Sand and Water

By Shaz1

None of the recognised characters belong to me, they are all the property of Shane Brennan and CBS.

This is my attempt at the NCIS:LA Magazine challenge number four- hopefully it will pass muster!

This is set early season five.

Sand and Water

Special Agent G Callen actually whistled as he left the house, things had finally settled back down at his place of work after the rough ride they had all been put through in their latest major case. Even better today was Friday and the entire team were finishing early and having a long weekend off duty. He looked around him, squinting in the sun and smiled to himself- he was looking forward to enjoying the warm sea, the hot sun and a cold beer. Without further delay he was in his car and heading towards the office- as usual taking a longer route than was completely necessary as the paranoia that served to keep him alive stepped in.


Sam sighed as he pulled out his chair- he flexed his shoulders and took a glance at his in tray. He hated paperwork, admittedly not as much as his partner hated it, but it would be worth it for the lunchtime finish and the full three days off that followed. He looked up as his partner walked in, clutching a box of breakfast and a steaming cup of coffee.

"Good morning" Callen greeted as he placed his treat on his desk and dropped his bag by his chair.

"Let me guess- bacon and egg?" Sam replied by way of a greeting.

"The breakfast of Kings Sam" Callen responded with a grin as he sat back down.

"Kings that want to have a heart attack at a young age" Sam retaliated with a disapproving look on his face.

"Not going to happen Sam" Callen dismissed, chewing on a slice of bacon with a grin on his face. The other senior agent refrained from commenting- knowing full well that it would simply cause his partner to bait him even further. He was saved from any further conversation by the arrival of the other partnership- their squabbling could be heard as soon as they stepped through the door into the mission.

"It so is the greatest partnership of all time" Deeks commented as he put his bag on his desk.

"They are not even partners Deeks" Kensi replied with a long suffering sigh.

"What do you mean they aren't partners of course they are" he corrected as he sat down.

"Who are you talking about?" Sam asked, unable to help himself and not missing the groan that came from the general direction of his partner.

"Tom and Jerry- Deeks here seems to think that they are the greatest partnership of all time" Kensi scoffed.

"They ain't partners Deeks" Sam stated his tone clear that he was stating fact rather than opinion.

"Of course they are"

"No they spend their lives fighting- they chase each other. The whole concept is about a cat trying to catch a mouse- to eat him Deeks, does that sound like a partnership to you?" Sam told him with a raised eyebrow. Deeks didn't reply as he exchanged a glance with his partner, a grin spreading across his face as he pondered how to reply.

"Don't even start Deeks" Kensi told him through gritted teeth getting to her feet and heading over to the coffee station. Deeks chuckled to himself, but even he knew better than to push his luck so early in the day. Deciding that a change of subject might be a good idea he leant back in his chair before turning his attention to the two male teammates sat around.

"So do you have anything exciting planned for the days off?" he asked. "Only a friend of mine happens to be out of town for the weekend and has given me the keys to his luxury beach side chalet. Private hot tub, fully stocked bar, full range of satellite channels, fishing boats for use and not to mention the waves- the surf should be to die for this weekend" he told them with a grin. His eyes refused to lock on either of them, certain to his gut that neither agent would deem him worthy of spending the weekend away.

"Sounds awesome Deeks- how did you score that?" Sam asked with a smile.

"A friend that owes me a favour- so you up for it?" he asked the former seal with a small smile.

"As much as the idea of a boys weekend away on the edge of the ocean appeals more than I can say- I value my marriage and my life too much" he replied with a grin.

"Michelle would kill you huh?" Deeks asked in understanding.

"Slowly and painfully- she knows how to make someone talk after all" he stated. "Family weekend away has my name all over it" he finished.

"Callen- how about you?" Deeks asked, hating the fact that he felt butterflies in his stomach as he asked, he couldn't help but think he wasn't worthy of the company of the team leader.

Callen looked at the detective, a few months ago he would have turned down the invitation without a second thought- but so much had happened since. He had judged the other man harshly when he returned to work after the Siderov incident.

"I have nothing on- sure Deeks, sounds good thanks" he finally replied- shocking himself with his words as much as he surprised the other man.

"Really?" Deeks asked, his voice coming out as a squeak. "I mean cool- that's good well yeah awesome" he rambled. Callen hid his amusement at the other man's surprise.

"I'll go to the store when we finish and get some supplies- is that cool?" the older man asked with a straight face.

"Awesome" Deeks replied, managing to stop himself from speaking any more. Sam surveyed both men as the exchanged continued, surprised at his partner's willingness to actually socialise with a team member.

"I'll go and get Hetty- see what files need submitting today" Callen stated getting to his feet and hiding his grin as he walked away.

"What the hell" Deeks whispered to himself as the shock caught up with him.

"You're telling me. What leverage do you have over him?" Sam asked in confusion.

"Nothing, I have no idea why he agreed- I thought he was the last person that he would choose to spend his time off with" Deeks confessed, the surprise allowing his mouth to run away with him.

"Don't run yourself down man- Callen doesn't choose to spend his time with anybody" Sam stated. "I almost wish I could make it now Deeks- this has got to be worth seeing".

End Chapter One

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