Click. Another black stone was set down, and seven white stones removed from play.

Girard's face turned red with frustration and Soon was suddenly glad his companion did not have a natural breath weapon in his arsenal. "Stop… capturing… me…" the illusionist hissed.

"Go requires patience," Soon reiterated. "And the ability to think ahead, which, if I may be frank, you conspicuously lack."

"Oh, screw this!" Girard snapped, and the next thing Soon knew, stones were scattered everywhere, there was a dent in the wall where the board had hit, and he was picking himself up off the floor, his jaw aching from the punch the illusionist had thrown.

Watching Girard's departing back, Soon murmured, "I really should have seen that one coming…"

Nuclear tesuji is a move in Go where the losing player throws the board at the wall, uppercuts the winner, and storms out.

And, yeah, Girard would totally agree to play Go if it meant he'd get to punch Soon.