What If...

Leon rode into Raccoon city. It was late summer and he hadn't been there since his grandmother had passed away. It was his first day in taking after his father's footsteps to uphold justice. He didn't like the government's laws, however it was his job to uphold them and to reinforce them. He was upset because it was his first day on the job and he was going to be late. He hoped they had some vending machines at HQ, but he wasn't expecting it.

He drove past the dinner in town and decided to stop. He pulled in and parked with his black jeep screeching to a halt. He'd never felt more nervous.

He walked in and in it was a booming Metropolis. He sat at the counter and ordered a burger and fries to go. He then walked around and took everything in, but his eyes were stuck on a girl in the corner with beautiful blue-grey eyes. She was wearing a pink jacket with an angel with fire wings on the back. An angel with the attitude of a biker, may haps. If Amelia wasn't back home jeesh, I'd be at her feet in a heart beat, but she's moving here in a week or so to be with me and give me time to settle. If only she would have listened to me when I told her I had to say something important, instead of assuming I was going to 'pop the question'...damn I'm way to young for marriage!

"Can I help you?" A soothing voice startled Leon from his day dream, and he saw the angel.

"uhh...no I was just"

"Staring at me with your jaw dropped, drooling." She rolled her eyes. She out stretched her arm. "I'm Claire Redfield, I'm hear to see my brother Chris." He took her hand and kissed it, then kicked himself mentally.

She said Chris....Chris Redfield? And you just kissed her stupid! You are going to get your @$$ kicked royally. He blinked and pulled away.. "Jeesh, um, look at the time! I'm going to be late for my first day of work, I better get a move on! Nice meeting you ," He shouted as he ran off grabbing his burger, never hesitating to look back.


All Claire could think was...men... but this one was different and she knew it, something about his icy blue eyes. She couldn't explain it though, but she had a great trip and met a great guy and all she could think was, Something isn't right, in fact, something is very wrong.