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"When I was standing up there, I kept thinking about all the times we've kissed, and I was trying to decide on the best one..."

"And what do you think?"

"I think we're just getting started."

After the wedding.

The music is quiet, barely more than the faint strains of a piano, maybe a violin and Castle's deep, rumbling hum as they rotate slowly in time to the music. They did it, actually married each other, and with her head on his chest Kate finds it impossible to tear the smile from her lips.

His hands are warm, fingers spread wide on the low curve of her back, holding her close so that every time he mumbles along with the tune of the music the vibrations through his body spark out and fizzle through her own. It's delicious, a sensual flow back and forth, each of them enticing the other.

Her own hands are flat against his chest, playing over the beat of his heart, the unbuttoned edge of his shirt, touching skin, darting out and curling in the collar of his jacket. She can't keep the excitement trapped in her fingertips and Kate lifts her head, her voice softer than she expects when she asks, "How are you?"

It sounds silly, but she still wants to know. Wants to know if his voice holds as much pent up emotion and enthusiasm for their new life together as hers does.

Castle smiles down at her, barely a drop in height but enough that she looks up and he looks down, and what there is of that short distance between them is filled with laughter.

And giddiness.

And lets run away together before anyone notices we're gone.

"I'm okay." He shrugs, nonchalantly, his smile peeking through the edges of his hidden amusement at her question. "Pretty quiet day, really."

She laughs, bumps him with her forehead and calls him a name not really fitting for their first dance as man and wife. Except it is, it really is. It's them and how they are and yes, him too he knows he is exactly what she called him, spinning around and shrugging like it's nothing.

It's not nothing and they both know it.

His hands slide higher as they turn, thumb stroking out across the bare skin of her neck so that Kate scrunches a little at the contact, moans, fights a smile and then gives into it wholeheartedly.

"How are you?" Castle asks, his lips just shy of her ear. He knows he took her by surprise with the whole thing.

"I'm wondering," she breathes quietly, touching his face when Castle's eyes drop to hers. They don't cloud though and she loves that.


"If I would have done anything differently, had I known." Her eyes spark mischief, deliberately leaving her sentences hanging.

He takes the bait, retaliates by stroking a certain spot on the side of her neck that has significant meaning to them both. "If you'd known?"

Kate shivers, a whole lot of last night bright in her eyes and low in the warmth through her belly. She tips into his touch as he smooths over the skin that sets her pulse thumping, catches his eyes and lets the low simmer bubble up and spill over.

"If I'd known that this morning was the last day I'd wake up single." She smiles wide when Castle freezes, his bottom lip dropping and his fingers squeezing all for the shortest of split seconds before he tugs Kate in tighter and starts them spinning again.

It's good to know she can still cause that reaction.

She laughs when he has to shake himself out of it, smiling too, utterly in awe of the realization. It's not that either of them have felt single, or unattached or whatever the hell you want to call it, for a long time now. In truth they were probably married more than most people long before Castle offered her that ring, long before they started dating even. But now it's legal. And binding. And official and just wonderful.

She goes with him a little crazily as he spins her, her feet quick stepping through his slow waltz so that he has to steady her, calm her, still laughing. Giggling.

Okay, they might both be a little love drunk.

"So would you?" He asks, trying to regain some composure. At some point in the future someone is gonna tell their kids about this moment and he really doesn't want the story to start with, this one time daddy danced mommy right into the cake.

"Would I?"

"Have done anything differently if you'd known, if I hadn't sprung it on you?"

"Hmm." She pretends to ponder, everything so lovely and perfect but hmm, actually maybe.

"Might have worn a dress." She laughs as his eyes seem to darken at that suggestion and he licks his lips, "Maybe fixed my make up a little differently, curled my hair."

His eyes rove over her face, fingers sweeping low on her hips now, "You look okay to me." He smirks and somehow says that with more meaning than if he'd called her beautiful or gorgeous, exquisite or extraordinary.

Kate laughs, lifts up and whispers, touching her tongue to his ear, "Might have worn sexier underwear."


It's a non sound that means damn you, woman and images and she laughs loudly, drawing the room's attention to them when she has to cover her near guffaw by burying her face in the curve of his neck. Her body shudders with laughter against his and after a few teased seconds of imagination Castle joins in, his arms tight around her, cradling her to him.

It's more of a hug than a dance now, a married couple cuddle in the middle of the room.

"What about you?"

"Me?" He's too lost in the soft stroke of her nails through the hair at the nape of his neck, her scent that engulfs him, the soft way she sighs against his skin, warmth and contentment in the gentle caress of her breath.

"Would you have done anything differently?"

"Hmm." Castle pretends to copy her, her pondering face suddenly his own, his too innocent eyes wide and blue and staring off into a land of what if and maybe. "I wouldn't have worn sexier underwear."

Kate pouts, she's not afraid to admit she likes him dressing up for her as much as he enjoys her dressing up for him.

"That would have require wearing underwear."

She snuffles into him, laughing, smiling, joyful. Her skin is hot against his cheek and oh, she loves that idea. Her fingers drop dangerously low and she really, really loves that idea.

"No make up."

"Mmhmm." That word she called him might be creeping to the tip of her tongue again.

"And my hair always looks good."

"Vain, babe." But she's grinning, he can feel it.

"Not vain if it's the truth."

"Off topic then."

She's right, his wife is right. That's gonna happen a lot isn't it? And would he have done anything differently today, if he knew it would end like this?

"No," Castle tilts her chin and finds her eyes, nothing but honesty and love in his statement. "I wouldn't change a thing Kate, not one, single, minuscule, teenie tiny -"

Her fingers dart out and cover his mouth, "Shut up." She rolls her eyes and watches his lips part against her skin, the ache to be alone with him starting to make itself known.

"And kiss you?" He mumbles, wet and warm and a little sloppily gross against the pads of her fingers.

"Yes please."