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pairing: midotaka

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The Hawk Eye sat in his usual seat at the kitchen table, drawing circles on the surface with his fingers. He had been sitting there for some time now, not moving very much, just waiting for something to happen. With a lazy glance towards the clock they hung over the door, he sighed heavily and lay his head down on the table.

Just when he was about to close his eyes to doze off into a nap, he heard footsteps. The sound was dull, the steps slow. As the tall man entered the room, Takaot seen him.

the point guard spoke, raising himself from his seat m talking to you.s face, nothing except green eyes dimly staring into space. Takao watched those eyes very closely. He remembered when they were filled with color, they were always attentive, always observant. Never before had he seen them in a state like this, tired, lifeless, looking as if they had not been set to rest for a very long time.

t you answering, don he tried again. He swallowed, sat back down.

he whispered, one single tear dropping down onto the table, leaving a small wet circle on the wood.

The taller man turned around abruptly, forcing himself to rush towards the table. In front of his partners surface. Like a single raindrop, it lay there.

he made a tear?t taped ever since he lost the most important part of his life.

his voice was shaking