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Part 2/2

Law is covered in hearts and black, and while Luffy hates the letters on his fingers, he likes the ink on his chest. It's beautiful and Luffy runs his fingers over the lines.

He is sitting in Laws lab, the other lying beneath him again, they are both shirtless, his hands gripping his hips, thump digging hard into his hipbone, probably leaving a bruise. He looks at Laws fingers, at the letters, and he can't help but feel a little sick.

Death is starring into his face.

And it's so ironic that Luffy wants to laugh. He shivers when Law presses a little bit harder, like marking him is such a natural thing to do in this situation. He feels the need to push Law away, to put distance between him and the word on his fingers.

It's like death is gripping him again. The last time that happened, he barely survived, only because Ace was there to save him. But now he is alone, and there is nobody who would put his life in danger to get him out of here.

"What are you thinking about?" Law asks.

"Death" Luffy answers "Seems like he has caught up to me"

"I'm not the personification of death" Law mumbles, confused.

"Are you sure?"

Law nods, looking at his hands, before letting Luffys hips go "You look scared"

Luffy gets off of Law, lying beside him on the big mattress, he takes a deep breath "I am"

"Of me?"

"Of death" Luffy mumbles, although in his coked up mind, he doesn't see the difference.

"Don't be afraid" Law says, and Luffy feels a hand gripping his own. Death taking his hand, intertwining their fingers.

"Don't be afraid" Law repeats, coming closer to him, until Luffy moves his head to look into Laws dark eyes "Don't fear the sight of blood or the sound of snapping bones. You won't survive if you let your fear consume your soul"

He thinks about Ace, the sound of his last breath, his last words, the blood on his hands. The memory branded into his brain, never to be forgotten. It haunts him in the night, when the world is quiet around him. The pictures aren't leaving him alone, following him even into his dreams.

"It's not easy" Luffy says and he feels tears sliding out of the corner of his eyes and onto the pillow he is resting his head on.

They feel big and hot, and maybe if he cries enough he will drown in them. He never learned how to swim, and Law looks like a guy who ditched swim class, so maybe they will drown together, maybe Luffy won't have to face death alone.

Law looks surprisingly unconcerned though.

Luffy feels the others thump on his face, wiping his tears away, before he feels hot lips pressed to his own.

He feels Laws tongue sliding his way into his mouth before the other pushes himself up and above him, pushing him into the mattress and he doesn't mind, he doesn't care, because his whole body is responding to Law at once.

He slides his fingers through Laws hair and sighs, this is nice, it calms him down. He feels light, feels like drifting away, his mind foggy, but at the same time, he is so enraptured in the movement of Laws body against his own, that he never felt so clear, so sure of something.

He feels Laws hips pushing against his own, creating enough friction for Luffy to moan softly and push back, he already feels desperate and he can't even remember the last time he said the word "want" out loud. But then Law starts working on his belt, so slowly, like time doesn't matter and Luffy is so, so impatient, so ready to just fully lose his control.

"Law, I want-" Luffy starts, but Law locks his hand in his hair and pulls him in to devour his mouth again.

He pants against Laws mouth when he feels his hand sliding inside his pants. "God" he breathes, when Laws hand starts jerking him off. He closes his eyes as the others thump slides over the head and he can't help but moan softly at the feeling.

Law gets him out of his pants and his boxers, making him naked, making him feel vulnerable under his gaze. He has a strong need to cover himself when Law doesn't stop looking at him. "Stop staring" he mumbles instead, moving up, reaching for Laws zipper.

"I like looking at you" Law answers "Why? Are you nervous?"

Luffy can feel his cheeks getting warm, as he tries to get Laws belt buckle open as quickly as possible.

"I'm not..not nervous" He says as Law slaps his hand away, pushing him down onto the mattress again.

"But?" Law asks, getting his jeans off himself now.

Luffy doesn't answer, but he lets Law spread his legs, although it makes him feel even more exposed.

He feels Laws hand on his inner thigh, touching him, sliding his hand across his skin, before his mouth is pressed at his neck again. Luffy leans his head back, giving Law space. He feels Law spreading his leg even farther, pushing them back and Luffy hooks a leg up Laws hips, and then, with a gasp, he feels a finger sliding into him.

He squirms a little bit at the feeling, it's dry, Law is not using spit, or lube, or anything and when the other pushes a second finger into him, pushes against his spot, he claws at Laws back. Hanging onto him for dear life as Law thrusts his fingers into him again and again.

He closes his eyes, feels his cheek getting even warmer, when Law lifts his head to watch him.

"Don't hide" Law mumbles, and Luffy opens his eyes at the words, meeting Laws hungry gaze "You look so good like this" he continues "You look like you're just waiting to be fucked. To be wrecked"

"God" Luffy whines, when he feels Law sliding a third finger into him, still too dry and now definitely painful "Don't-"

Law doesn't listen to him, pushing his fingers into him until he doesn't even feel the pain anymore. It's

unbelievable how the other has his body under control, owning him with his actions. Making him loose his mind.

He doesn't even register it when Law pushes his cock into him.

Everything's blurry around the edges, his head hurts, his eyes too. Are these the drugs that are making him feel this way?

His head crashes against the wall at the end of the mattress, when Law thrusts particularly hard into his body and the pain shoots inside him like lightning.

His heart is beating like thunder against his chest.

He tangles his fingers into Laws black hair, so soft to touch, and pushes his head down, until their lips meet in a fierce kiss. He feels strangely connected to Law, like their minds, souls and heartbeats are aligned, exceeding every physical connecting he ever had with somebody.

"Law" he pants against the others mouth, who's still slamming into him, pushing against that spot inside him with every thrust, making him moan and gasp desperately "I'm gonna-"

It's when he comes with a sharp cry, when his orgasm crashes over him like a tsunami, that he feels alive again. The pain he felt subsides at the feeling, his mind forgets his suffering for a moment, his heart exploding inside his chest, his vision getting blurry, black consuming him.

He passes out.

When he wakes up, he has been rolled onto his stomach, he doesn't know how long he was out of it, but the cum on his stomach is only a little dried up and flaky and Law is still fucking him, although it took a while for him to realize it.

"Wha..?" he mumbles, tiredly, his head pounding "Law?"

"Yeah" Law says, his voice sounding breathy, pushing his cock into his body.

He feels a kiss pressed into his shoulder, his skin burning where Law touches him, he closes his eyes again at the feeling, just enjoying the way Law is rocking into him.

"Law. I-" he murmurs into the pillow, before gasping when Laws cock pushes against the spot inside of him. It's so good, so unbearable hot.

"God" Law breathes "Fuck. You're not even...you're still half asleep aren't you?"

"No" Luffy gasps, blinks a little, propping himself up "I'm not, not really- I'm awake"

He starts shoving his hips back against Laws cock, following the movement of the other slamming into him and he hears a "Yeah, that's it" mumbled into his neck, where Law is still biting and kissing him, leaving his marks on his body.

"Just-" he starts and Law grabs his hips tightly, jerking his body up to his hands and knees.

"Yeah" Law says again, and starts to fuck him harder, now his hands holding his hips in a tight grip. Luffy closes his eyes again, slides down to his elbows, letting Law pound into him, hard and harsh, and so fucking perfect, that he can't help but let out a throaty moan at every thrust.

"Close" he pants, when he feels one of Laws hands sliding down, grabbing his cock, jerking him off.

"God" Law groans, when Luffy comes, his whole body tensing at the overwhelming feeling.

He doesn't even notice Law coming into him, the feeling of bliss consuming him too much, his second orgasm leaving him shaken.

Law curls up beside him, pulling his body close, sliding his arm across his chest. It's warm and nice, and Luffy hasn't felt that satisfied in a long time now, but there is anxiety already crawling back into his heart, his brain, making him sick.

"Good night" Law mumbles and he feels a kiss against one of the burning bite marks Law left on him.

"Night" he says, and he feels tears sliding down his cheek again, because this, this is so perfect, and fucked up, and so not him, and what did he just do, with this fucked up stranger, on some fucked up drugs? It's all too overwhelming, it's too much, and he can't relax, not like this.

"Hey. Breath" Law just says, like he noticed the panic choking him "Everything fades eventually"

He breathes out. Everything fades. It's true.

Laws arms are warm, protective and everything Luffy will ever need, but still not enough to stop his tears and he knows, he is sure, he will always remember this night, where he cried so hard, it felt like falling asleep in the ocean.

He wakes up with a headache, his eyes tired, his bones aching. He looks to his side at the digital clock, lying on the floor. It's 5am and he realizes that they only slept two hours. He wants to close his eyes again, already sees black around the edges, but Laws frame at the end of the mattress catches his attention.

Law is sitting with his naked back to him, he is shaking, sweating, mumbling things under his breath that Luffy can't understand, and isn't sure if he even wants to.

He sees a needle going into Laws arm before he can even comprehend what's going on.

"Law?" he says, concerned, because Law doesn't say anything for a moment, but then he lets out a deep breath, leaning himself back on the pillow beside him, eyes closed.

He looks at the spoon, the lighter and the syringe on the floor for a moment, before watching Law again, who hasn't changed his position at all.

"How does it feel?" Luffy asks "Shooting up, how does it feel?"

"The first time you do it, it's a wonderful feeling" Law mumbles, opening his eyes, taking Luffys hand and placing it on his warm chest, right above his heart "It feels like your heart never had to suffer, it's pure bliss, like you reached paradise, and there is nothing for you to fear, it feels like..." Law takes a deep breath, his hand clenching around his own "It feels like your entire being is burning with euphoria and you know you'll never feel that way again, but you will try to chase it, again, and again, but in reality..." he stops there, and Luffy can hear him swallow "In reality you know all your tries are futile"

"That doesn't stop you though" Luffy says.

"I just realized it too late" Law sighs.

Luffy doesn't say anything, can't say anything, he doesn't know anything about drug use or drug addiction. Comforting words are stuck in his throat, so he just slides his hand through Laws black hair, getting closer to the other.

"How do you feel now?"

"Do you wanna try it?" Law asks back, as if he didn't hear him. And maybe he didn't, who knows.

"You will feel like your heart never had to suffer", Law said, and maybe that's something he should be chasing now, the feeling of bliss. Maybe that's the solution to everything, maybe that will keep the pain from eating him alive.

"Do you?"

What would he be willing to do for a little slice of heaven?

"I'm thinking about it" Luffy replies, sitting up.

"Think faster" Law mumbles, tiredly "I'm about to pass out"

He looks at Law, and everything Law is and isn't, he looks around the room and the "I pass" slips out of his mouth faster than he can think.

He is not like this. Not as desperate.

Law smiles and Luffy stands up, reaching for his clothes, before putting them on quickly. He presses a kiss to Laws lips, pouring his heart into it, hoping he can make Law feel better.

Law slides his hand into his hair and kisses him back, softly, slowly, and the connection he felt yesterday is still there, still present.

He stands up "I'm going now"

"Yeah" Law mumbles, before reaching under his pillow, taking Luffys hand, putting a small packet full of white powder into his hand "If you need it"

"I-" Luffy starts, curling his fingers around the little plastic bag.

"It's free" Law says and his hand squeezes his own one last time, before letting him go, falling down onto the mattress.

"Thank you" Luffy murmurs, bending down, pressing a kiss against Laws cheek, before leaving the house.

It's foggy and cold, he is completely alone, and he doesn't know where he is, so he just walks, looking at the little packet in his hand.

His body is aching, his mind his hurting, but he feels strangely satisfied. His heart is still shattered in tiny pieces, but he doesn't feel as hopeless as before. He feels lighter.

He opens the plastic bag full of coke, and lets it trickle through his fingers onto the pavement, before the wind carries it away.

He doesn't need this to have hope.

The End.

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