Hey, hi! Yes, I'm back!

I know it's been like three years, but I was in a serious rut and lost my mojo hardcore. But I'm happy to be writing again!

This fic was inspired by the one and only Packy! (Packy 2.0 on here) she found a photo of a military man cradling a baby girl in his arms and wanted it turned into a fic.

So, here I am!

summary: When Edward is on his summer leave from the Military, Bella finds out she's pregnant; the day before he's due to deploy back. When something goes wrong on a raid, Bella is left scared and anxious; wondering if Edward will make it home to meet their Summer Rose.


If this is to end in fire

Then we should all burn together

Watch the flames climb high into the night

I See Fire - Ed Sheeran



"And what about Bella and your kid?" He spits back.

"I can't leave you, man. Bella would kill me."

I smile at the thought of my Bella unleashing her wrath onto him. She's a feisty one sometimes. "Tell her... Tell her I love her, so fucking much."

"Tell her yourself," he retorts back angrily.

"Em," I grab his arm as I cough up a storm, blood spurting across his chest. "I can't."

"Don't you fucking dare give up, Edward Masen!" He shouts, his hands fluttering all over my body as though he's looking for something. He shoves his hand in one of my back pockets and pulls out an image, holding it up in front of me. It's the photo Rosalie sent me in an email earlier today. I choke back a sob as Emmett thrusts the picture into my hand, while clutching onto my collar with his free hand. "You fight for Bella and your baby girl she's carrying." Tears fall freely down his face shamelessly and the tone of his voice becomes hysterical. "You fight for your family, goddamnit!"

I place my hand on top of his as he clutches my collar tighter, squeezing it lightly. I bring the picture to my lips, kissing it softly before closing my eyes and whispering, "I love you, man."

Emmett's voice begins to sound like it's coming through a tunnel, and then all I see is black.

Hope you enjoyed it!

The photo was made into a manip by my good friend Caitee and put in a banner that you can find over on my blog: natalayxfanfic .tumblr .com (remove the spaces)

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