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She heard footsteps and turned to see him striding toward her. Relief overtook her body and she felt like she could breath again.

Beth looked him over quickly and there were no visible injuries, but the look on his face made her pause then a rush of adrenaline shot through her chest. She'd only seen that look once before, and she prayed it meant he was about to do what she thought he would.

His hands slid up her arms, across her collarbones, and settled on each side of her face. Beth's heart skipped as he leaned forward softly brushing his lips against hers before meeting her again in a punishing kiss. She froze for a moment then wrapped her arms around his neck and let her fingers tangle in his hair, pulling softly.

This kiss wasn't at all like the one they'd shared a couple of weeks ago. That had been hesitant and a little shy, especially since she instigated it. This kiss was brutal and rough. His lips slanted against hers and he pushed his tongue into her mouth, groaning when she met him with the same force.

When he started to pull back, she lightly bit his bottom lip before giggling softly.

Daryl's intense blue eyes locked her in place, and she expected declarations of love, but the single word that came out of his mouth confused her. Then he turned around and that confusion disappeared as she came face-to-face with a group of men that Merle Dixon would have felt at home with.

Daryl said it louder this time, pushing her behind him. "Claimed."