So I learned about Brain Powerd recently, and while I still have only seen the first episode, it looks pretty great. So here's a two-shot inspired by that first episode. I don't know if something like this gets covered later in the show, but regardless, here goes.

As the symphony of bright lights began to subside, the robotic being fell to its knees, and managed to catch itself with its hands.

The surface beneath it felt rough, and hard, and there were a lot of places where it was broken up.

Even as the machine tried to get its bearings, it was overwhelmed with questions.

'What was it doing there?'

'Why did it exist?'

'Where did it come from?'

But no matter how deeply the Brain Powerd racked itself for answers, it could find nothing.

At that time, it heard a voice. It couldn't clearly grasp what it was saying yet, but it understood that something was trying to reach it, to communicate with it.

'Could the voice belong to its parent?'

The Brain stumbled forward, attempting to reach out and find what it assumed to be its progenitor, but succeeded only in crashing against the world around it.

It opened its eyes for the first time and saw the ravaged city, the night sky, the cracked and shattered ground.

And in the distance, looking at it with concern, was a small creature shaped somewhat like itself.

Basically, a shot at Hime's first encounter with her Brain Powerd, from the Brain's perspective. The conclusion should be up within a couple of days.