, keeping him warm. Minutes pass like this, or maybe hours, Luffy isn't sure, when Law talks again "I wanted to kill my father, but I never had the guts"

Luffys eyes widen, is Law confessing something, because he did too?

"I don't care about anything anymore" Luffy says.

"I snorted my first line with 14"

"I did my first one tonight" although he is not feeling it as much as he would like too.

"Two years ago, I overdosed on purpose, I wanted to die, all I did was puke a lot though"

"It wasn't enough then" Luffy says, and feels his eyes burn again, tears blurring his vision. This is like a round of confessions. He swallows "I want to be dead right now"

Law is quite for a minute, letting Luffys words hang into the air, he takes a deep breath "I'm glad it wasn't enough, I'm glad I'm still alive"

"I'm glad you are here" Luffy says, earnestly.

"I wanted to fuck you tonight" Law answers then, like Luffy wasn't aware of that, the moment Law grinded himself into him on the dancefloor.

"I know"

"Now I would only feel like taking advantage of you"

Didn't he made him high so he could take advantage of him? Is Luffy not getting something?

"Mh" Luffy hums "I don't mind"

He can hear the other swallowing hard "You don't?"


He has made bad decisions all night, why not this too? Why not add Law to the list? Seriously, why the fuck not?

"You want another line?"

He is not sure if he really wants to, but he can't say that he doesn't, so he just nods.

They are in Laws kitchen and the light, just a bulb on the ceiling makes a zirring sound. Luffy repeats it before Law presses him against his kitchen counter to kiss him breathless.

He lets out a loud laugh the moment Law lets his mouth go, because he seriously feels the coke working now. Or maybe it's just the adrenalin pumping through his heart and brain, making him so restless and impulsive.

Law laughs too, laud and suddenly, like a crashing wave, and his laugh doesn't make any sense to him, but maybe that's alright.

"I love your smile" Law murmurs, bringing up his hand, moving his thump over his lips.

"I hate your ink" Luffy replies, as he takes Laws hand to look at the black letters.


He follows the black ink with his hands, turns Laws hand in his, running his fingertips over the thin lines, counts them in his mind. His fingers are cold, but Laws palm is warm.

"Did you like the coke?" Law asks him then, gripping Luffys hand in his, before pulling him close to his body, mouthing on his neck.

"I guess" Luffy breathes, letting out a gasp when Law bites at his throat.

"I don't know what it is" Law murmurs, his hot breath ghosting over his sensitive skin "But I find you even more addicting than the dirt I shot into my veins this morning"

Luffy doesn't know what to say, but he gets what Law means, because his desire for Law is like acid burning in his body. It's painful and hot, nearly unbearable, but he isn't sure, maybe that's just the coke taking effect.

He feels Laws body pressing against him, his hands on his hips when Law says "Lets move it to the bedroom"

Turns out, Laws bedroom is a mattress on the floor, but he doesn't really give a fuck. Law could have bend him over the kitchen table and he wouldn't even think about complaining.

He gets pushed down onto the big mattress, which is surprisingly soft, the older man hovering above him, and his hands are everywhere on his body.

"I don't even know you" Luffy mumbles, and Law hums as a reply, kissing along his throat, his hands under his shirt, fingertips touching where he can reach.

"You don't understand" Luffy says, pushing his hands against Laws chest, to put some distance between them"I don't even know you"

Law lifts an eyebrow "And?"

"I don't know you" Luffy repeats "And I'm still going to sleep with you"


"Is that wrong?"

Law lets out a heavy sigh, before rolling beside him "Is it?" he whispers, more to himself than to Luffy.

Luffy moves his head to his side, so he can watch Law who is staring at the ceiling. The heat is still between them, but everything feels unreal to him.

"I could be the one for you" Law says then and Luffy smiles, because, apparently, that is Laws answer to his question, and he doesn't even know if Law takes himself serious.

"I don't think so" Luffy murmurs, placing himself on Laws lap "You're the one for people who wanna get trashed and have fun"

"So are you gonna leave?" the other asks him as he grips his hips.

Luffy shakes his head "No way"

"Good boy" Law grins and Luffy has to laugh, which turns into a surprised gasp when Law suddenly rolls them over again, pressing him into the mattress with his body.

Law moves his thump over his lips, parting them with his fingertip before letting his thump sink into his mouth.

Luffy feels his cheeks heat up and when he looks into Laws eyes, bloodshot, dark shadows underneath them, his pupils large, he can't help but shiver, can't help but feel like this whole thing is gonna backfire.

He is so far from home.

I hope you liked it :D