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The birds started their merry song, in time with the unhurried ascent of the morning sun. The dark inky hues of the twilight sky slowly gave way to the brighter shades of orange and pink, and then to the clearest of blue. The pale fingers of the sunlight reached through each and every window, and stirred the early risers into life, willing them to witness God's promise of a good morning.

However, one Mogami Kyoko, who has the uncanny ability to rise together with the sun, was not among them. She sighed as she burrowed deep beneath the covers, trying to avoid the sunlight filtering through the slit in the curtains, and enjoying the perfect combination of the coldness left by the night and the warmth beside her. It was peaceful and quiet, until her source of warmth moved, draping an arm across her waist and snuggling closer. Sensing that something was different, Kyoko awoke with a start, noted her state of undress after a few seconds of disorientation, and with a gasp, immediately turned to look at the person sleeping peacefully beside her.

All was still for a moment, and then in a flurry of motion, she bolted out of the bed and into the farthest corner of the room. She took the covers with her, draping it around her body and then screamed at the sight laid out before her.

Kuon sighed for the millionth time that morning. Kyoko was contritely seating opposite him, wearing his dress shirt. He looked at her over the rim of his cup, while drinking his coffee. He should have seen this coming. Really. This was Kyoko they were talking about. Anything could happen.

"I'm sorry, Kuon." He heard her say, after a while. A tinge of pink colored her cheeks, as she peeked at him through her lashes. That face. He looked away, taking a deep breath to calm himself.

I should have asked her to dress more appropriately, he thought regretfully. Her, with that expression and wearing what he can hardly call decent clothing on her, was not helping him pull the expression he needed. So much for being the Best Actor of your generation, Kuon, he mocked himself, internally shaking his head at the lost cause. He hummed, held his cup tightly with both hands, in a bid to keep his hands to himself, and waited for her to finish her explanation.

"It's just that, it was my first time. And I was really nervous yesterday, I thought I just dreamed about last night. I'm so sorry." She told him in one breath, that he wouldn't able to decipher it, if he wasn't already immune to her tendency to say things that embarrassed her in a rush.

He sighed, looked away, brought the cup of coffee to his lips, all the while trying to hide his smile. Of course, he should have seen this coming, too. This was his Kyoko, after all. But just so, he could get even: "Really, Kyoko. You dream about this kind of things, too?"