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Jason's eyes flickered open as he regained consciousness. He winced as a wave of throbbing pain rang through his skull. This wasn't really unusual for him; as he had been waking up with the same freaking headache these last three days, but as he put his hand to the side of his forehead he could feel a large aching bump. For fucks sake Drake, seriously? Jason blinked, trying to focus on his surroundings. He could hear the faint sound of guns and explosions but couldn't really figure out where they were coming from. He was resting against a couch in a seating position, with his head flopped over the couch and staring towards the ceiling. This posture was making his neck feel cramped and uncomfortable. Slowly he turned his neck across to his right to find Dick resting against Tim with his denim jeans over Jason's lap. They were both watching a movie intently, which explained the guns and explosions from earlier. Normally Jason's reputation would have forced him to get up straight away and make a comment about how girly Dick's acrobat legs were but for now he sort of had an excuse; they thought he was still unconscious and as much as it went against what Jason really stood for, at that moment he kind of felt more comfortable, peaceful and safe with his brothers. It would be a long time before he could put his guard down like this and pretend everything about his family wasn't completely fucked up again. Jason didn't know how long he had been in his half-asleep dream-like state but his mind was pushed back into focus by the sound of Tim's voice.

"That kid's wired up way too tight," For a moment Jason thought he was referring to him and was ready to beat his ass, but then realized he was talking about someone from the movie they were watching.

'Remind you of someone?" Dick smirked and nudged Tim.

Jason lifted his head up, pretending to wake up, then mumbled, "Shut up, Dick."

"I see our sleeping beauty is finally awake," Dick's smug face really made Jason want to punch him in the jaw, but instead he ignored the comment and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"How long?" he grumbled, trying to shake off his soft side of thinking and returning to everyday Jason.

"Straight to the point then? You've been out for ages; we've been having a movie marathon and already watched at least two. We're a quarter way through the third one now but-"

"I don't give a shit about you're girly movie nights Dick, how long until I can get out of this hell-hole?"

"Only thirty minutes now, finish watching the movie with us and then you can go." Tim cut in.

Jason assessed the situation; his neck was aching from maintaining his earlier posture and the embarrassment from the last two to three days still hadn't really worn off. As well as really wanting to go home, Dick's legs were starting to give Jason pins and needles from the prolonged pressure, plus he had already had his chick-flick moment. Stacking up the facts and making his decision Jason forced Grayson's legs off his lap and pushed himself off the leather couch into an unsteady stance, "Well, it's been nice and all, you know; with all the getting knocked out and being forced into uncomfortable touchy-feely crap, but I think I'll take my chances and leave now. See you later Dickie-bird," Jason staggered away, surprised that they weren't trying to stop him in any way, "Oh, and before I go," he turned around and gave a bright smile while flipping Tim the bird, "Fuck you, replacement. If I have brain-damage, I'll be back to kill you." He didn't really mean it, but there was no harm done in threatening and it wasn't like baby-bird wasn't used to it.

Tim gave him an unimpressed look but he and Dick remained where they were and continued to watch the movie. Jason's gut seemed to be telling him that there was something wrong with this whole situation. It was almost too easy to get away from those two, almost as if there was someone or something else waiting around the…

Crap. As Jason peaked around the corner to the main exit out of the mansion he was stopped by the sight of Bruce leaning on one of the main doors; fingers rapidly pushing against the buttons of his phone. Jason froze, then tried to stealthily step backwards towards another exit.

"Jason, I want to talk to you." Bruce stated without looking up from his phone.

"Really? Because you look a little busy," Jason stepped into the open to face him. There was no escaping the Bats now.

Bruce pocketed his phone then sighed. He was still in his business suit but from what information Tim had given him earlier; he had been here for at least three hours, "I'm not going to force you to go anywhere, but it would be nice if you could stay a little longer."

At first Jason was shocked at the invitation, but then had to try his hardest not to groan in protest; it was going to be one of those talks. The ones he usually tried his best to avoid; especially with Bruce.

"Why do you still try to help me Bruce? Even you should know that, that kid; that robin is long gone. I'm you're greatest failure." He made sure his voice stayed at a calm monotone level; he was only stating facts after all; no matter how much they hurt him.

"I'm not going to deny that Jason, but I'm not going to give up on you either. You can still do some good in this world, you've already proven that."

Jason shook his head, "When I finally am able to lay waste to that demonic clown, when the Joker finally lays dead in a god forsaken pit; that is when I'll know I've done some good for this world and if you can't see that; then I don't want you're excuse for what you define as justice."

"Becoming a corrupt person to be able to murder another isn't justice. When are going to see that?"

"I'm not your son anymore Bruce. That title was lost when Jason Todd was declared dead. You can't tell me what I can or cannot do. You can try to stop me, but until he's dead, we have nothing to talk about." Jason cleared his throat and roughly pushed past Bruce and exited through the door, but had to pause and look back at him, "Just… Take care of Tim; don't let him suffer the same way I did."

Jason swore he could see the faint ghost of a smile on Bruce's lips as he replied, "I will."

Jason nodded then closed the door; finally escaping all the memories of the inside of the Wayne Mansion and the people inside it. He let out a breath he didn't know he was keeping in, and then turned to walk towards where his motorbike was parked. His emotions were a little confused, was he happy and relieved to be escaping? Yes, but there was also a faint clench of a feeling of loss in his stomach that he couldn't escape. He shook his head as he reached his bike; only to find his duffel bag on the seat of it. Carefully he zipped it open, only to find his cleaned equipment and a sealed envelope. Opening the envelope, a picture of himself and Tim fell out. Looking closely at it, he could see that they were both in Dick's bed and Jason's arms were wrapped protectively around Tim as he snored into his shoulder. Tim had small edges of fear and surprise creeping into his facial features and as much as Jason would find this hilarious if it was anyone else; this was him and as far as he was concerned; nobody could see this. He would die before he'd let anyone else see this. Below the picture was the message;

Dear little-wing,
try not to be too naughty, or else this adorable picture may show up in some interesting places.
Lots of love from your charming big brother, Dick 3.

Jason clenched his fists as his face turned red; those little shits.

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