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My name is Silverpool, I was once a warrior of ThunderClan back when SkyClan was still in the forest. I lived in a time known as the Blood Ages, which has long been forgotten by the Clans of nowadays in a history of horror and guilt.

Back when I was a warrior, there was a long stretch of chaos and tragedy that occurred throughout every season. The Clans were constantly at war, the seasons were harsh, and deaths were a common thing back then.

In short, the leaders grew tired of seeing their cats die around them. They looked for something to do to prevent the tide of blood which, at that time, was something every cat waded through.

Yes, even myself, I killed so many cats back then that I lost count while I was an apprentice. Sometimes now, even in StarClan, I wonder how my silver fur doesn't reek of the blood of other cats.

Anyway, the leader's firmly believed that StarClan could save them from the constant misery. It was SkyClan's leader that first suggested giving something to StarClan to then receive our ancestors favor.

We first tried fresh-kill and herbs, we would leave them at Fourtrees for our ancestors in leaf-bare, but it didn't work. The murdering seemed to increase if anything, so the leaders decided to try something harsher, kits.

It is almost impossible to believe a cat could be driven so far as to sacrifice innocent kits, but every cat was so desperate to live in peace. So we did it, on the first moon after the leaf-bare thaw. The strangest thing was, it worked.

After the sacrifice, the seasons were no longer harsh and the Clans stayed to their own territory. Whether it was coincidence the seasons were easier and that the cats were to tired of fighting that even the rowdy ones calmed down, is still unknown to myself, so don't bother asking.

After that first season cycle, we were going to stop, but then the next seasons were just as bad as the others, so we tried it again, and it worked. It then became part of the warrior code, but it was very specific.

The rules were that every Clan had to offer one kit, and the kit had to be born the moon of the thaw. It would seem unlikely that every Clan, every new-leaf, would have a litter in that small amount of time. But whether it was bad luck or something else was messing with it, kits were always born in the appointed time.

The other rules were that the most promising looking kit had to be sacrificed, and every cat had to be present for the sacrificing. We, of course, didn't kill them ourselves. The leader's dropped the kits into the gorge and let the waters wash them to StarClan. Then the Clans would sit vigil for the kits.

Now, there were times when a Clan didn't see the use of sacrificing kits, and sometimes a Clan wouldn't participate in it. This didn't happen often, the Clan that had refused to participate was always attacked by the other four Clans and banned from the gatherings for a season or two.

It was a horrible time, I don't know how StarClan allowed it, maybe they couldn't get enough voice to tell the Clans, I do not know. Now I was there at the start of the new code, and was the leader's mate. I don't know why I didn't speak out against it, maybe it was because I was lucky enough that none of my litters were born in the chosen time.

For many generations this was part of the code. It was once every four seasons so it wasn't always fresh in every cat's mind. And eventually, it was done not out of fear of war and harsh seasons, but of the other Clans attacking them.

But it didn't last, I watched one cat fight through anger and desire for revenge to save unknown lives. She was my kin, so I always kept a close eye on her. But I wasn't able to predict anything that happened in her life, and I followed her stray so far I feared she was lost forever.

She never stopped fighting though. But before she could bring peace to the Clans, she had to realize for herself the true price of peace.


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