+ The Rise of Blood Kiss +
Prequel to Star Light

+ By Julie
+ rated NC-17 for explicit sexual scenes
+ yaoi content. Male/male having sex, getting each other off
+ Parings: Squall/Seifer

+ Disclaimer: I do own Zell but its just a cute toy chicken. Otherwise, I don't own any of the characters or anything else.... *le sigh*


Forward: First off, you should most likely read Star Light before reading this fic. Otherwise you might not understand the story, because things relate. Though this does take place before Star Light, I assume the reader (you) know a few things about the characters below so I might forget a few details b/c of that assumption.

I do desperately apologize to everyone when I say that Zell and Selphie will not being showing up in this fiction. Neither will Irvine, Rinoa, or Quistis. They just have no place in this fiction, due to the fact they don't meet up with Blood Kiss until Star Light's time frame. So I apologize to anyone looking to see them in this fic. -- Though I do reserve the right to change my mind and have some/all of those characters show up later... but not directly relating to the Blood Kiss story presented below. Just warning everyone.

As you all know, this is a prequel fic. Taking place before Star Light. So no complaining about how I'm switching the story around. I will keep the story as true to the first plot line as possible. I will continue to look back to Star Light to make sure I'm not contradicting anything between the two stories.

I can't fit the entire of Squall's dementia into one chapter. You might read this fic thinking Squall isn't IC for the Star Light reality, but believe me when I tell you that most the emotions you read from Squall (which are few) aren't real. Remember, Squall is able to say "I love you" to Seifer, but he wasn't able to say it to Zell in Star Light. Squall is difficult to write, so please understand and hold back the flames.

The Rise of Blood Kiss: Chapter 1 takes place at the first meeting between Squall and Seifer at a party. The band Blood Kiss is not famous yet, and have a few different band members then you remember from Star Light. The B.K. band you all love and remember will be complete by the end of this fic, though.

Well, welcome to The Rise of Blood Kiss... ~* Love, Julie, xoxo


+ Chapter 1: Lustful Sight +

Lights flashed. The black lights lit the rooms in a dim haze as the red, blue, green, and other color lights swirled through the rooms. The large speakers boomed the stereo music as laughter, excited yells, and loud conversation competed with the noise.

Seifer walked through the crowd, heading towards Thoran - 2nd guitar player of Seifer's small unknown-band: Blood Kiss. Seifer was the lead guitarist, and the "manager" even though the band didn't really require much managing. Blood Kiss was only a high school band consisting of members from 16-17 years old.

Tonight Blood Kiss was playing here: at this party.

The party was simply a birthday party for some guy. But this guy happened to have very wealthy parents. So the party looked more like a fucking club. Huge, stuffed with people, booze, under the table drugs, and a live band: Blood Kiss.

"Tell me again how Hazen got us this gig?" Seifer asked Thoran once he stood next to the guitarist. Hazen was the bass player of Blood Kiss.

"He fucked some chick from a club two weeks ago, got lucky in another way," Thoran replied with a shrug.

"Damn," Seifer mumbled, looking back to scan around the room.

"How long until we go on?" Thoran asked.

"Half hour," Seifer replied in a mumbled voice, slightly distracted.

"1,650 Gil!" Thoran said, more to himself. "Biggest job yet... this so rocks."

Seifer nodded absently, looking around at the crowd of teenagers. The room was filled with not only hot girls, but quite a few hot guys. Seifer shouldn't have been looking because he'd promised his new boyfriend that he wouldn't go after anyone else, but it was difficult not to look. Especially since all these people were beyond rich.

Seifer cocked his head to the side, looking over at a random hot girl's ass. He opened his mouth, about to point the girl out to Thoran when his eyes caught sight of a sexy pale-skinned brunette.

Squall was bored, being stuck at a party. There were people from his class, but Squall was anti-social. Speaking was a chore that he forced himself through mostly when he was around his father. Otherwise, he chose to allow people to think he was an asshole. In actuality, he probably was an asshole.

But that didn't concern Squall. Nothing did, really. His indifference to life put a stopper in anything that could affect Squall. Emotions were long forgotten, laughter nothing but a vague memory, and smiling was about as normal for Squall as walking on the ceiling. It just didn't happen.

Yet here Squall was, stuck at a party for some jerk-off teenage guy who's parents spoiled him far too much. This might as fucking well been a Rave. And the swirling lights weren't helping Squall's disposition.

He was tired, but here. His sister had managed to drag him off to this party only because Squall's father had encouraged it. Laguna had only wanted Squall out of the house on a Friday night. And Squall wouldn't deny the logic in his father's decision, considering what... happened... last... time...

Squall cocked his head to the side, thinking over briefly the scene that had played out between his father and him. He shook his head, banishing the thoughts. He had other things to concern himself with. No, actually. Being at this party didn't concern him at all, he didn't really give a fuck. It was just hours of his life that would be wasted in a situation he'd rather have missed.

But to do what instead? Nothing. Squall would probably just have gone to sleep if he'd been home.

"Hi!" a bright girl's voice interrupted Squall's solitary moment. She'd invaded his private space, the place he'd chosen to be alone, away from the crowd and gawking of teenage, hormone-filled eyes.

Squall ignored the girl, looking at the bookshelf next to him.

"Hi?" the girl repeated.

Squall turned to look at her, his icy grey-blue eyes looking blankly.

She sneered at him, but Squall continued the blank expression.

"Fuck you, asshole!" she snapped, turning around to head over to her waiting friends.

Sighing, Squall looked back to the bookshelf, slowly walking parallel to the wall.

Squall wasn't interested in dancing. He wasn't interesting in talking. As mentioned before: it was a chore for him. And, if Squall ever thought about it, he wasn't all that interested in being alive. Not that he'd ever wish himself dead, that was wanting something. Not like Squall at all. He didn't want, desire, hunger. He just was.

Was what? Nothing. Just a body empty of the need for life. There was nothing for him in life. Or death, which is why he didn't look to suicide. He wasn't looking for escape, that wasn't it at all. He didn't mind living, but he didn't like it.

Squall didn't understand it either, but he never really tried to. He just went by, day after day. He must have been searching for something. There wasn't any other real reason for him to get out of bed in the morning. Something out there must have been the reason for him being here, alive. Not that Squall ever thought about those types of things.

As said, he just lived. Empty and hollowed, not happy but not sad either. His emotions had been frozen over long, long ago. And the only thing that was left was a 15 year old brunette boy. Indifferent to everything and everyone around him. He tried to please his father, but he wasn't disappointed if he didn't succeed at that.

Things just didn't matter. They just were.

"Hey sexy," another annoying female voice interrupted Squall's quiet peace. She must have been the 100th girl to approach Squall tonight.

Bored of the books, Squall turned to at least see what the girl wanted. Though he knew it was conversation and/or to dance.

She was a very pretty girl with black hair and deep brown eyes. Her skin had a nice tan, and her body's curves were certainly something to be admired. If Squall bothered to guess, he would have thought she was 18 years old or so.

"Why are you all alone?" the girl asked, smirking.

Squall cocked his head to the side, watching the girl without reply. He wasn't even able to manage a look of interest. Just the blank, ever-stoic expression that his sister constantly bitched at him for.

The girl half-frowned at him. "You... talk?"

Squall turned his head again, his eyes icing over. Changing from that blank look to that more of an angry resentful expression. Except Squall didn't mean to look at the girl like that, he didn't even realize he was. Perhaps he was just annoyed right now, though that couldn't be right. He didn't care about things. Maybe it was just that he didn't care if he pissed her off. She'd just walk away, leaving Squall to his solitude again.

"Dick," the girl finally said, turning away from Squall and heading back into the crowd of the dance-floor.

Sighing, Squall looked down at the clothes he was wearing. Perhaps that's what it was that attracted the women. Because he moved from the dark corner, yet they still perused. So it wasn't the location.

His sister, Ellone, had chosen the clothes Squall wore. The tight leather pants, black and soft. Black boots and matching black gloves. His shirt was tight and a dark-blue color, but it was also slightly bright, looking like dark ocean water in sunlight.

They were, of course, Squall's clothes. He wore this stuff all the time. But he only was at home. And the people there knew better then to think of Squall's clothing style as a way to beg for attention.

If Squall ever thought to care about how people looked at him, he might have changed the way he dressed. So they would leave him alone. Perhaps something nerdy. But his clothes were comfortable, and Squall had an abundance of leather pants and dark shirts. Dark clothing that helped him blend into the shadows.

Squall looked up from the assessment of his clothing, sighing again. Licking his lips, he ran his fingers through his hair.

"Sei?" Thoran said, snapping Seifer out of his trance.

Seifer turned slowly, cautiously away from the pale-skinned brunette. He didn't want to loose sight of the boy, but he didn't exactly want Thoran to notice his staring. "What?"

Thoran raised an eyebrow at Seifer. "What?"

Seifer frowned.

"Bret just barely agreed to go out with you three days ago," Thoran said. "And you're staring at some other guy? Bret's gonna be pissed. You promised."

"I know," Seifer snapped. He continued his frown, looking back over to make sure he still had sight of the sexy brunette. "I said I wouldn't go after anyone else. No more numbers..."

Seifer watched a girl approach the pale boy, briefly talking to him, then walking off angrily. Seifer had watched his happen a few times before, all the girl's walking away with the same pissed expression.

Thoran stood next to Seifer, putting his arm around Seifer's shoulders to help the blonde watch his prey.

"You fucked Bret?" Thoran asked.

Seifer sneered, looking at Thoran. "What do you think?"

Thoran smiled at his blonde friend. "That's all you wanted from Bret, right?"

Seifer smirked an evil grin.

Thoran let his arm drop, shrugging. "So what do you care?" He then nodded to the brunette. "Go get his number."

Seifer looked back to the brown haired boy, watching his movements.

"We're up in ten," Hazen said, approaching the other two Blood Kiss band members from behind.

"Finally!" Thoran grumbled.

"Be right there," Seifer said, stepping forward and heading off to talk to the brunette.

Hazen frowned at Thoran. "Where's he goin'?"

Thoran smirked at Hazen, then looked over to watch Seifer. "New guy..."

Hazen turned his frown to Seifer's direction. "He jus' started datin' Bret."

Thoran shrugged. "Cuter guy I guess."

"It's still weird," Hazen said softly. "Knowing a guy that likes guys."

Thoran looked over to Hazen. "You've know Sei since we were in the 7th grade!"

Hazen looked over to Thoran. "Yeah, he's my best bud. But still..." Hazen changed his gaze back over to Seifer. "I only found out he was a fag like a month ago. Still gettin' used ta it."

Thoran shrugged. "I don't care."

"You've known for over a year!" Hazen replied.

Thoran smiled at the bass player. "What's wrong, Hazy?"

Hazen sneered. "How come he told ya an' not me?"

Thoran laughed. "You know I walked in on him making out with another guy. Hyne above, Hazen."

"Yeah, yeah," Hazen muttered, turning to watch Seifer once again.

"Where's Seifer?" Gregory startled the two string players. Gregory was Blood Kiss' drummer. "We're about to go on."

Victor, the current Blood Kiss singer, stood next to Gregory.

"Flirting," Thoran replied, turning from watching Seifer, walking in the direction towards the stage set-up. Hazen sighed, following.

"Flirting?" Gregory asked. "Isn't he-"

"Yeah. Dating Bret," Thoran said. "Doesn't matter."

"Cuter guy," Hazen added in a confident tone.

Victor raised an eyebrow at Hazen.

Hazen frowned at him. "No! ... I... it's not."

The three guys stared at him.

"Aw, fuck ya'll," Hazen grumbled.

They laughed at him. Thoran wrapped his arm over Hazen's shoulder, shaking his head with a smile.

Squall sighed. He thought about going to look for his sister and asking her when it was time to go. But he knew better then that. If she found him, he's have to hang out with her for the rest of the night. It would just make it easier for girls to flirt with him, since they'd know him through his sister. And they'd know what an asshole he already was.

Girls, surprisingly enough, were able to look past that he didn't speak or do anything to make himself desired. He was hot, and when he did speak the girls drooled all over him. Maybe it was his tone?

Squall shrugged. Didn't matter. Girls that knew him, or at least knew about him from his sister, they didn't mind flirting with the asshole Squall made himself out to be. Maybe it was that the girls knew that Squall was always a dick, and it wasn't them that made him like that. He wasn't rejecting them, he was just giving them the same treatment he gave everything else.

Girl's were just-

"Like being alone?" a male voice interrupted Squall's thoughts.

He turned to see a blonde guy looking at him with a half-blank look. Though there was some humor in the blonde's gorgeous sky blue eyes.

Squall didn't even realize it as he looked the blonde over, noting the details. Black jeans, dark-red Doc Martin boots, a dark-red button up shirt with the sleeves folded up to the blonde's elbows showing the thick of the blonde's lower arms. The shirt was light enough that Squall could make out some of the curves and ripples of the body underneath when certain lights flashed.

And, guessing the age, Squall thought the guy was probably near 20. A 5 o'clock shadow softy blushed over the blonde's chin, blonde hair styled back but slightly ruffled added to the rugged look. Rugged, sexy, delicious look. And the smell of a soft cologne filled Squall's senses.

A large, gloved hand reached forward and pushed Squall's chin up, closing Squall's mouth. Then the hand pulled back, dropping to the blonde's right side.

Squall meet the gorgeous sky blue eyes again, his own grey-blue spheres slightly wider then normal. Had he just stared at the blonde?

Seeing the smirk on the blonde's face, Squall knew the answer to his question. Yes, he had.

Fuck, he'd practically been drooling.

The blonde handed Squall one of the two beers he'd been holding in his left hand.

Squall absently accepted the drink, twisting the top off the bottle.

The blonde guy started to say something, but the speakers echoed the announcement of the band Blood Kiss about to begin their performance.

"Shit," the blonde grumbled, looking to the stage set-up.

Sighing, the blonde looked back to Squall. "... Don't leave, huh?"

Squall nodded once, still mesmerized by the blonde.

Another sexy smirk took over the rugged face, then the blonde reached forward again with his right hand. He brushed his thumb over Squall's lips before turning and walking away.

"Well?" Thoran asked, seeing Seifer walk up the stares to behind the stage set-up.

Seifer smirked, setting down his beer on top of an amp. "He's fucking hotter up close."

"And Bret?" Victor asked.

Seifer looked to the singer. "Eh, fuck him." Seifer laughed softly.

"You're such a whore," Thoran said, picking up his non-fancy guitar, putting the strap over his body.

"What's his name?" Gregory asked.

Seifer sneered, picking up his own guitar and strapping it on. "Barely started talking to him before I had to go. Didn't get his name."

"You guys ready or what?!" a teenage boy asked, he'd been the once to announce them.

"Should we tune up?" Hazen asked.

Seifer laughed. "Shit! .... Yeah?" he asked the rest of the band.

The teenage boy glared at him. "Five more minutes!"

Seifer nodded. "Yeah, sure," he said to the guy, forcing a straight face.

The boy then turned and walked back onto the stage, talking to the audience.

"We should have been tuning up 10 minutes ago!" Victor growled.

Seifer sneered at him. "Shut the hell up, Victor."

Gregory laughed softly, moving on the stage to sit at his drum set.

Squall found himself sitting on a couch next to his sister. She'd found him ten seconds after that hot blonde had left. He'd gotten trapped into going with his sister and her friends due to his lack of speaking ability. So there he sat, the now half-empty beer bottle cradled in his hands.

"Blood Kiss is tuning up!" Heather said excitedly, the sounds of the band behind the curtain echoing through the room.

"Can't believe you slept with one of them!" Ellone said, frowning at her friend.

Heather sneered at Ellone. "He was hot, shut up."

Ellone and Krystal smiled.

"Besides, they're a great band!" Heather continued her point. "Just wait."

"My brother is sure paying them enough, they better be good," Krystal said, looking over to the stage.

"Garrett will love them," Heather said, nodding. "Have faith!"

Ellone shook his head, smiling. She looked to her brother, Squall, who wasn't looking like he was enjoying anything. Not that he ever looked happy. But right now he looked half distracted.

Ellone frowned at him. Squall was thinking about something? "Squall?"

He snapped from his scanning of the crowds. Honestly, he'd been looking for where the blonde-god had disappeared to. Yes, god. The guy was fucking hot. Even though Squall had never actually considering being with another guy before, he knew he thought some men were attractive. Then the... odd situations... with his father.

Squall looked at his sister blankly.

Ellone sneered at him, but before she could peruse the conversation, the lights completely turned off in the room. The lights turned to the stage, softly lighting up the small, but expensive set-up.

Bringing the bottle to his lips, Squall took a drink of the beer. He wasn't interested in the band, though his eyes did move to focus on the stage.

Guitar strings were thumbed, signaling the start of the song. All the lights were centered on a single blonde guitar player. It didn't take Squall even a half a second to realize that his blonde-god was the guy playing the guitar.

The lights burst on, swirling around the stage. Kicking up the beat, drums along with a second guitar added in, as well as a bass.

The singer in the center of the stage jumped up with the beat, banging his head around.

The crowd below joined in with the movements, jumping up with the music and dancing around.

The girl's Squall sat with bounced excitedly.

The music continued to spiral down, then the singer started up.

"Hey, I'm falling away, and my skins turning grey with time."

The singer danced along the edge of the stage set-up, looking down into the crowd.

"Hey, and I'm dead in my grave, why don't somebody tell me why?!"

The music shot back up into the hard rock, the band jumping up and dancing around to their music.

"Cause I'm hopeless!" the blonde-god guitarist sang into a microphone that was set up on a stand in front of him. The sound in the speakers was a muffled voice, almost too soft. "And I'm stupid and I'm helpless."

The singer danced in the center of the stage, near the edge, dancing around, encourage the crowd to join in.

"And I'm useless. That's why I'm stuck in you!" the blonde guitarist finished.

"Which one did you sleep with?" Ellone asked her friend Heather.

"The bass player," Heather said, leaning over to Ellone and pointing.

The music turned back down, to the steady beat of softer hard rock.

"Hey, I am turning away from a soul that you claim with desire," the normal singer sang his lines, moving his body with the music.

"Cute, but too bad you didn't sleep with that blonde!" Ellone said, smirking at Heather.

"Yeah, that one is fucking hot!" Krystal agreed, nodding.

"Hey, can I give you the pain can you take it away just tonight?"

"I so want his number!" Krystal said, staring at the blonde guitarist.

"I wish that we'd never gone this far," the singer and blonde guitarist sang together, the singer standing next to the blonde guitarist. They looked at each other. "And I wish I could take it away and celebrate how wrong you are."

"And he sings too!" Ellone said.

Squall looked over to the girls, then back up to the blonde-god. His lips parted as he watched the blonde dance around in his fire-colored clothes. They were dark-red, but it still reminded Squall of fire. Burning in the night, glittering from far away. Fire. Flames. Desire.

"And no one can make me feel like you," the singer went on by himself with the softer flow of music, moving away from the guitarist, looking back to the crowd.

"And no one can thrill me like you do."

The lyrics stopped as the music hit hard then began to swirl back down. The band continued to dance around to the music, waving at the audience, encouraging the crowd, smiling and enjoying the moment.

The music turned to the softer flow as the singer started again. "Is it something in your head, is there pleasure in your pain, is it words that you didn't say."

"Or is it something inside me."

Then the blonde guitarist joined in the lyrics. And again they sang right next to each other. "I wish that we'd never gone this far."

"And I wish I could take it away and celebrate how wrong you are."

Squall watched the band, never taking his eyes off the blonde. His sister and her two friends were giggling over how they'd hit on the different band members, but Squall ignored them. He couldn't have cared less about them thinking they'd get the blonde's number. That blonde-god had approached him! Squall.

Though Squall never thought about dating guys before, it didn't affect him one way or the other. And Squall knew that the blonde-god had wanted more then just a conversation. And maybe more then a dance. Eh, probably...

"And now one can make me feel like you," the singer by himself again, pointing out to the crowd. "And no one can thrill me like you do."

The blonde guitarist stepped forward to his mic, not playing the guitar anymore. The music turned down, the drummer completely stopping, and the singer freezing his chaotic movements back to a small rocking.

"I can feel your fingers inside me," the blonde guitarist sang with his eyes closed. "I can feel your eyes fixed upon me. I can feel your legs wrapped around me."

Squall's breaths slightly increased, his eyes locked on the closed eyes of the guitarist.

Then the guitarist breathed heavily into the mic before continuing. "I can feel your legs wrapped around me. I can feel your eyes fixed upon me. I can feel the heat from your body."

Then the guitarist held up his guitar, screaming into the mic "I can feel the heat from your body" then starting up a guitar solo.

The entire band kicked back up with the guitar solo, dancing/jumping around.

Hitting a high cord, the blonde stepped backwards, leaning back before jumping forward to the mic again.

"I wish that we'd never gone this far, and I wish I could take it away and celebrate how wrong you are," the guitarist and singer sang together again.

"And no one can make me feel like you. And no one can thrill me like you do," the singer sang alone, dancing slowly around the center of the stage.

"And no one can make me feel like you. And no one can kill me like you do."

The music turned heavy again briefly before stopping completely.

The audience burst into applause and hollers of excitement.

The second song started up with the blonde guitarist strumming a few strings, with the rest of the band following up shortly after.

"Blood Kiss!" Krystal said, letting the name of the band roll off her tongue. She looked at her friends. "Damn, they were awesome!"

Heather smiled proudly.

"Slut..." Ellone mumbled.

Heather glared at her. "Jealous!"

"Am not!" Ellone replied.

Krystal laughed. "I am!"

The three girls laughed together.

"Sis!" Garrett said, approaching Krystal. It was his party that they were attending tonight. "Where did you find this band!"

Heather smiled. "I saw them perform over at the Rocky Hill two weeks ago. Good huh?!"

Garrett nodded. "Couple of my friends are looking to book them. You know how cool I'm looking right now?"

Krystal snorted a laugh.

Garrett frowned at her. "What?"

"Mr. Popular suddenly?" Krystal said, raising an eyebrow.

Garrett sneered. "Shut up, airhead."

Krystal smiled. "Go play with yourself."

Sneering at his older sister as he turned away, Garrett shook his head, leaving the girls to their laughter.

"That was pointless," Heather mumbled. "Why was he over here?"

Krystal smiled at her. "You know how h-"

"Sweetheart," a male voice interrupted the girl's conversation.

Squall looked up from his deep trance of boredom to see the bass player of Blood Kiss smiling over at one of the girls.

"Hazen!" Heather said.

"Jus wanted ta thank ya for the gig," Hazen said.

Heather blushed. "Well... you guys are awesome."

"Definitely," Ellone agreed.

"T'anks," Hazen replied, nodding. He glanced over at Squall, who had now gone back to his bored trance.

"Want a drink?" Heather asked.

"Aw, can't," Hazen said, looking disappointed. "Sei's got us kickin' out right now. Victor's bitchin', so..." Hazen shrugged.

"Sei is...?" Ellone asked.

"Oh! Lead guitarist, the blonde," Hazen replied. "Victor's the singer."

The girls nodded. Squall didn't move, but he registered the (nick)name of his blonde-god.

"We got a long drive down to some random place for a gig tamorrow night," Hazen continued.

"Aw!" Heather said, standing up. She walked a few steps and hugged Hazen. "You've gotta call me!"

"'Course," Hazen said, letting the hug break. He smiled at her then stepped back.

"Which reminds me, what's Jeff think?" Krystal asked Heather, distracting the girls into a conversation about Heather's current boyfriend.

Hazen walked around to the back of the couch and leaned down behind Squall.

"Seein' anyone?" Hazen whispered.

Squall found himself dumbstruck.

When Squall looked back, Hazen continued. "Sei was hoping to get your name at least, an' maybe your number?"

Squall stared at Hazen, not saying anything.

Hazen smirked. "C'mon, kid. Yes, no?" Hazen held out a pen and paper to Squall.

Squall thought a moment before taking the pen and paper, writing down:

Squall Leonhart - (563) 814-9576

He then handed Hazen the paper, surprised at himself.

Hazen nodded as he accepted paper, smiling. Then he stood tall and turned, walking away.

Squall turned to sit forward again, realizing that he'd just given his number to a guy. (Well, to a guy, for a guy to call him.)

Squall didn't have any friends, let alone date. He was anti-social and preferred to stay that way. Why the fuck had he just given his phone number out to a guy?

Then Squall remembered the feeling of Sei's thumb running over his lips. And yes, the blonde-god was a fucking turn on. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and that body. Not to mention what Sei looked like on stage, his voice was pretty good, but the guitar playing was amazing.

"Squall!" Heather's voice interrupted Squall's thoughts. "Forgot you were there!"

Ellone laughed. "That's what he wants."

Squall closed his eyes, shifting away from the girls, picturing Sei's face once again as he finished off the beer.

The song above was "Lackluster" by Saliva.