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"Got everything?" she asked smiling slightly as they walked to the building he had to go to.

"Why? Worried I forgot the keys again?" John asked.

She chuckled softly, her fingers brushing his wrist "Amongst other things"

He patted his pocket before repeating the movement on the opposite. "Keys, phone and wallet" he grinned.

Elizabeth looked at him slightly disbelievingly "are you sure?"

"Positive Liz" he said pulling the keys out of his pocket and showing them to her.

"Hmm okay" she said softly, her lips curving into a small grin. "Call me when you're finished and ready to go?"

He leant down to kiss her lips softly and smiled. "Won't be before eight tonight, is that okay?" He asked knowing he had a solid four hours of lectures and the last finishing at seven thirty.

She shrugged "Usually how it goes isn't it?"

"I suppose so" John answered softly.

"I'll see you tonight after classes are done"

"What are you doing for dinner?" he asked turning around.

"Thought I'd wait til you finished and grab something, I have a million papers to grade; I'm going to be here until then as well"

"Probably not the most perfect start to this type of thing is it really..."

"What type of thing?" She asked.

"Us... Domestically..." He answered.

Elizabeth chuckled slightly "John... I'm like this normally, you being like this too isn't going to bother me... we were busy back there as well" She said referring to Atlantis.

"Seems like a life time away really"

She sighed softly, her fingers brushing his softly "It is I suppose; I like our relationship better like this if I'm totally honest"

John smiled at her, his fingers reaching out to grasp her hand "I do too, just not so sure about this lecturing maths and physics thing" He chuckled softly.

"Gotta put that talent to use somehow" she retorted humorously.

"I have other talents..." He trailed off smirking.

"I know you do" She replied "But you have to wait to show me until we are home or else you will be late, now go"

He shook his head slightly before leaning down to kiss her once more "I love you"

"I love you too" She said kissing him back before pushing him in the direction of the door "Now go".

"Yes Ma'am" He retorted causing her to glare.

"Don't mess with me Colonel"

He waved behind him at her as he walked off before she turned around and walked towards the other end of the school, her heels clicking on the concrete as she made her way to her office.

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