Chapter 13

It's been a week since the dinner with Edward's parents. Tonight, I'm the one who will be following him home after work. He says he has something he wants to show me, and I am curious as to what it's going to be this time.

Getting these little snippets of Edward's life has been a real treat. I feel like I'm slowly peeling back the layers of who he is, and what I'm finding is there's someone who's more of everything I could've ever imagined.

For now, though, I have to endure the Spanish Inquisition with my dear friend and apparent confidant, Alice. At least she seems to have toned down her loud-mouth since the whole subway grinding incident. This is something I can definitely live with. I wouldn't have gotten this close to her in the past few months otherwise. The last thing I need is for everyone in the office knowing what's going on in my life. It's enough that Rose is aware of my man-troubles, and that's only because she's my boss and has seen me get upset more often than I care to admit.

"I don't know, Bella. You're different. Getting some on the regular looks good on you," Alice says, wiggling her eyebrows. We're having lunch, minus the little breakdown on my part this time.

I cough on my drink and chew my bottom lip, fidgeting before mumbling, "We aren't sleeping together."

This time, it's Alice's turn to choke on her food. I watch her face redden, then she takes a sip of water, her eyes shining as she coughs and clears her throat. "I'm sorry, what? You mean to tell me you've been spending all this time with Mister Sexpenders himself and you're not riding his salami pony?"

I narrow my eyes at her, wiping my mouth. Did she just …? Salami pony?

She wipes at the mascara that's run a bit under her eyes with her napkin, then slowly sets it down. "You know, doing the nasty? Okay, fine, making loooove," she sing-songs.

"Seriously, you need to step away from Jasper and Jake. For the love of God, woman, they have corrupted you," I chastise, having trouble keeping myself from giggling, even though she sounds like an immature teenage boy instead of the lady she once was. Apparently, almost boning her boy-toy in public has loosened her up. Or maybe it's just Jasper loosening up her morals. "How's the community service going, anyway?"

She huffs. "It sucks. I have to spend the next sixteen weeks wearing an orange jumpsuit, picking up trash by the side of the 401 or face jail time. I'm telling you, public indecency is not worth it, Swan."

"Funny, that wasn't what you were saying a few months ago when it happened," I remind her, spearing a piece of chicken and shoving it in my mouth.

"Yes, well, that was back when Jasper and I were just starting out. We're like an old couple now." She sighs. "I don't regret it, but it's a long sentence, you know. I'm just glad Rose is letting me keep my job."

"Yeah, you are lucky." I nod, thinking about the ramifications of what Alice has done and knowing I'd be in her shoes had I decided to get frisky with Edward down in the train. Not that he would've let me, mind you, but still. A girl can dream.

"Speaking of lucky, why aren't you getting it on? I mean, come on, Bella." She gives me a pointed look, one I won't be able to talk myself out of. "I've seen the way he looks at you. And the way you look at him; damn, the sexual tension is so thick around you two, it's like it radiates off both of you."

I sigh, leaning forward so I can be more … discreet. "Look, he's scared, all right. He has Charlotte and he's …"

"Stage fright?" she interrupts.

I shrug. "No, not really, I mean, he gets …"

"Hard?" She grins. Pervert.

I roll my eyes. "Yeah, I mean, he just wants us to wait. He prefers the relationship to be solid before he has sex … in case of pregnancy. He wants at least the expectation of being together long-term to be there."

"Jesus, he does realise that was a fluke, right?" She leans back in her seat, wiping her mouth. "It's not like he'll get all the girls he's with pregnant." Her eyes grow wide and she looks at me pointedly. "Oh, my God, there have been other girls, right? Because damn, he's too cute to be that sexually repressed."

Stunned, I start giggling nervously. She makes a good point; I mean, what if it's been so long he won't ever want to have sex? My showerhead's already getting way too much action lately. That would suck. I'm rather enjoying the grinding sessions, but damn.

I remind myself of the conversations Edward and I have had, and tell Alice he's not that repressed and she should have faith I will get some soon. Not that it's any of her business, of course, but we girls do like to talk.

We finish our lunch and go back to work. I'm giddy because I'm seeing Edward later; she's pissed because she's spending tomorrow on the 401.

Oh well, at least she's not going to be defiling the highway anytime soon. I hope.


The slow progress of our physical relationship is well-worth all the talking and getting to know each other we've been doing. Even though every cell in my body wants to be naked with him on a horizontal surface, like, now. So, after a great evening together I'm a bit confused when he gets up and tells me to grab my coat, it's time to go.

"This is yours?" I ask, looking at the shiny black Honda in the garage. "You have a car? Why take the subway, then?"

He shrugs. "It's easier to get downtown in mid-rush hour on the train."

Makes sense. Why waste two hours trying to get to work in the middle of rush hour traffic when you can sit comfortably on the train and read while someone else drives?

"Good point," I agree. "Why haven't you used it before?"

"I hate driving in this city." He makes a pained face. "I've gotten so used to not using it. Plus, parking anywhere is a pain in the ass, not to mention expensive."

"Very true." I take my eyes off him and look back to the car. "Were you planning on taking us anywhere?"

He opens the passenger side and gestures for me to get in. "We're going for a drive and I'll take you home." He leans in once I'm sitting down and kisses me softly. "It's Friday night and getting late. I wouldn't make my girlfriend take the train on her own and this is going to be fun."

I want to argue that I've taken the night train alone plenty of times before and probably will again, but I don't. He seems pretty excited. This should be fun.

He closes the door and walks around the front, and all I can think about is how wonderful it is to hear him call me that. His girlfriend. Every time he does, my heart skips a beat and I get a little swoony, whatever that is.

Since Edward's house is actually not that far from mine, if you drive through some residential streets, I get confused when he starts driving the opposite way.

"Where are we going?" And here I thought we were going to go to my place and resume where we left off last weekend in his room.

"There's this spot I like to go to," he says cryptically. All I can think about is how he's earned my trust and now is going to chop me up in little pieces, scatter my remains in the woods to be found and eaten by the rare Torontonian coyotes that lurk just outside the city.

Sometimes, my mind is a scary place. It probably doesn't help that I fell asleep last night while watching Halloween.

We drive around, enjoying the serene peace of the quickly darkening streets and low hum of the radio, until Edward parks the car near the edge of a deserted road. "Where are we?"

He smiles and opens his door. "Follow me."

This is it. I'm going to die.

I slowly exit the car, taking his extended hand as he leads us through a path lit only by the moonlight and city lights radiating from miles away. "Seriously, Edward. Where are we?"

We walk for a few minutes before Edward says, "This is my favourite spot."

I look on in awe as the cityscape shines bright in front of us. There's a glow in the air over tall buildings and the low hum of the commuters can be heard all the way here. "This is beautiful, Edward."

He turns to me and brings his hand to my neck, his thumb running over the sensitive skin on the underside of my jaw. "I haven't felt like this about anyone … ever," he tells me, stopping to take a deep breath, his eyes not leaving mine. "I am so in love with you, Bella, sometimes, I feel like I'm dreaming."

My eyes brim with happy tears and my breath stops short. My heart swells incredibly big in my chest as I watch his face; his lips; his eyes. "I love you, too. So freaking much."

His lips are on mine before I'm done speaking, and my hands immediately find the back of his head, holding his face to mine in a kiss that rivals all the others he's given me. My potential dismemberment is completely forgotten as he works my mouth, sucking on my bottom lip and slipping his tongue against mine.

I let out a loud embarrassing whimper as he breaks our kiss and sucks at the skin below my ear.

"I think we should … go to my place," I tell him, breathless from the feel of him pressed against me and playing my body like he does his guitar.

He pulls away, his own breathing coming in pants and licks his lips. "Okay." he swallows. "Okay."

We arrive back at my building and Edward parks out front. He's gripping the steering wheel tightly in his hands. He's nervous and that, in turn, is making me nervous.

"Hey," I say, touching his knuckle. "We don't … you know ... have to do anything. We can just ... hang out ... or whatever. It's Friday night, we can watch a movie." My belly tightens in anticipation and I know Aunt Flo is rearing her ugly head; that bitch. At least I have a good excuse to stop myself from trying to get him naked. The poor guy's nervous enough as it is.

He expels a breath and turns his head slightly. He's looking at me so full of love, so full of admiration that my own breath catches in my throat once again. Patience, I'm reminded, is something I need to cling to. Although, we have plenty of time to knock it out of the park, rounding a few bases wouldn't hurt anyone. In the long run, this is probably a conversation we need to explore.

Wordlessly, he turns off the ignition and hops out of the car, quickly coming around to my side and opening my door. Lacing our fingers together we walk up the steps of my building and inside.

Once the door to my apartment is closed and locked, I offer Edward a beer. He gratefully accepts while I shoo him toward the couch and go into the kitchen. I grab the two beers from the fridge and open them, remembering the last time we had beer here. And what came after, the feeling of him underneath me: hard, panting, wanting, coming. Fuck patience.

I startle when I feel his arms come around my waist. He kisses the back of my neck. "You okay?"

"Yeah ... um ... I was just thinking," I say, my cheeks getting warm.

He turns me around so I'm facing him, tracing my blush with his finger. "About what?"

I look up and meet his eyes. "About us ... about ... um ... last time you were here and we had beer." We've been at my place plenty of times since then, but things were kept pretty PG between us in comparison.

I can see the minute he remembers that night on my couch, and us grinding against each other like teenagers. His body is clearly on board with this train of thought as I feel him harden slightly against my belly.

He clears his throat. "Yeah ... that was ..."

"Fantastic," I breathe out, then attack his mouth with my own, unable to contain myself and needing him this way.

He grunts and grips my hair in his hands, not tight enough to hurt, but tight enough to tilt my head to where he wants it to be. We're a mess of teeth and tongue, nipping and sucking, biting and pulling.

I shriek a little in surprise as his hands leave my hair and he lifts me onto my kitchen table, pushing himself between my thighs as he rubs his hard cock against my centre. I moan as his one arm wraps itself around my waist and pulls me closer to the edge of the table. I run my hands up his legs, grabbing his ass, pulling him more firmly into me. God, it feels so good.

Moving my hands farther up I grip the hem of his t-shirt and pull it up his torso slowly, revealing the hard lines and planes of his stomach. I'm struggling trying to get his shirt off over his head and he helps me out, throwing it somewhere across the room.

I kiss and lick his chest, stopping to suck one of his nipples in my mouth. I bite down gently and pull. Edward grunts low in the back of his throat and thrusts against me harder.

I want to feel him. I want him in my hand, in my mouth. Fuck, I want him inside me pulsing, exploding.

I want it more than I've ever wanted anything in a while. But what I truly want: is to make him feel good. To show him what he makes me feel like every time he's near me. And damn, I'm going to make it happen.

He kisses my neck, sucking on the skin, biting gently. I push against him a little, and he backs off.

"What's wrong?" he asks; his breathing choppy; his lips plump and red from our kisses.

I shake my head and hop down off the table, sliding my body against his as I go, reminding me of when I'd stand up on the subway.

I turn him around so his back is to the table, his ass resting just off the edge, and before he can protest I'm down on my knees. This is turning me on as much as it him. The power I have over him when I'm in this position drives me insane with lust.

Looking up at him, I bite my bottom lip to stop myself from moaning. The look in his eyes is something I've never seen before. Dark with desire, yet hopeful, pleading for me to keep going. I'm not sure which emotion he's truly feeling, but he doesn't stop me when I unbutton his pants and pull down the zipper. Knowing he's on board with this, I keep going; hoping he doesn't stop me from doing what I've been dreaming of for months.

He groans when I run my hand inside his cotton boxers and pull out his cock. Thick, long, and feeling heavy in my palm, it's almost as beautiful as he is. I run my hand along the shaft, giving him a light squeeze when I get to the base.

His sharp inhale and "Oh, shit, Bella," rolling off his lips is all the encouragement I need, before pulling back his foreskin, exposing just the tip. I flick my tongue against the sensitive end a few times, then take him into my mouth. Edward curses as he runs a hand through my hair. A shiver of need runs down my spine, settling into my groin, spurring me on as I use my tongue, lips, and hand to bring him pleasure. An uncut cock means more room to play with the shaft and skin, and the head is so sensitive, it drives me crazy just thinking about how good this must feel for him.

My efforts are rewarded as Edward hisses loudly when I again pull back his foreskin and run my tongue around the sensitive head. "Christ, woman … fuck." He inhales sharply as my eyes meet his.

All teasing aside, once he looks as if he can't take it anymore, I take him deep into my mouth and hum around his length. I know he's close when he hardens tenfold in my hand and mouth, and grunts a little louder, his fingers fisting my hair.

When he comes, I swallow every drop, because damn, seeing his face like that was worth the wait.

I stand up then, a smirk on my lips as I look at his flushed face. He's panting, and there's a slight bead of sweat right above his eyebrows.

"I've wanted to do that for a while," I tell him, remembering the sight of his crotch in my face while we were on the train. It feels like a lifetime ago. Way back when neither of us knew of the skeletons in each other's closets.

He leans down and kisses me nice and deep, unaffected by the fact I just had his jizz in my mouth. "Thank you," he laughs, "I mean, not thanks for ... that, but thank you for just ... being you, Bella."

I blush at his words and not at the fact he's standing there with his softening cock hanging out of his pants, while my own lady bits are a mess. "I ... I get it." I laugh along with him.

He starts touching me, wanting to make me feel good too, but I tell him, with a frown, that Aunt Flo is most likely on her way, as indicated by the soft cramps low in my belly, and I'm okay. For now.

"That was about you, Edward. I … really enjoyed … making you feel good." My ego's also flying high as a kite because the boy looks like he's as relaxed as he could possibly get.

We settle on the couch then, and end up watching some random movie. Edward falls asleep, so I take a shower, trusting the shower head with my fantasies, and cursing when I feel the telltale cramps get worse. Damn hormones. When I'm finished drying off and putting on my shirt for bed, I wake Edward and ask him if he's staying.

He nods, and hand in hand, I lead him to my bed where I fall asleep safely cocooned in his arms.

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