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Molly Weasley was enjoying a relaxing afternoon in the back garden of the Burrow. It was a warm July day, she had her favourite romance book on her knee and she had a large glass of elf made wine sitting on the table beside her. Molly was just drifting off for a nice nap when the kitchen door opened and Fred and George bounded into the garden.

"Hello, you two." Molly smiled at the twins. "What are you doing here?"

"We just popped by to tell you we can't make it to lunch tomorrow." Fred said, dropping into one of the garden chairs.

"Is this because of whatever is going on between you two and your brother and sister?" Molly asked, scrutinising the twins. "Don't think I haven't noticed the atmosphere between the pair of you and Ron, Ginny and Harry. It's being going on since before Christmas and frankly, I'm getting tired of it."

"No, it has nothing to do with that." George replied as he settled down next to Fred. "We're actually going to a birthday party tomorrow afternoon."

"A birthday party?" Molly questioned. "But Harry's party isn't until next week."

"I don't think we'll be attending that." Fred snorted. "But we're actually going to Lyra's third birthday."

"Who's Lyra?" Molly frowned, not recognising the name.

"Hermione's daughter." George answered.

"You've seen Hermione. How is she?" Molly gasped. "Why hasn't she been in touch? Does she hate me after the awful way I reacted to her pregnancy? Of course she does, I looked at her as though she was dirt and I feel so bad."

"Mum, slow down." Fred stopped his mother mid-rant, not wanting her to work herself up into a state. "We'll explain everything."

The twins knew all about Hermione's recent run-in with Harry, Ron, Ginny and Lavender and they had decided now they knew Hermione was back that it was time Molly was brought up to date. It was time Molly found out the true reason Hermione hadn't been in touch since leaving school.

"And our explanation will probably explain our attitude towards Ron, Ginny and Harry." George added.

"Well it all started just before Christmas when George and I decided to welcome our new neighbour to Diagon Alley." Fred started the tale. "Imagine our shock when we went over to say hello and found Hermione opening up the loveliest little café just opposite our shop."

"Hermione owns the new café in Diagon Alley?" Molly questioned. "I've heard that place is lovely and it does the most unique cakes and treats."

"It does." Fred nodded. "Hermione is a brilliant baker and everything you get from there is just delicious."

"But that's not really the point." George said, steering the conversation back on track. "The point is when we saw Hermione we got talking and she told us the truth about her reasons for leaving school when she did and why she hadn't been in touch since."

"First of all to cut a long story short Hermione is married to Draco Malfoy and he's Lyra's father." Fred said. "So obviously that explains why she couldn't tell anyone, especially considering what Lucius might have done to her if he'd known."

"Of course it explains her secrecy." Molly sighed, wishing she'd been there for Hermione so she could have confided in her.

"Anyway, Hermione also told us that one of the reasons she decided to leave over Christmas was the abuse she was suffering." Fred said.

"I know, Ron, Ginny and Harry told us what people were saying." Molly nodded sadly, remembering that at the time she had been just as cruel as the students in her dismissal of Hermione.

"What they didn't mention was that they were also saying nasty things about her." George said, anger lacing his tone. "They were calling Hermione names just as much as anyone else and they certainly weren't being supportive of her."

"But what about the message I gave them to pass onto Hermione?" Molly questioned. "Ron said they wrote to Hermione after they found out she hadn't returned, but she never got back in touch."

"They never wrote to her." Fred said. "Hermione never got your message. Until we spoke to her she was under the impression you hated her."

"And here was me thinking the same thing." Molly sighed. "I thought she hadn't responded because of the terrible way I treat her at the train station. If only I'd known I would have gone and seen her and apologised in person."

"You could do that now." Fred suggested. "Go to the café and speak to Hermione. I know for a fact that she'll talk to you."

"But what if she doesn't forgive me?" Molly questioned worriedly. "I'm not sure I can face her when she might reject me."

"We've explained your reaction to her." George told his mother. "She was hurt by your actions, but she was pleased to hear that by the end of the holidays you'd come round. If Ron had passed the message on she would have replied and been grateful for your support."

"I'll definitely think about contacting her." Molly decided. "But first I have to deal with Ron, Harry and Ginny. In fact I might make them contact Hermione and apologise."

"Don't." George said, shaking his head.

"They had a run-in with Hermione a few weeks ago at the café and they reacted badly to her relationship with Draco." George explained. "They were still very nasty about Hermione and Draco ended up punching Harry and Ron."

"Harry then tried to press charges against Draco, and Hermione was furious. Luckily the charges didn't stick and Draco wasn't charged." George added. "Getting them to contact Hermione would be a bad idea. They've blown their friendship with her and frankly I can't blame Hermione for hating the lot of them."

"This whole thing is such a mess." Molly said, shaking her head sadly. "I just wish I could fix it."

"I don't think anything needs fixing." George said. "Hermione is happy with her life and in my opinion it's Ron, Ginny and Harry that are missing out. They've lost Hermione and they only have themselves to blame."

"Plus they're missing out on getting to know one of the brightest, funniest little kids I've ever met." Fred grinned. "Honestly mum you should meet Lyra, she's such a little charmer."

"Tell me about her." Molly said, settling back as the twins regaled her of stories of the little girl she might never get the chance to meet.

By the time Fred and George left Molly had made a firm decision to go and visit Hermione and see if their relationship could be salvaged. The twins were hopeful it would happen, they were also hopeful that Molly would give Harry, Ron and Ginny a good tongue lashing the following day. Part of them wanted to turn up to watch the inevitable fireworks but they knew they would just have to settle for hearing about them second hand, instead they had an appointment with a gorgeous little birthday girl the following day.


Hermione smiled in happiness as she watched an excited Lyra chasing her new puppy around the back garden. The three year old had been absolutely spoiled by everyone and had mountains of toys and clothes as presents. The puppy had been a gift from Hermione and Draco as they'd both had dogs as children and they thought it would be nice for Lyra to have a dog as well.

"Ariel, stop." Lyra laughed as she collapsed onto the grass and the puppy began licking at her face.

The puppy had been named after the main character in The Little Mermaid as it was now Lyra's favourite film, even more so after Hermione and Luna had perfected a charm to place in a biscuit to give Lyra a tail when she had a bath. Almost every bath time Lyra wanted to be a mermaid, but since it meant she caused no fuss about bathing Hermione had no problems with giving her a biscuit. Like all the charms she used in her baking it only worked for about ten minutes, but those ten minutes of being a mermaid were fantastic for Lyra and the charm was completely safe so Hermione had no worries with using it on her daughter.

"Hey." Draco suddenly appeared behind Hermione and wrapped his arms around his wife's waist as he placed a kiss on her cheek. "Are you having fun?"

"I'm having fun watching Lyra have fun." Hermione smiled. "It's lovely to see her surrounded by people who love her."

Draco nodded in agreement as he looked around the crowded back garden. Hermione's parents were here as were his mother and Severus, Luna of course was present as were Fred, George, Angelina and Alicia. Also attending the party was Professor McGonagall, who was getting know Lyra. The pair had briefly met at Draco and Hermione's wedding, but since McGonagall had only attended the ceremony she hadn't had a chance to get to know the little girl. Just like everyone else McGonagall had been charmed by the youngest Malfoy and had instantly fallen in love with the little blonde girl.

"Just think this time next year it'll be even more crowded." Draco remarked, his hand resting protectively on Hermione's stomach.

The couple had just discovered they were expecting their second child and they were thrilled at the prospect of giving Lyra a little brother or sister. So far no-one knew of Hermione's pregnancy and they had been debating whether or not to mention it today or to wait a bit longer. They didn't want to draw attention away from Lyra, but they also didn't want to keep the news to themselves for too long as they were both fairly excited. Plus if they waited much longer they would run the risk of overshadowing a couple of other special occasions.

In six weeks Alicia was due to give birth, but she'd already had a couple of false alarms and the Healers were fairly confident that the baby would be premature and she could literally go into labour at any time. Also in a fortnight Narcissa and Severus were due to be married in a quiet ceremony, with a certain little three year old acting as bridesmaid. Hermione and Draco didn't want to overshadow either event so they were leaning more towards announcing their news today.

"What are you two doing lurking over there?" George called, drawing the couple's attention to the lawn where everyone else was gathering around the table.

"Come on, it's time to cut the cake." Jean called.

Hermione and Draco made their way over to the table where Lyra was standing on a chair next to Jean, looking at her cake in awe. Hermione and Luna had made the cake and it was a scene from The Little Mermaid that included all of Lyra's favourite characters.

"Do you like the cake, sweetheart?" Hermione asked as Lyra pointed out the characters for people.

"Will I be a mermaid if I eat it?" Lyra asked.

"No, not this time." Hermione chuckled. "This cake just tastes nice."

Lyra nodded as Draco placed three candles into the cake and lit them. Draco then moved so he was standing beside his daughter. Wrapping an arm around her waist he helped her lean forward to blow out her candles.

"Don't forget to make a wish." Luna said.

"I wish for a baby brother or sister." Lyra announced as the last candle flickered out.

"You're supposed to keep wishes a secret or they won't come true." Narcissa told her granddaughter.

Lyra's face fell as she turned to Draco. "Will my wish not come true?" She asked sadly.

"Actually Lyra, your wish will come true in about seven months." Draco said, causing Lyra to grin up at him. "You're going to have a little brother or sister to play with."

"Yeah." Lyra grinned. "Thanks Mummy. Thanks Daddy."

As Draco put Lyra back down and sent her off to play with Ariel everyone gathered around to congratulate the couple. Hermione couldn't help but compare the announcement with the previous time she had been pregnant. Back in school her pregnancy had been met with scorn and apart from her and Draco no-one had been pleased with the news. Now nearly four year later the couple had a wealth of support and everyone was happy for them to be expanding their little family.

The End.