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Emmett and Rosalie Epilogue

It's been six years since Emmett and Edward returned home; Emmett continues to go to his counseling sessions. He warmed to Tanya right away; she had a genuine smile and ice-green eyes filled with kindness and a patience so strong that it made Emmett wonder if she was from another universe altogether. It was during these sessions with Tanya that Emmett finally accepted what had happened to him and realized it doesn't change who he is as a person.

His physiotherapist Felix was a hardass and didn't take any of Emmett's shit. Emmett would get frustrated and lash out at Felix at times, but he eventually sucked it up and started listening to Felix's training and advice. He was thankful he had someone like Felix, thinking if he had gotten anyone else, he wouldn't have been able to shake his self-loathing and rebuild the confidence within himself.

For a while Emmett was in a bad place about being let go from the military but he grew to accept it and be grateful and thankful that he was alive and home with his family. He was still haunted by the knowledge that he missed out on all of Ben and Katie's milestones, but he was thankful he was with them now and had the chance to watch them grow even more. They're fourteen now and Emmett still jokes about getting stuck with their teenage moods wings.

But he still had demons of self-doubt and loathing deep in his heart and soul for the first few months he was home. When he and Rose were intimate for the first time after he returned home, he broke down. After that, their intimacy was at a standstill for two months until Rosalie cracked and had had enough.

Everything is going well for a while, she even gets his shirt off and gets herself down to her bra and panties. The soft touch of her fingertips ghosting down his chest causes Emmett's stomach to contract. When her hands reach the hem of his sweatpants, his body stiffens beneath her.

"Are you okay?" Rose asks concerned, halting her movements.

He shakes his head back and forth vehemently. "I can't," he chokes, lifting himself to sit up. Rose lets out a shaky sigh, her breath fanning across Emmett's face. Her thighs rest against each side of his when she scoots closer to him. Lifting his hands, Emmett rests his palms gently against Rosalie's shoulders, preventing her from coming any closer.

"What's wrong?" She whispers, placing her hands on top of his.

His Adam's apple bobs in his throat as he swallows thickly. "This is wrong."

Rose gasps, one hand flying to her mouth as the other drops in her lap. "How could-" she cuts herself off with a sob.

The sight of two lone tears falling down each of her cheeks when she pinches her eyes shut tightly makes Emmett's heart ache with pain and self loathing. "I'm sorry. You don't deserve this."

"Neither do you." See sniffles, wiping her eyes with the back of her hands before placing them back in her lap.

"My leg... It's-"

Rosalie's index finger against Emmett's lips cuts him off. "None of that matters to me."

He takes her wrist gently in his hand, removing it from his mouth. "It matters to me." He says, his voice tainted with anguish. "I can't stand the thought of you looking at me or touching me when I'm like this."

"Why?" She whispers, her tone rueful. "Do you think I could be that shallow or heartless to even care about that?"

"I didn't say that." He retorts, pursing his lips.

Rose sucks her bottom lip in between her teeth. "I thought you were making progress talking to Tanya?"

"I was- I am. But I just..."

"What happened to you doesn't change anything, Em," she insists, taking his hands in hers and sitting them in her lap.

Emmett shakes his head in disagreement. "It does."

Entwining their fingers together, she gives them a tight squeeze before loosening her hold on them. "It doesn't change how I see you or how I feel about you."

"How can you say that?" He mumbles, his voice breaking as he closes his eyes.

Rosalie untangles their fingers, bringing her hands up to hold his face in her hands. "Look at me," she murmurs, her voiced laced with tenderness. "Look at me." She commands more fiercely. When he finally opens his eyes, her mouth curves into a gentle smile. "Because I love you," she declares, tilting his head back so he's looking directly into her gaze. "I love you just the same as I did before your accident. I don't see you any differently, okay? So just suck it up and accept it." Her eyes are filled with so much love and affection for him that in that moment he finally believes her.

When Emmett ducks his head, Rosalie assumes she's not getting through to him and begins to remove herself from his lap; Emmett grips her thighs to stop her movements, pulling her closer. She glances at him from under her lashes when he runs his hands across her hips and up and down her ribs. Emmett meets her gaze when her breath catches in her throat, her eyes filled with a mix of shock, caution and most of all hope and lust. Her chest rises and falls rapidly; her stomach is the one to contract this time when he ghosts his hands across her soft skin.

Her eyes slide shut as he runs his hands up her chest; a light gasp catching in her throat when his thumbs brush over her breasts. Goose-flesh rises all over her body as he traces her collarbone, even though her skin is warm against his fingertips. Her hands skim up his chest and over his shoulders as he cups her face in his hands, caressing her cheeks lightly with his thumbs.

Keeping her eyes locked on his gaze, she rests her forehead against his when he entwines his hands into her hair. Rosalie's lips pull back into a soft smile as Emmett brushes his nose against hers. He tilts her head back slightly, leaning forward to kiss her on her temple, her cheek, her jaw and the corner of her mouth before pulling away to look at her again. Their grips tighten on each other's skin as the distance between them evaporates, until their chests are flush against one another and their mouths collide with a crash. Rose smiles against Emmett's lips as he kisses her hungrily; locking her arms behind his neck, she returns the kiss fiercely.

Emmett moves his hands down Rosalie's back and unclasps her bra. She tilts her head back when he pulls away from her lips and places open-mouth kisses down her neck. He sucks and licks at her skin, eliciting a moan from her when he nips at her nipple before taking her breast into his mouth hungrily and palming the other with his hand, kneading it softly.

Their hands are frantic, shaking as they push and pull at every part of each other's bodies; shedding the rest of their clothes, their mouths seek out every piece of salty skin they can access. Rosalie rests her forehead against Emmett's as he grips her hips and lifts before placing her back down; Rose lets out a shaky breath as Emmett groans when he fills her with his length. One hand is gripped tightly in her hair while the other is entwined with hers between their chests, resting against the erratic beating of his hammering heart, their hips grinding and swaying together, matching each other's rhythm.

They lose themselves in each other's love for the first time since he's been back.


Emmett enters Tanya's office only to halt in his steps as he spots Felix sitting in the leather chair that's next to the one he usually occupies during his counseling sessions; Tanya is leaning against the edge of her desk in front of Felix; her ankles are crossed in front of her as one hand rests on the desk, while the other taps a pen up and down on her thigh.

"Take a seat, Em." Tanya says, extending her pen-tapping hand out to the seat beside Felix.

Emmett's brows dip in confusion as he moves across the room. "What's going on?" He asks as he lowers himself into the chair, glancing between Tanya and Felix.

"I can hear your heartbeat from here," Felix chuckles, shaking his head in amusement. "Calm down, dude. We just want to talk to you about a few things."

"Like what?" Emmett inquires, his voice filled with caution.

Tanya's lips pull back into a careful smile. "Your career."

Emmett's body stiffens, his back straightening in defense as his bones fill with tension. "What career?"

Tanya sighs heavily. "We've been through this, Em," she explains, her voice filled with exasperation. "You can still do what you planned to do before you joined the military."

Emmett's nostrils flare, his jaw clenching with frustration. "And how do you suppose I do that with one leg?"

Felix rolls his eyes. "Your life isn't over just because you've lost a leg."

"What would you know?" Emmett snaps.

"Who's the one with the Doctorate in Physical Therapy Science here?" Felix counters, lifting his brow in challenge to which Emmett narrows his eyes and purses his lips. "That's what I thought," Felix continues. "Now listen to Tanya."

Tanya sighs, throwing a crunched up piece of paper at Felix. "Felix, don't be such an asshole."

Emmett leans back in his chair, folding his arms across his chest as he glances at Tanya. "What is this; some good cop, bad cop shit?"

"Don't you be an asshole either," she smirks, pointing her pen in Emmett's direction as she stands. She taps Emmett's cheek twice lightly and he chuckles, swatting her hand away and rolling his eyes. Tanya moves around her desk and lowers herself into her chair. "Look, I know you've had a rough few years, but believe it or not you've come a long way, Emmett." She continues, her mouth curving into a proud smile. "You've talked about your college years before you enlisted in the military in a couple of our sessions, so all I'm saying is there's no reason you can't continue that career path."

"I was studying to be a personal trainer. How do you suppose I do that with one leg?"

"You still exercise and keep fit yourself, don't you?" Felix challenges.

"That's different."

"No, it's not." Felix laughs, scooting forward and sitting on the edge of his seat. "You can still be a personal trainer, Emmett. You don't need two legs for that. You know what needs to be done during a training session; you can coach people through that. You don't have to do the exercises with the client."

Emmett mulls over what Felix has said, wondering if he could really do what he's always wanted to do.

"If you're not comfortable with training clients because of your condition, there's another option." Emmett glances at Tanya, his eyes filled with hope for the first time she met him. "Have you ever considered being a personal trainer for men and women that are in a similar condition to you?"

Emmett's eyes widen, his brows lifting in surprise. "You think I could do that?"

"You would be a huge inspiration, Em. Like Tanya said, you've come a long way," Felix says as he stands and sits on the armrest of his chair, facing Emmett. "You're still as fit as you were when you first enlisted. You haven't let the loss of your leg overtake your life or deter your fitness."

"You were nearly finished with college when you enlisted; you could do it if you still want to." Tanya explains.

"Wouldn't I have to major in a different program if it's for injured people?"

"No," Tanya replies as she shakes her head, an amused smile tugging at the corner if her mouth. "It's exactly the same thing as training everybody else. Having a physical defect doesn't change the type of training."

"Well, it does," Emmett counters. "If their injury gives them limitations. Me for instance, I can't run like I used to."

"That's true," Felix says through a smirk. "But you see it's not impossible now?"

"Yeah." Emmett laughs, nodding his head in agreement.

So Emmett went back to college to complete his Personal Training degree, just as Edward returned to complete his studies to become a Pediatrician. After Emmett accomplished his original plan of becoming a personal trainer, he took Tanya and Felix's advice on training men and women who had work-based injuries, were in car accidents, and unfortunately victims of domestic abuse.

The latter hit close to home because of Rosalie's past when she was a child, but that only made him more determined to help them.

When Emmett first lost his leg, he'd never stopped to think he could still do what he originally planned out to do with his life before he enlisted in the Military. He fought against the idea of getting counseling at first, but after everything he's accomplished with his life since returning home, he's never been more thankful to his loved ones encouraging him to take on the counseling sessions.

And he'd never felt more proud of himself.

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