The Deep Breath

Vortarus Eastern Defense Perimeter, Khar'shan

Karhaf looked up from his foxhole. The invaders would be here soon. They had smashed through the pathetic remains of the navy at the Mass Relay. The moons of Verush and their defensive emplacements had been reduced to space dust. He didn't delude himself with the thought the token planetary defense fleet would hold more than an hour.

As if on cue, the ancient dreadnought GHV Hammer of Justice broke through the cloud cover over the city. The rear half of the vessel was nothing but a trail of burning metal streaking through the sky. The forward half was in marginally better shape as it still vaguely resembled the once glorious ship, that is, until a pillar of blue light descended from the heavens obliterating the remains of the Hammer and most of the Northern Defense Perimeter.

Immediately after, he heard it, the sound, the final sign of impending doom. It started as a low, throbbing rumble giving way to a high pitched screaming sound. He double checked that he had disruptor rounds activated. He settled into a stable firing position and began to wait for the inevitable. The screams of his comrades could be heard among the deep bass of the machine's steps and staccato noise of weapon fire.

In his position Karhaf waited to die.

21 years prior

UNV E-551 "Werewolf"

Location: 40,000km over R12-S4-T4 "Styx"

"Sir, something just came up on long range scanners. I think you need to see this."


This is going to be a Mass Effect first contact story and, hopefully, I'll eventually finish it with the Reaper War. Also, this is the first time I've ever really done anything like this so please R&R. That being said please be gentle. Who am I kidding? This is the internet.