"You'll soon find out, Potter, that some wizarding families are better than others. I can help you there."

Those were the first words I ever said to him. Those first words condemned me to the fate of enemy. I had insulted his soon-to-be best friend Ron Weasley. After that I was put into Slytherin House and he in Gryffindor. That also didn't help matters much. I continually insulted his friend Hermione Granger. That didn't help either.

In all truth, he hated me and I forced myself to believe I felt the same about him. I talked down to and insulted him as much as I could just to keep up the ridiculous charade. And it pained me deeply to do that to the one I desired most. So, as the years passed his hate and my supposed hate grew and grew. I suppressed my feelings, which is something I do not recommend one do, and life went on as usual. After 4th year, the dark lord Voldemort returned and my family was forced into hiding. But I was still permitted to attend Hogwarts.

I will tell you how it all began, from the summer after 4th year onwards. We have a very complicated story that I must get off my chest and onto paper. I must tell you now, that it is not a very common tale. Some might say even farfetched. But this is all true, that is very important to remember… It is all true…

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