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Dreams of a Cat and a Wolf

Chapter 1: Emotion

Her mind was in a daze. Two personalities pulsated through her being. One of good, the person she really was. And one of evil, forcing her to be someone she was not. Someone who hurt people.

Her empress, Rita Repulsa, had assigned her to steal one of the power ranger's power coins. But how could she? These people had opened their hearts to her. How could she? But then, the darkness would invade her mind. She could hear an evil voice inside her head, which sounded like Rita's. It was telling her to steal Kimberly's power coin. Break Kim and Tommy up. Get Tommy for her own. But Tommy was the farthest thing from her mind. As she stared out at the boys on the lake, only one kept her eye. Billy Cranston, the blue ranger.

The voice snapped her back to reality, and told her again to steal the pink coin. She didn't want to steal any coin. But if she had to, it would not be the pink coin that she would take. She would take the blue. As much as she didn't want to hurt Billy, she could be near him by taking his coin. Rita and Zedd would abduct him and she could see him in the palace

The Tengus appeared on the beach and people scattered. The rangers gathered together on the beach. This was Kat's signal to steal the coin.

"Ninja Ranger Power Now!" Tommy called. The rangers transformed into ninja form and began to take care of the Tengu menace.

Kat stared at Billy's blue backpack. The darkness took over her mind as she reached into his bag and took his power coin. She didn't want to hurt him. It was the last thing she wanted to do. But the dark spell clouded her mind again, as she concealed the coin and morpher in her hands and disappeared, back to report to her mistress.I'm there at your side,

One minute, Billy was doing fine against the Tengus. But suddenly a wave of dizziness came over him. He stumbled and became lightheaded. The Tengus were soon defeated, and disappeared.

"Billy, are you okay?" Adam asked.

"Yea, I think so. That was weird. I was fine one minute, and then all of the sudden I was dizzy," Billy said.

"We better get our stuff and go see Zordon," Tommy said. The others agreed and got their stuff. Billy dug frantically through his backpack, but his Ninjetti morpher was no where to be found.

"I don't believe this!" Billy exclaimed.

"What's wrong Billy?" Aisha asked.

"My morpher is missing," Billy said.

"Zordon, this is Tommy. Billy is feeling dizzy and his morpher is missing," Tommy said.

"THIS MUST MEAN THAT BILLY'S POWER COIN HAS FALLEN INTO EVIL HANDS," Zordon said. Before Tommy could utter another word, Billy's eyes rolled back in his head and he collapsed.

"Billy!" Kimberly called.

"Zordon, Billy collapsed!" Tommy reported.

"BRING HIM HERE IMMEDIATELY," Zordon ordered. The rangers didn't waste any time, and teleported to the command where are you now, now that I need you?

Tommy and Adam lifted Billy's limp form onto a medical bed. Alpha began running a scanner over him.

"How is he Alpha?" Kim asked. She was deeply scared for her best friend.

"He is in a deep sleep, and will remain that way until his power coin is returned," Alpha said.

Katherine showed Rita the blue coin.

"Empress, I know you requested the pink coin, but the blue was more accessible," Kat reported.

"Oh well, a coin is a coin," Rita shrugged.

"But a coin isn't just a coin. Kat you have managed to capture the coin of their genius. Billy won't be able to interfere with any of our plans!" Zedd exclaimed.

"You're right Zeddy!" That brat is always cooking up something," Rita said.

"Good work Katherine. Now Goldar will distract the white ranger. Use the blue coin to enter the Falcon zord and capture it. We need its technology to power the Shogun Zords that we have uncovered. Goldar, once Ninjor appears, capture him as well. The Tengus will distract the other rangers. Katherine, after you bring me the Falcon zord, you will return to earth and stage what seems like a dangerous situation. I will awaken the blue ranger, and he will see your peril. He will insist on helping a friend and engage in a battle with the Tengus. They will overwhelm him, and he will collapse. And you and the Tengus will bring him to me," Zedd ordered.

"Yes Lord Zedd," Kat said as she returned to the words of a broken heart

"Goldar had grown to city-sized proportions, while a hoard of Tengus appeared in the park.

The command center's alarm began to go off. The rangers, minus Billy, turned to the viewing globe.


"You guys handle the pest problem in the park. I'll take care of Goldilocks wit the Falcon zord," Tommy said.

"It's Morphin Time!" Tommy called.

"White Ranger Power!" Tommy called.

"Black Ranger Power!" Adam called.

"Pink Ranger Power!" Kimberly called.

"Yellow Ranger Power!" Aisha called

"Red Ranger Power!" Rocky called.

Billy remained in the command center, motionless on the medical bed.


"Where am I? Billy asked himself. He received no answer.

"Am I dead?" he asked to no one. He took in his surroundings carefully. He stood up from the bed he was lying on. He could faintly see lights that resembled those of the command center's. But a dense, bluish fog obstructed his vision of them. The memories began to flow back to him

He was fighting the Tengus, when suddenly a wave of dizziness washed over him. He had tried to shake it off, but lightheadedness followed. The Tengus disappeared, and they had begun to gather their things. He had searched frantically for his morpher and power coin, but it was missing. Tommy had contacted Zordon and explained the situation. The last thing he remembered was Zordon saying that his coin had probably fallen into evil hands.

"I'm unconscious," Billy realized.

Now he knew what it was like to be in a coma, because basically he was in one.

He was partially aware of his surroundings, but yet he was in a dream-like state.

"A dream void," Billy concluded.

"White Falcon Zord Power Up!" Tommy called. Ninjor also appeared to help Tommy.

Tommy fired missiles at Goldar. Goldar was stunned, but quickly regained his composure. He swiped his sword at the Falcon Zord. Tommy dodged, and was completely unaware that Katherine had appeared behind him. She used a cat-like scratch attack to stun Tommy. Tommy fell from the Falcon Zord and landed in the park. Goldar took this opportunity, and caught Ninjor in a stranglehold. He teleported the captured Ninjor to the moon palace, and then went back to the park to keep Tommy busy.

Meanwhile, Kat took control of the Falcon Zord and flew it to Zedd's moon palace. The Falcon Zord was now in evil hands as well.

"Good work Katherine. The Tengus are waiting to start the staged attack in the park," Zedd ordered.

"Yes master," Katherine replied, as she teleported out.

"Time to wake up little boy blue," Zedd called, as he used his staff to awaken the blue ranger.

Tommy continued to fight Goldar on the ground, while the others fought the Tengus.

Suddenly, the alarm at the command center sounded.

"Aye yi yi, the ranger's friend Katherine is being attacked by the Tengus," Alpha said.


Billy opened his eyes and sat up.

"Billy, but how!" Alpha asked in astonishment. Billy looked at the viewing globe.

"Katherine..." Billy said.

"I've got to help her Zordon," Billy insisted.


"Zordon, I have to help her. Powers of no powers," Billy insisted.


"I will Zordon. Ninja Ranger Power Now!" Billy called. Billy teleported to Kat's location.

The blue ninja ranger flipped into action. Kat slipped away and hid behind a bush. Billy started off strong, but began to slow. The Tengus saw this and attacked him heavily. Dizziness overtook Billy again as he collapsed.

Katherine felt like crying. Watching him be hurt was torture.

Goldar had finished with Tommy and appeared next to the fallen Billy. He threw Billy over his shoulder and returned to the moon palace. Katherine collected herself as a wash of the evil spell came over her. She teleported to the moon palace to await more orders from Zedd.

Meanwhile, the rangers also teleported back to the command center. But they would learn that in addition to the capture of the blue power coin, the Falcon Zord, and Ninjor, that Billy had also become a captive of Lord Zedd.

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