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Set during the middle of New Moon.

Chapter One: Moving to Forks.

"Now do you have everything?" Caroline Swan asked looking at her sixteen year old daughter as the blonde stood before her; she pursed her red painted lips knowing that this was the only choice that she had now. Sophia Swan nodded her head trying not to think about what her mother was doing, she was hurt that her mother was basically disowning her for what had happened especially since she was taking responsibility for it.

"Good now I want you to listen to your uncle Charlie," Caroline said checking her Cartier tank Americaine small model watch, her manicured nails reminding her that she had to hurry this up; she had an appointment that she just couldn't miss. Sophia nodded her head looking her passport, her mother wasn't really interested in talking to her after what had happened; she was only doing so because they were in public and the blonde was only sixteen.

"God knows that he doesn't need you causing him any problems especially with that cousin of yours," Caroline mused wrinkling her nose, she had begged her older brother to put his daughter in a mental hospital when he had called her for advice on what to do with her. Charlie had outright refused and said that his daughter, Isabella, needed someone to talk to her not to be locked away as if she was a crazy person or something.

"Now your father has shipped out your car and I will still pay for your bank card, so you can buy things for that thing," Caroline said finally looking at the reason why she was shipping her daughter off to Forks; the disgrace that her family name now carried because of what Sophia had done. Mia Swan was barely even a month old and had been an accident, she had been conceived the night that Sophia had turned sixteen and because her mother refused to give her up was the reason they were being shipped off to Forks.

Sophia swallowed back a biting comment knowing that fighting with her mother now would do her no good, she wondered if her uncle Charlie even knew why she was being sent to live with him. Caroline refused to acknowledge that Mia was her granddaughter and had barely told anyone that didn't need to know that the baby was Sophia's daughter; she was furious that her daughter had done this to her.

"Thank you mother," Sophia replied shifting her hold on Mia, she smiled at her daughter knowing that she was going to be the best mother that she could for her; she hadn't seen Mia's father since they had told their parents that she was pregnant. Caroline nodded her head stiffly, she eyed her daughter's peach knit jumper with elbow patch and low rise skinny jeans that she had paired with black ankles boots for the trip; she didn't understand why her daughter couldn't dress up for once.

"You better be going, we don't need you to miss that fight," Caroline muttered ushering her daughter towards security, she didn't want to waste another moment at John F. Kennedy airport; she had too many things to do.

Charlie ran a hand through his hair as he prepared to leave for Seattle-Tacoma airport, he looked over at his daughter wondering if maybe Sophia would be able to help her in some way. Charlie had no idea why his younger sister was shipping his niece 3025 miles just to punish her; Caroline had refused to tell him what was going on.

"I'm going to pick up Sophia now, do you want to come?" Charlie asked collecting the keys to his police cruiser as he looked at Bella hopefully. It had been months since Edward had left and she hadn't been the same since; it wasn't healthy and he hoped that Sophia could help her in some way. Bella blinked looking at her father, she remembered vaguely the furious call that had arrived two weeks ago from her aunt; she didn't know what it was about only that her cousin was now coming to live with them.

"Sure," Bella agreed getting to her feet, she didn't really have anything to do since none of her friends called for her anymore; she had shut down after Edward had left. Charlie smiled at her as they exited the house, he watched Bella knowing that while he had tried everything Sophia might be able to get Bella to open up to her.

Shouldering her black satchel bag with Aztec weave panel, Sophia huffed shifting her hold on Mia for a moment so that she could put her suitcases onto the trolley; she was suddenly glad that someone had invented had invited the luggage trolley so she didn't have to struggle completely.

Sophia ignored some of the looks and whispers that she got as she walked through the baggage claim area, it was something that she had grown used to over the last few months and it really didn't bother her anymore since she had Mia now. Stepping out into the pick-up lounge, Sophia chewed on her lip as she looked around trying to see her uncle as she went; she bounced Mia a little knowing that after the five and a half hour flight that her daughter would want a nap soon.

"Sophia," called a voice making Sophia sigh in relief as she turned to spot her uncle and cousin waiting for her, she bit her lip walking over to them knowing that this was going to be an interesting reunion. Charlie smiled at the sight of his niece, she had grown so much since she had last visited around eight years ago; he had to admit that she reminded him so much of her mother.

"Hi Uncle Charlie," Sophia greeted with a nervous smile, she knew that he hadn't spotted Mia yet since the baby was hidden slightly behind the two large suitcases that were on the trolley. Bella forced a smile to her lips as best as she could, her brown eyes lifelessly watched her father moving to greet Sophia and help her with her things.

"There's someone that I would like you both to meet," Sophia said fondly moving to show Charlie and Bella her daughter, she could already tell that her mother had said nothing about Mia. Charlie furrowed his brow as he wondered what his niece was talking about before she stepped out from behind the trolley holding a baby in her arms.

Bella blinked a little surprised as she stared at the baby that Sophia was holding, she knew that whatever had happened in New York was far more serious than her aunt had told Charlie about.

"This is Mia, my daughter," Sophia said cuddling the one month old in her arms, she knew that this had to be a shock for them; judging by her uncle Charlie's face, she briefly wondered if she should have warned him first. Charlie jaw dropped open realising why his sister had shipped her daughter to him, his hands clenched furious that his sister had thrown Sophia out because she'd become a teenager mother.

"We will talk about this when we get home," Charlie muttered stiffly taking a deep breath to calm himself, he didn't need to make a scene right now especially since Sophia looked exhausted and he knew that Mia would need to be cared for before anything else happened. Sophia nodded her head wondering what her uncle would say when she told him what had happened to her in the past few months.

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