Yes, I had way too much time on my hands today. This is my second Murder, She Wrote song parody, a tongue-in-cheek look into a typical Jessica Fletcher day. All you Disney nuts will probably recognize the song from Tangled - sing along if you like!

P.S. I don't think Jessica actually sits around and waits for a crime to begin. Trouble just has a knack for finding her.

Seven a.m., a Cabot Cove morning rising
Dress in my sweats; let's go for a run in time
Shower and dress, eat breakfast, and start surmising
My next book – it's the cook who committed the crime!

And so I'll write a book, or maybe two or three
I'll add a few more twists to my next mystery
I'll teach a college class in criminology
And wonder when will a crime begin?

Then after lunch, it's typing, a nap, and fishing
Try on a dress, then chess with my best friend Seth
Send off the book, and look at myself just wishing
For a break – big mistake! This is what I do best!

I'll write another book to meet my next deadline
I'll help Mort solve a mystery in the nick of time
And then I'll rack and rack and rack and rack my mind
To tie up any of my loose ends
And I'll keep wondering and wondering and wondering and wondering
When will a crime begin?

Tomorrow night, the lights are on me
To accept an award for my new mystery
Will someone die? Will I get the blame?
I'll find the killer; solve the crime to clear my name!