A/N – Unbreakable is one whole story, but is split into two parts. Part one deals with Hermione and Draco's sixth year and is more serious in tone. Part two is set two years later and is lighter in nature.

The story starts just before sixth year and Voldemort and the war are very much a presence. Lucius however is not in prison, therefore events of sixth year run different.

Part One.

Draco Malfoy stood in his bedroom, carefully packing his Hogwarts trunk. School started the following week and the blond Slytherin was making sure he was prepared for his sixth year. After packing all his clothes and personal belongings, he started on his books. Halfway through his packing Draco realised that his potions book wasn't in the pile. Thinking about where he had last seen the book Draco suddenly remembered the late night reading he had been doing the previous night in the library. When he'd headed to bed he'd clearly left his potions book downstairs.

Draco finished the rest of his packing and closed the trunk before leaving his bedroom and heading down to the library. After a five minute search Draco found the book and turned to head back to his room. On his way back to his bedroom Draco had to pass his father's study and as he approached the room he was dismayed to hear the quiet voices of his father and aunt.

Draco didn't exactly get on with his father so he wanted to pass the room without Lucius spotting him. His aunt Bellatrix was hardly any better and Draco had spent most of the holidays avoiding the demented witch. Luckily both his father and aunt had been more concerned with Voldemort over the summer, so he had seen precious little of either of them, much to his delight. Tiptoeing across the hallway outside his father's study Draco paused when he heard his name mentioned. Curious as to what Lucius and Bellatrix were saying about him Draco crept closer to the study door.

"I'm just saying that Draco doesn't exactly seem keen on joining The Dark Lord." Bellatrix said.

"Keen or not, it's what he's going to do." Lucius replied. "Come next summer Draco will be a Death Eater."

"And what does Narcissa think of this?" Bellatrix asked, referring to her sister who was Lucius's wife and Draco's mother.

"Her opinion is of no interest to me." Lucius snorted, the contempt he felt for his wife clear for Draco to hear in his voice. "Narcissa knows better than to argue against any decision I make. Next summer Draco will receive the mark and neither he nor Narcissa will dare complain."

"You're so masterful, Lucius." Bellatrix chuckled, causing Draco to grimace outside and tiptoe away from the door.

He had suspected for a while his father and aunt were having an affair and judging by his father's next remark, regarding showing Bellatrix exactly how masterful he was, Draco figured he was right. Quickly but quietly Draco continued to walk away from his father's study, heading back to his own room. Once in his bedroom Draco threw his potions book in his trunk before collapsing onto the bed, thinking about what he had discovered.

Draco wasn't the slightest bit bothered by the fact his father and aunt were having an affair. All his life he's known his parents' marriage was an arranged one, based on the fact they were both purebloods. He also knew they definitely didn't love each other, most of the time they barely tolerated each other. His father's affair didn't bother him, what bothered him was the mention of Draco joining the Death Eaters.

All his life Draco had been taught that purebloods were above everyone else and that muggleborns were a blight on the wizarding world. Draco had truly believed his father's words until he started Hogwarts. For the first time in his life Draco was surrounded by half-bloods and muggleborns and he saw for himself that they were no different to him. Draco spent the first year of Hogwarts trying to decide if his father was right about purebloods being superior, eventually deciding that maybe his father was wrong. However, Draco made the mistake of voicing this opinion to Lucius during the summer between his first and second year and his father had gone ballistic. Lucius had spent all summer lecturing Draco about purebloods and by the time he started his second year Draco was scared to admit he didn't believe a word his father said.

It was Draco's disillusion with his father's beliefs that led him to befriend a muggleborn, Hermione Granger, in second year. At first Draco befriended Hermione as a way of silently rebelling against Lucius, but he soon came too really like the feisty Gryffindor witch. Right from the beginning their friendship was a secret as Draco knew how badly his father would react if he discovered their friendship.

Draco knew his father's reaction would be even worse now as their friendship had progressed into a romantic relationship. Draco was head over heels in love with Hermione and there was no way he was joining a dark wizard who believed all muggleborns should be wiped off the face of the earth. Draco had been hoping he would have a choice regarding joining the Death Eaters, but with the conversation he had just heard Draco knew that it wasn't on option now.

Draco lay thinking about what he was going to do for several hours, but he could only come up with one plan. He had to run away, he had to go somewhere that Lucius couldn't find him. Draco knew just going to the Order wasn't an option, Lucius would know exactly where he was and he wouldn't put it past his father to use his mother as a way of getting him to return home and toe the line.

As far as Draco could see running was the only option, now he just had to hope he could persuade Hermione to come with him. Whether he could persuade his girlfriend to come or not, Draco knew he had to leave. He didn't want to leave Hermione but he would if he had to, no matter what happened he wasn't sticking around to receive the dark mark the following summer.


A couple of days later Draco found himself in Diagon Alley with his mother. They had done his school shopping several weeks ago but Narcissa needed a few bits and bobs so Draco had volunteered to come with her. Draco did however have an ulterior motive in accompanying his mother to Diagon Alley.

Since overhearing his father's conversation Draco had been making plans to flee. He knew there was no point running before he turned seventeen as he until then he would still have the magical trace on him that detected underage magic. He also knew that when he did run he would need money. Normally money wasn't something he had to think about but he didn't want to raise Lucius's suspicions by emptying his bank account, instead he had a few plans to ensure that by the end of the school year he would have enough money to run away.

"I need to get a few new robes." Narcissa told her son. "Why don't you go and look in the bookshop or something." She suggested, knowing how boring it was for a young boy to be clothes shopping with his mother.

"I think I will." Draco replied, relieved he didn't have to try and find an excuse to get away from his mother.

"I'll meet you outside Flourish and Blotts in half an hour." Narcissa said, kissing Draco on the cheek before setting off for the robe shop.

Draco waited until his mother had disappeared into the shop before turning and heading towards Gringotts. Entering the wizarding bank he joined the queue and before long he was standing in front of a goblin.

"I want a few things from my vault." Draco told the goblin. "I also want to amend my weekly allowance."

From an early age Draco had his own Gringotts account in which his inheritance from his maternal grandparents was placed, along with bits and pieces Narcissa added for him. When he had started Hogwarts, Narcissa had brought him to the bank and set up an allowance that was sent to Hogwarts every week. Over the years Draco had upped the allowance as he saw fit, but this year he was upping it for a special reason. He knew that unless he upped it to a ridiculous amount the goblins would think nothing of it and there would be no reason to inform Lucius.

After amending his weekly allowance to give him a substantial amount to save every week, along with enough to hold onto in case he wanted anything, Draco and the goblin took a ride down to his vault. In his vault Draco found a couple of pieces of jewellery and antiques that his father wouldn't recognise and pocketed them. He was planning on selling them in Knockturn Alley so he had deliberately picked a few things that had come from the Black side of the family, therefore if Lucius saw them for some reason he wouldn't recognise them.

After finishing in Gringotts, Draco hurried out of the bank and crept towards Knockturn Alley. Checking to make sure he hadn't been spotted Draco pulled up his cloak over his head and slipped into the side street known for its association with the dark arts. Half an hour later he emerged from Borgin and Burkes with a bag full of galleons. Again double checking he hadn't been seen Draco re-entered Diagon Alley where he rushed off to meet his mother.


Despite his precautions Draco had in fact been seen entering and leaving Knockturn Alley. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley had been in Weasley's Wizard Wheezes when they spotted the blond skulking past the window, looking suspicious.

"What do you think Malfoy is up to?" Harry asked Ron as they watched the blond pass the window.

"Knowing him, he'll be up to no good." Ron snorted.

"Maybe we should follow him." Harry suggested. "I've got the invisibility cloak in my bag."

"Great, let's go before mum spots us." Ron said as the two boys snuck off towards the door.

Before leaving the shop the two Gryffindors threw the invisibility cloak over themselves. Once outside the two boys scanned the streets in search of the blond Slytherin they hated. Just as they thought they had lost him, Harry spotted him pulling his cloak up before darting into Knockturn Alley. Quickly the two boys followed him into Knockturn Alley, just say spotting him slinking into Borgin and Burkes.

"What do you think he's up to?" Ron whispered as they peered in the window of the shop.

They couldn't risk entering the shop as there was a bell over the door, so they had to content themselves with looking through the window. From their position they could see Draco's back as he stood at the counter talking to the man behind it.

"I don't know, but it has to be something dark." Harry said. "Everyone knows you only come to Knockturn Alley if you're doing something you shouldn't be."

"Do you think he's doing something for You Know Who?" Ron asked, his eyes widening at the thought.

"Could be." Harry nodded. "Everyone knows his father is a Death Eater, it only makes sense that Malfoy will follow in his footsteps."

Ron nodded in agreement but before they could debate any further, the door to the shop opened and Draco emerged. The boys followed the Slytherin as he crept back to Diagon Alley, all the time checking to make sure no-one had spotted him. Once they were back into the sunlight of Diagon Alley, Harry and Ron watched Draco rush off to the bookshop where he was joined by his mother. As the two Malfoy's disappeared into the crowds, Harry and Ron returned to the twins joke shop.

"Where have you two been?" Ron's mother, Molly Weasley demanded upon spotting the pair.

"Nowhere." Ron replied. "We've just been looking around the shop."

Molly looked at them suspiciously for several minutes, before buying their excuse. "Stay here, we're leaving in a few minutes."

Harry and Ron nodded and remained where they were as Molly found Ron's sister, Ginny and said goodbye to the twins. With everyone accounted for Molly ushered them out of the shop as they continued on with their shopping. With Molly and Ginny so close Harry and Ron didn't get a chance to discuss what they had witnessed, but they knew they would have the perfect chance a few days later when they were travelling to school.

The two boys were looking forward to discussing Malfoy and his actions in more depth, they were also looking forward to telling their best friend, Hermione Granger, what they had discovered. For some reason Hermione had always insisted that the blond Slytherin wasn't as bad as they claimed, but with what they had seen there was no way Hermione could deny that Malfoy was up to no good.