Hey guys! Second story but deleted first it sucked! Just letting you know I'm basing some of these ideas on my life so brace yourselves. Characters: Kim- Kim is a passionate girl with a love for singing. She has no friends nor family, and gets bullied. She is 15 years old, blonde long hair, light, and has chocolate brown eyes. She also has only one sister names Alex. Jack- Jack is popular, a typical bad boy. He and his friends bully Kim a lot and always feels guilty. He is 15 years old too. He has mid length brown hair, chocolate brown eyes like Kim, and is well built. He has one brother named Riley. Alex- Alex is a nice sweet girl and is one year older than kim. She is 16 years old. Has black long hair, green eyes, and is most popular at there school next to jack. Alex doesn't know that he is bullying her though. She is dating Riley. Riley- Riley is sort of a nerd and likes computers. He is 16 just like Alex. He has black short hair, blue eyes, and is not very well built like jack. I'm adding big characters later. Settings: The mall, Seaford high, Falafel Phil's, and a ice cream shop. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kim's pov Ugh it's Monday, my least favourite day ever. So not looking forward to seeing Jack and his idiot friends. Man, life sucks. Whatever... "Kim, wake up!" Ugh it's Alex as usual. I just wish I didn't go to school, or at least Alex knew, then it would be over. Why does my life suck first my parents die, then I get bullied and I can tell something is going to come up, just can't put my finger on it. I got out of bed and went to change into some clothes. When I came out of the bathroom Alex was there looking at my book. I told her to never touch my book.. "Alex! What are you doing!?" She seemed startled and turned her head quickly and realized she was caught. She always try's and looks inside. That notebook was from my mom, she gave it to me. Alex didn't say anything. She just tried running. "Ummm, nothing kim..." Alex tried to lie. I can always tell. "Alex.. What did you see?..." I asked knowing she read at least a page. "...ummm just something about this jack, hey is that Riley's brother?" Here we go.. "It may be about him... Just don't say a word to Riley or anyone else. My book has all sorts of information about my life. I wrote in it occasionally. I have one book already full. I started using that book since our parents died. "I promise I won't I love you. And were gonna be late come on." We headed down stairs and off to drop me off -