Cold rain fell outside while on the porch, two people sat together on a bench, looking out at the preserve.

The sting-bulb version of Kendra sat wrapped in a blanket next to Bracken, humming a love song she had listened to the last time she had been out of the quiet box. Now that Navarog was imprisoned in the box once more, she was out, and had requested for only one person to be with during her last moments.

She glanced over at her companion and smiled, "I guess you are wondering why I asked to spend my last minutes of life with you."

"I must admit, I'm curious." Bracken said, keeping his eyes on the grass and flowers out near the driveway.

"Because a sting-bulb has all the memories of a person, even if the person who those memories belong to forgot. I remember you before Kendra knew you. I know what you are to her, and how much she loved you a long time ago. Unlike Kendra, I remembered everything. She doesn't know what I know about you two…" She looked over at the grim-faced unicorn. "Are you ever going to tell her the truth?"

Bracken breathed out heavily and watched as the cold rain fell just a few feet away. "I intend to tell her when she is ready for it, that is what the Fairy Queen and I decided."

The sting-bulb nodded and closed her eyes, leaning back on the bench. "It would make me happy if you told her."

Bracken took her hand and held it gently, "I promise I will tell her one day, but right now…" He kissed the sting-bulb's cheek, "I just need to protect her."

"Good…" The sting-bulb breathed and leaned against Bracken's shoulder, "Keep her safe for me…" Her last words softly fell from her lips, and quietly ringing in Bracken's ears.

"Of course, Adalyn." He murmured into her hair, and he sat there holding her hand and breathing in her scent for a little longer, even as her body turned cold.