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Kitty Love

Chapter 1

Damn it! Damn it! Harry thought as he ran through the castle; the sound of pounding feet was heard behind him. Damn Malfoy! I hate him! I hate him! He thought as he made his way to Gryffindor Tower in his newly acquired form.

And it wasn't easy. Not with four paws and new size of 16 inches. Oh! And don't forget to add a tail and ears to the mix and he made a right cute kitten. NOT!

He had been doing just fine until Malfoy came in…


Harry walked into the Potions classroom where Professor Snape was waiting for him to start his detention.

"You're late," Snape glowered at him.

Harry looked down at his watch. 1 minute after 7. His detention was at 7pm. He looked back up at him with his eyebrows raised.

"Sit down Potter! I don't have all night," Snape hissed, his eyes glittering dangerously.

Harry sighed and sat down at the front of the classroom and awaited his fate.

"Tonight you will make the standard Shrinking Potion. I will accept no less that perfect. If you mess it up, you will come back tomorrow night and do it again. Do I make myself clear?"

"Crystal," Harry said flatly and got out his Potions book and cauldron, then went to get ingredients.

"Regrettably. I am unable babysit you tonight as I have other matters to attend to," Snape said from behind him, making Harry jump. "When you are finished, bottle it and place it on my desk. Do try not to blow up my classroom Potter," Snape said and swept from the room.

"Good Riddance," Harry muttered and started on his potion.


20 minutes later Harry was almost done with his potion when the door swung open, revealing the last person he wanted to see.

"Professor Snape, sir. I…" Draco Malfoy sauntered into the room. Spotting Harry he smirked and glanced around the room to see if anyone was there. "Well, well, well. If it isn't Saint Potter."

"Go away Malfoy," Harry replied and turned back around; hoping he would go away. Not bloody likely.

Malfoy walked around the room and deposited something on Snape's desk. "What did you do this time, Potter? Trip over your feet?" he laughed.

"Ha Ha," Harry laughed dryly, "No. I didn't."

"Oh? Then what was it then?" he asked with a smirk.

Harry was sorely tempted to say 'I got caught fucking your mother' but he just wanted Malfoy to leave him alone so he could finish his potion and leave. Plus it was disgusting! "It's none of your business," he retorted instead.

"Aww. Is Potty angry?" Malfoy asked with a laugh, stepping away from him and out of Harry's view. Hopefully he was leaving. "Are you going to cry?"

"Shut up Malfoy!"

"Or what? You'll throw a fit?" he asked stepping back in front of Harry. "Call for Dumbledore and tell on me? We all know you're his favorite."

"And you're just a pain in the ass."

"What did you say?"

"What? Are you deaf? Maybe you should clean out your ears."

"You're going to regret that Potter," Malfoy snarled.

"For what? Telling the truth?"

Malfoy huffed and looked away, and Harry smirked in triumph. Malfoy then looked down at his potion. "I'm surprised that you're able to do this without the mudblood."

"Don't call her that," Harry spat.

"That's what she is."

"She's my friend."

"How can you call that thing a friend?" Malfoy asked wrinkling his nose.

"At least I have friends!"

"I do so have friends."

"I hardly call those oafs that hang around you, friends," Harry said with a smirk.

"Well at least I have parents," Malfoy snapped.

Harry had had enough and stood up and turned toward him with his wand out, "Go away Malfoy before I make you."

"Ohh! Didn't like that did you, Potter?"


"Fine. I'll leave," he said with a grin holding something in his hand.

Harry took a step forward, "What are you doing?"

"Nothing," Malfoy said with a grin that told him that it was far from nothing. "Just…helping," he said and tossed something toward his almost complete potion.

"No!" Harry exclaimed and tried to stop it from dropping into his cauldron, but he was too late.

Malfoy laughed and stepped back quickly as his cauldron exploded, drenching Harry from head to toe in his now ruined potion.

"Damn you Malfoy!" he exclaimed stepping forward, "Just you wa-" Harry stopped and doubled over gagging. "What…did…" He fell to his knees and started wheezing, struggling to breathe. His stomach felt tight and his muscles ceased up.

Malfoy had stopped laughing and was looking at him with a panicked expression. He took a hesitant step forward, not sure if he should help or run. He didn't want to get into trouble for harming the boy-who-lived. "Potter?"

Harry started to get back up as he felt the pain start to go away. Then another wave of pain hit him and the next thing he knew Harry was on the floor again, but a lot close to the ground, and his clothes were surrounding him. He tentatively took a step forward and stumbled on his clothes. He looked at his hands that were in front of him. Are those…paws?!

Malfoy had started laughing his head off and was holding his stomach and holding himself up on the desk. How come he seems so big?

"What are you going to do now Potter?" Malfoy asked after he had gained control, "Meow at me?"

Wha- Harry looked down at himself. He-he was a cat! No. Not even! A fucking kitten! Harry turned around in a circle examining himself. He was covered in soft black fur with a long tail, whiskers and lifting up a hand, well paw now, he felt two furry ears atop his head.

Harry cursed loudly but only a series of hissing sounds came out of his mouth. Malfoy laughed again and started walking toward him; Harry instinctively stepped back.

"Now. I wonder what I should do with you," Malfoy said with a smirk. Harry's eyes widened in horror and he made a mad dash for the door, with Malfoy hot on his heels.

~Present Time~

Harry shook his head to rid himself of the memory that started it all. He had to concentrate. He had to find Hermione. She would know how to change him back. But first he had to shake Malfoy off his tail. No pun intended.

He continued to run down the hallway with no ending in sight. Why is this hallway so long! He thought frantically as he heard Malfoy coming closer, It never seemed so big before!

"You can run but you can't hide Potter!" Malfoy called out from somewhere behind him.

Finally he saw the stairs up ahead and ran faster. Shit! He thought looking up the stairs, They're huge! Having no choice, unless the wanted to subject to torture in the hands of Malfoy, he started to climb the stairs, or tried to.

His legs were too small to jump up all of the stairs. He had only gone up two steps and he was already tired. He looked back and saw Malfoy advancing on him.

"Couldn't get very far could you Potter."

Damn it! Harry cursed and closed his eyes as Malfoy reached for him. Damn it. I don't want to be here. Who knows what Malfoy will do to me. I want to be somewhere safe. Anywhere but here. Anywhere!

Then suddenly…he wasn't.


Harry had no warning as he popped into existence in mid-air and plunged into luke warm water. He frantically tried to trend water, but with his small body slick with wet fur and small paws, he couldn't move anywhere. Plus he was already tired from running; it took all his energy to keep his head above water. He mewed in duress, hoping that someone would hear and rescue him.

A sudden wave of water came over him and submerged his head underwater and he frantically tried to pull himself up, but he couldn't. Am I going to die? He asked himself, Drowning in some unknown place, stuck in a cat body?

His legs were getting tired and his head was heavy and slowly he started to sink. But then something warm and big slid under him and started pulling him upward. Harry took a deep gulp of air when his head broke the surface of the water and clung tightly to the hand, for that is what it was, beneath him.

He shivered violently and mewed pitifully as the person carried him out of the water. I'm saved! I'm not going to die! He thought as the water continued to get farther and farther away from him. He was extremely grateful to whoever had rescued him. He had never been so scared of water in his life.

Harry shook his head to get the water out of his ears and off of his fur as he was carried out of what he now saw as a bathroom. How did I end up here? He thought looking at the pool-sized bathtub with distaste.

Harry was then engulfed in something warm yet rough, which he recognized as a towel after a few minutes. He purred as he was dried off and the shivering stopped.

"How did you end up here?" a velvety male voice asked softly that sent tingles down his spine. Harry tried to explain but nothing but mewing noises came out.

"You surprised me. Which doesn't happen often," the velvet voice said, "You were lucky I was close by, little one."

Harry shivered at the thought of what would have happened if he hadn't come. The towel dropped off of him and he was settled down on a bed and the man disappeared from view. He looked for him and found him by a wardrobe, changing.

Harry looked away blushing, if a cat could blush, to give him privacy. But then he thought that cats probably wouldn't care if you were nearly naked or not. So he looked back to study his savior. The man was tall, about 5" 10', but he seemed even taller from Harry's point of view. He had slightly long black hair, muscled body, but not overly so, and pale skin like he hadn't seen the sun in a while. Harry had yet to see his face.

Finished with that, he turned to the room. The room was nice and cozy, like something out of a muggle magazine. With a wardrobe in the corner and a desk up against the far wall, both a mahogany color. The walls were decorated but not lavishly so. A few pictures here and there that looked expensive. A big window was next to the wardrobe, but it was currently closed and covered with dark green curtains. On the other side of the wardrobe was a set of glass double doors leading outside onto a balcony, also covered with dark green curtains. The bed was in the middle of the room, from what he could see, was rather large with dark green hangings and black silk sheets, the wood was a mahogany color too. Across from the bed was a black couch and matching recliner that was sitting in front of a huge fireplace that was currently going, but almost dead. Compared to the room, he was tiny!

After looking around he decided to explore further and started walking across the mattress. His paws sank every time he moved and he clung on with his claws so as not to loose his balance. After a while he got used to the squishy feeling beneath his feet and made his way easily across. Getting to the end of the bed, he looked over the side and gulped. It was high!

Come on Harry. You play Quidditch. What's a little height? He thought to himself, Just jump. Cats land on their feet, right? He looked down again trying to convince himself it would be all right. Nothing to be scared of. Of course there is! I'm freaking small! That's why! The back of his mind yelled at him.

Before he could make a decision, he was suddenly picked up by the neck of his fur and placed in the man's lap. "Careful kitten. You don't want to fall and break you neck do you?" the velvet voice said, "Not after I just saved you from drowning."

Harry mewed in agreement. And the mew turned into a purr as the man started scratching his ears and back with long, talented fingers. Harry arched his back into the touch and purred again, but louder. He closed his eyes and turned his head up in pleasure as the fingers scratched under his chin. Oh! This feels good! He thought and butted his head against the hand to get him to do it again; the man chuckled at Harry's action and obliged.

Harry opened his eyes slightly, so he could look upon his savior's face. And his eyes widened in shock.

He was face to face with his greatest enemy.

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