The room was dark, and there was nothing to see but a glowing monitor buzzing with electric life.
On the screen, two people could be seen holding each other tightly. Their faces were glowing with
the radiance of love. This was not to the watcher's tastes. "This needs to end. I'm not done with you
yet, happy little home wrecker..." the women spoke to the girl in the screen as she helped the man
leave the bed in which he had spent countless hours on. She had plans for that girl...


The moment of perfection hung around, what seemed like forever, but to Claire, that wasn't long
enough. The doctor came in and told Leon he was quite ready to leave. He grabbed his things, his
favorite vase of flowers, and they head to his apartment, hand in hand.


Lightning lit the sky, and was the only possible source of light within the small office walls. The
man sat with his face away from the door, so the people entering couldn't see him, but he could see
them because of their reflections in the huge windows he had lining the back of this desk. His face
was handsome, but lacked a common trait that no one could ever put their finger on... His blonde
hair was slicked back so his long bangs didn't brush against his pale face as he worked.

He was a tall, decently built man, with an ego of steel. His eyes were always sheltered by dark
glasses so if there was a flicker of emotion in his cold grimace, it would have gone unnoticed and
hidden; hidden like himself to the world.

A paper sat on his recently reorganized desk, untouched, unmoving, with the man looking over it
pensively. He watched the picture clipped to the top of the paper as if it were on fire, and being a
startled child, was unable to stop it from blazing.

The paper read:
The guy you've asked about appears to have a sister. Her name is
Claire, and she's been seen with a Leon S. Kennedy as of
recently. Appears that she's been taking care of him while he's
down so to speak. I'm following them best I can, but they move
quite frequently, so its hard to keep the heads up on them much.
Sorry I couldn't find more out about her, but she's practically
unknown. She went to college to follow her brother's tracks and
become a cop, but she never finished. Complications was the
reason. I apologize for my ignorance in this matter W. But I
don't understand her importance.

He clasped his hands under his chin pondering her words. She had to know more than she was
letting on he finally decided. You don't apologize that much unless you have something to apologize
for. This girl was his.

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