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Here it is, ironically titled

Tied together

The late afternoon sun flickered in the sky as Akihito padded into the empty living room, yawning as he went. The day had started later for the kitten due to Asami coming home horribly late. The yakuza did not even apologize for making Akihito wait up for him until 5 AM. His hazel eyes locked on the full food bowl left out for him.

Over the last few weeks Asami had called his avoidance of taking human food 'childish acts' and that he would not longer accept such behavior. Since he and Akihito had conversed about it, or more like Asami demanded something while Akihito rolled his eyes almost constantly, the human placed the food in the kitten's food bowl and left it there until it was gone. Sometimes the food stayed there for days until Akihito gave in to his hunger and ate it.

The kitten's pride had dulled slightly to allow for him to eat what was given to him. The wet food went down nicely and stopped the hunger pains so he ate as much as was given to him. As he ate the food that was currently in his bowl he saw a flash of color from under the couch.

The kitten jumped away from the food, knowing it would be there later, and raced to see what was in his hiding spot. He thrusted his paw under the couch and pulled out a tie, it was bright red with a strange design that he thought was cool. Akihito had stolen the tie from Asami's closet, mostly because it was his favorite and the kitten liked ticking the human off in any way he could, and had hidden it under the couch before Asami had gotten home last night. The kitten just realized he had forgotten to put it back before his human woke up.

Asami would never admit it but he had a thing about his ties. He had an obsession that only Kirishima, Suoh, and Akihito knew about. For some reason Asami needed to wear the tie that Akihito stole every time that there is a big deal.

Whenever Asami doesn't wear the tie at the right time he gets angry, about just about everything. Akihito wanted to find out what was so special about a tie that could make Asami more calm about things. He had played with the bright fabric long into the night but found nothing truly different about it, the thing was exactly like his blue handkerchief.

He thought for a moment, he could hide the tie in the back of Asami's closet. The possibility made sense to Akihito but he felt bad for anyone that had to deal with Asami without his tie. Taking pity on Kirishima, and Suoh Akihito tied the red fabric to his tail gently and ran out of his cat door.

The elevator was like second nature to Akihito so soon after leaving the pent house he was leaving the front doors of the complex. The cement before him was wet from a rain the night before but the sun shine above him told the kitten that the dampness would be short lived. The sunshine made his golden pelt glimmer as he ran down the sidewalk, dodging between legs. Human's thought they were so smart, two men were following Akihito on his journey but he noticed them almost immediately and ditched them after running along a string of maze like alleyways.

After his men in black were blissfully absent he ran ever faster across the roof tops toward Asami's work place. The tall building had stone stairs that did not allow anyone to get into the building without getting past the two guards at the front doors.

In fact, a group of humans were arguing with the guards, trying to get in to see the owner, but Akihito paid them no heed. The golden kitten paraded through the door, past the guards that paid him no mind. The group of humans stared wide eyes at the cat that just strolled into the exclusive building like he owned the damn place but Akihito had a mission to complete.

He scaled the building in what felt like meer minutes. The hallway shrunk as he raced through it, following on the heels of Kirishima, who was just stepping into Asami's office. He dashed through the human's legs and entered an office that Akihito knew almost too well. It had not changed since before he had been allowed to stay home alone, his napping spot by the window was even still exactly where he left it, but Akihito felt no inclination to take a nap in the current moment.

The little wild cat ran the length of the office and jumped onto Asami's desk just as the man was saying, "Kirishima I want to know where that cat is, and I want to know ten minutes ago. Those men are useless, can't even follow a kit-". The moment that the kitten's paws hit his desk he paused as he came to the sudden realization that the focal point of his conversation had just jumped right at him.

The man took a drag of one his cigarettes that had sat, forgotten, in his hand. As he blew out the smoke he spoke in a calm voice to the kitten, "Akihito, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

Akihito rolled his eyes thinking that the man would have him followed but he saw nothing wrong with it. The man was nothing if not a bastard of the highest caliber. Instead of dignifying his question with an answer Akihito pulled the tie off of his disheveled tail.

The human's eyes shifted down to the flash of red as Akihito carried the tie over the desk top and dropped it into Asami's lap. The sound of fabric thumping down into Asami's lap could be heard through out the silent office before a smile spread across the man's face, "Did you come all the way here to bring me the tie you stole, my little Akihito?" This time Akihito rolled his eyes in Asami's direction to tell him just how much he cared about him knowing that the kitten had stolen his most precious tie.

As the kitten made to jump off of the desk a flicker of movement in his peripheral vision made him pounce. Akihito began to chase a purple feather around the desk top. His mind had stopped thinking rationally, all he could see was his prey that he needed to capture. Thinking back later the kitten knew if he attacked Asami's hand then he could have gotten the feather without all the running around but what fun would that be?

Jumping around the human's desk, scattering the important papers around the room, Akihito played for a good half an hour before he collapsed in exhaustion. His gold fur shifted as he panted heavily.

The human stood above him as he switched out his ties, flawlessly adjusting his new tie in front of Akihito. If there was one word that Akihito would associate with Asami it would be perfection, he was a perfect bastard and for that Akihito hated him with a burning passion from his fiery, prideful soul. The man seemed to have no flaws but Akihito was damned determined to find and use every single one that he could find.

After a moment of catching his breath Akihito hissed slightly at Asami who just smiled at the kitten's anger. Kirishima had already collected all the papers that had flown to the ground during Akihito's feathery game. As Kirishima placed the papers on the desk Akihito ran for door, trying to escape while Asami was distracted. The small cat jumped up and opened the door enough to slip out before either of the humans could so much as glance in his direction.

For once Akihito was too tired to play around outside. With his guards trailing around behind him, he padded back to the pent house without a thought except for the cat nap waiting for him. The men behind him stayed back far enough that Akihito just forgot about them as he slunk through his cat door. The apartment was just as he had left it earlier, except that the bedroom look a lot more inviting for some reason.

The kitten jumped up onto the huge bed and layed out, trying to take up as much of the bed as was physically possible. Within moment he had fallen asleep with the sun keeping him warm throughout his nap.

Night had fallen by the time Akihito awoke on the huge bed. The kitten's internal clock warned him that Asami would be home any moment. The kitten stretched back, allowing his spine to click into place, and then jumped down off of Asami's bed. He padded down the hallway and ended up in the drafty entryway.

The night before he stood in the cold entryway for hours, wondering if Asami had forgotten where home was. Did Asami get hurt and end up in the hospital? Akihito prayed that he would not have to wait as long tonight. The minutes blurring into each other as Akihito waited, silently, right in front of the door.

After what felt like an eternity, the wooden door unlocked with a deafening click. The door opened to reveal Asami in his black suit. The moment Akihito saw Asami was home he began to purr and mew, welcoming him home. A smile adorned the kitten's face as Asami scoped Akihito up into his arms.

The kitten nuzzled the human's neck affectionately as the human shifted them both into the warm bedroom. Asami gently set Akihito down on the bed as he turned away to get dressed for bed. Once Asami was in more comfortable clothes, which consisted of loose pants and no shirt, he layed down next to Akihito.

The kitten curled up into a little ball and remained in his completely still mode of sleep. Asami smiled and caressed the kitten gently. A quiet purr could be heard from the sleeping pet as Asami pulled the kitten up against him and fell asleep.

There you go...the final chapter of Kitten through the Window. How you all like it?