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Chapter 7: La La

"I'll try, Edward."


The smile that spread across Edward's face could have been incredibly painful, Bella thought to herself. He slammed his mouth against hers, briefly, causing her to giggle against him. She returned his kiss before sauntering over to her mark where a standing mic was waiting for her.

The lights came up and the cheers started, causing her to smile as she waved at the crowd. She took a step forward to the microphone as the music lead in for 'Broken.'

"The very lovely and talented Izzy Hyde, everyone," Edward introduced, his arm extended out to point in her direction.

She beamed at the crowd, curtsying briefly before she gathered her wits and became Izzy yet again. Her shoulders hunched slightly as she became determined and took a step towards the microphone.

"You sure are showing everyone a great time, boys," Izzy stated, a smirk playing across her lips as the crowd roared in response.

Jasper sauntered over to her and threw his arm over her shoulders and said, "Well, you know, Izzy. That is what we Masens do," a smile playing across his lips.

Izzy giggled, bumping his hip with hers as she leaned her head onto his shoulder. She wrapped her arm around his waist and gave him a half hug. Then she ducked under and walked quickly over to Emmett behind the drums and hugged him, catching him off guard. He stood and gave her a bear hug, causing her to throw her head back and laugh. When he put her down, she ran back to Edward and gave him a hug, planting a kiss on his cheek.

He pretended to swoon and smirked at her as she sauntered over to the microphone, his eyes blatantly staring at her ass.

The music led in, and Izzy got in the zone.


After 'Broken,' Izzy made her way over to Edward, pulling his ear bud out again.

"See you soon, handsome," she whispered, a smile playing across her lips. He responded by switching moving his face behind hers, blocking his lips from the crowd's view as they cheered for them.

"Stay with me tonight, beautiful?" he questioned, his lips grazing against her ear.

She shivered and shrugged at him before laughing and walking away, wiggling her ass for him and waving at the crowd.

Edward smirked, then returned to the crowd, putting his ear bud back in.

"Well, folks, how about a little bit of 'New Perspective,' huh?" he asked, the crowd cheering as the music changed and he began to play the guitar entry.

Izzy stood off to the side of the stage for a moment before lighting a cigarette. She placed her back against the wall and felt herself slipping back into Bella. Once Bella had returned from her stage persona, she straightened up and turned, gazing at Edward. She watched the way the muscles in his arms flexed as he played his guitar. She watched his mouth as he sang the words to his song and she smiled to herself.

Taking another drag, she saw his gaze turn to her. She blew him a kiss before turning on her heel and walking to find the girls. She had an idea.


Alice let out a squeal as she jumped up and down, clapping her hands. "YES! WE HAVE TO! If we are gonna start this tour off, we need to do it right. Time for a small prank," she giggled, before wrapping her arms around herself.

Bella turned her gaze over to Rosalie who had a smile that could have split her face in two. "Yeah, let's go surprise them," she giggled, a blush showing in her cheeks.

Bella gasped and pointed at her. "You totally fucked Emmett, didn't you?!"

Rosalie's face turned almost to the same shade of red as a ripe tomato. "Um, yeah. It was, well, fucking great," she replied, giggling.

Bella looked over to Alice whose face was also turning redder by the second. "YOU FUCKED JASPER?!" she gasped, her jaw dropping. Alice was not one to just meet and fuck someone. Never had been that kind of girl.

Alice tilted her head down, nodding before she looked up and beamed. "He's wonderful."

Bella laughed. "Well, I'm trying with Edward. So, I guess that means that we're all spoken for, huh?" she laughed, taking a swig of her rum and coke.

Alice looked at the clock. "If we're gonna do this, we need to head out there now. They should only have a song or two left."


Bella lit a cigarette, calming her nerves before they walked briskly back immediately behind the set. Once they reached their location. Bella put her cigarette out by dropping it in her now almost empty water bottle. They moved the curtain, subtly as they snuck out. Rosalie snuck up behind Emmett and Bella made her way to where she was almost behind Edward but could still be hidden. Alice did the same with Jasper on the other side.

"You guys have been great!" Edward yelled, causing the crowd to cheer. "We've got one more for you guys," Edward began as he turned and set his guitar down, making his way over to the mic. He grabbed it from the stand before moving the stand back by the drum set. He took a swig from his water bottle before he turned his attention back to the crowd.

Bella looked back at the girls and nodded, moving from hiding. The crowd cheered and Edward looked confused for a moment, as did Jasper and Emmett. Alice came up behind Jasper and covered his eyes with her hands. Rosalie took the steps up before throwing her arm over Emmett's shoulder, causing him to look up at her, a smile playing across his lips.

Bella ran up behind Edward before placing her hands on his shoulders and jumping, her lets wrapping around his waist, causing him to grab her thighs and catch his balance. He turned his head quickly to look at her.

Once it clicked who she was, he smiles and laughed, his body vibrating with it as she giggled against him, a smile also playing across her lips. She jumped off of him and grabbed the mic from him. "Welcome to tour, boys," she said into the microphone, her eyes not moving from his. She handed him back his microphone and made her way over to Jasper, giving him a high five, then waving at Emmett and Rosalie, who were all laughing along with her.

"Well, then, ladies, wanna join us while we do our last song?" Edward asked, looking at Bella, Alice, and Rosalie. They all nodded in response. Bella made her way to the front of the stage as fans thrust their hands in her direction. She gave some high fives and shook some hands as the music for the final song.

Bella's hips swayed with the music as she sauntered over to Edward, a smile plastered on her face as she circled him while he began to sing.

'Come feel my heart.

It's beating like a drum and I confess,

When you're around,

It's like an army's marching through my chest."

Bella smirked, placing her hand on his chest, feeling that his heart was, in fact, racing. She giggled as she shook her head, taking one of his hands and draping his arm over her shoulders as she continued to move with the music.

'And there's nothing I can do.

I just gravitate towards you.'

Bella then twirled away from him, sauntering away and he followed her around, a smile playing across his lips as he continued to sing.

'You're pulling on me like the moon.

I just wanna get you sideways.

I say anything I can to get me more than just a dance.'

He closed the distance behind her, his free arm wrapping around her waist.

'Tell me where to put my hands.

You know that you could be my favorite one-night stand.

You take me higher.'

Bella laughed and twirled away from him, turning in the opposite direction, passing him swiftly as her hips swayed with each step to the beat. Alice ran over with her, mimicking her motions before she started to jump, causing Bella to join.

'What would you do if I told you that I la-la-la-la-loved you?

Do if I said it tonight?

What would you do if I told you that I la-la-la-la-loved you?

Cus you know that I la-la-la-lie.'

Bella stopped jumping and merely moved her hips with the beat, laughing while Alice twirled around her.

'You're like a song.

A beautiful symphony to my eyes.

So take me on.

I wanna sing along all through the night.

I'm not like the other boys,

Cause with you I've got no choice.

You make me wanna los my voice.

I just wanna get you sideways.

No, I'm not the type to lie,

But I might just start tonight.

Let me turn off all these lights.

You know that you could be my favorite lullaby.

You take me higher.'

Bella made her way back over to Edward, jumping up and down again as he sang the chorus.

'What would you do if I told you that I la-la-la-la loved you?

Do if I said it tonight?

What would you do if I told you that I la-la-la-la-loved you?

Cause you know that I la-la-la lie.'

Bella stopped jumping as the music slowed down. She began to walk around him in circles as he sang the bridge.

'Like a symphony.

Like a symphony.

Like a symphony tonight.

Like a symphony

Like a symphony.

Like a symphony tonight.

Sounds like a symphony.

Like a symphony.

Like a symphony tonight.

Like a symphony.

Like a symphony.

Like a symphony tonight.'

Bella made her way in front of him before she faced the crowd, moving her hips with the beat as it picked back up.

Edward brought his free hand to her hip, bringing her back against him, moving his hips with hers.

'What would you do if I told you that I la-la-la-la-loved you?

Do if I said it tonight?

What would you do if I said I la-la-la-la-loved you?'

Bella took this moment to really grind her ass against him, feeling that he was hard and straining through his jeans against her.

'Cus you know that I la-la-la-la-la-OOH!'

Bella giggled as she wriggled from his grasp and began to jump up and down next to him again as he sang the chorus one final time.

As the song ended, Jasper and Emmett continued to play the music, allowing Edward to tell the crowd goodnight for them.

Bella quickly ran over to Alice. "I'm probably not going to see you once we leave here. So, I'll call you in the morning?" she asked quickly.

Alice smiled and laughed in response before Bella made her way back over to Edward, a knowing smile playing across her lips as she gazed at him.

He arched his brow at her before he spoke to the crowd, reaching his arm out towards Bella.

"Well, everyone, we had a blast! Thank you so much for being here to start the tour off!"

The crowd was screaming full force, causing Bella to smile at everyone watching them. She waved and blew kisses to the crowd before turning her attention back to Edward, who was finishing up his speech.

"And a special thanks to Izzy Hyde and Co. for joining us tonight! Give it up for these lovely ladies!"

The crowd roared and she looked back and saw Rosalie bowing, while Alice smirked at everyone, waving. Bella waved and began to make her way off stage.

She vaguely remembered hearing Edward yell, "Goodnight!" into the mic before it dropped to the ground and he made his way off stage, taking quick steps to get towards her. She smiled, lighting a cigarette before taking off running down the hall, giggling as he chased after her.

He caught her quickly, wrapping his arms around her waist and placing a kiss on the back of her neck. She halted, giggling as she placed one of her arms over his. She brought her other hand up and took a drag from her cigarette before offering it towards his lips. He took a long pull off of it and sighed in contentment.

He withdrew from her, his hand still on her lower back, steering her quickly towards his private dressing room. Once he got her in the room, he slammed the door shut and locked it, taking her cigarette from her fingers and taking one last pull from it. He snuffed it out in his ash tray as he exhaled. Before she could even say anything, he grabbed a hold of her hips, lifting her off of the ground and slamming her into the door, holding her up with his body. He crashed his lips to hers as she wrapped her legs around his waist, her fingers running into his hair.

"You're mine, goddamn it," he muttered pulling back when they were gasping for air.

Bella tilted her head to the side and smiled at him. She wriggled against him and he released her. She took a step away from him, watching his gaze follow her.

"Are you sure about that?" she giggled, her fingers moving to the hem of her shirt before pulling it off and throwing it on the ground.

His jaw clenched as he stared at her, his eyes raking her body. She moved over to him and pulled on the hem of his shirt. He lifted his arms, allowing her to take it off of him. He nodded as he placed his hands on her hips.

"Well, then, baby," she said, her voice almost a purr as she placed her body against his. "I guess you'd better prove it."

So he did.


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