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Green eyes that burned into her. She stared into his green eyes as her orgasm rocked her into shudders against the studio wall. Her legs were wrapped around his waist and her hands gripped onto his muscular shoulders. Three more thrusts from him and he let out a growled "FUCK," as he bit onto her shoulder.

She sighed, starting to move her legs down as she arched her back to withdraw from him. Once both feet were on the ground, she pulled her underwear up and pulled her black jeans up with them. She tapped one hand to his face before she leaned in and gave him one last peck on the lips. "Thanks for that," she said, pulling her hair into a high ponytail before she grabbed her purse and stepped out of the recording studio.

Isabella Swan – "Izzy" to her fans and "Bella" to her friends, took a step out into the cooler weather, grabbing her cigarettes from her purse. She opened the pack and brought one cancer stick to her mouth, grabbing her lighter. She slightly sucked on the cigarette as she held the flame to the end, igniting the tobacco inside and sending the nicotine she craved into her lungs. She inhaled and tilted her back, enjoying the feel of the nicotine running through her veins. She brought one of her high heeled shoes to the wall she leaned against, propping herself up.

Grabbing her phone, she texted her best friend and bandmate Alice.

Hey. We wrapped on the song. Can you come get me from the studio? - B

Alright, girlie. On my way. – A

The door behind her opened and she just knew. She could feel his presence without needing to turn to see him. The same piercing green eyes she had just been staring into as she shattered into a million little pieces, were looking at her. He gave her a lopsided grin, before sliding his sunglasses on, shaking his head. He turned the opposite direction from where she had been standing and walked away. He was followed by his assistant, who ensured that he was 2 steps behind him at all times.

Damn, she thought to herself. That boy is gorgeous. Shame I won't ever see him again. She flicked the excess ash off of her cigarette as she slid her own sunglasses on. Looking down the street, she saw Alice pulling away from the light. Bella brought her leg down from the wall, pushing herself away from it.

Oh well. She thought again. Back to reality, I guess.

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