Not many people knew the real Dominic Toretto.

To some, he was just cocky. To others, he was simply good looking. The people who knew him, they knew he was really good. Good in basically everything he did. It always involved a car, since his father taught him how to put an engine together. Now, he was supposed to work at his father's shop.

But not tomorrow, so it meant he could drink and bring any girl he wanted home. It wasn't late whey he arrived. Resting against his car, it didn't take long before he was surrounded by those race chasers. He liked the attention, there was no denying.

Things were pretty much the same as always, until this car showed up. Nobody had ever seen it. Dom, like his closest friends called him, didn't pay much attention to it. Until he laid eyes on the driver. Shock ran through him.

It was a girl. One hell of a girl. All eyes were on her and her confidence. She didn't pay attention at how the whores were looking at her, she already expected that. She just walked to the front of her car, popping the hood. Considering she was a girl, and new in town, nobody cared much for her as time went by.

But Dom couldn't take his eyes off of her.

She was beautiful. But she didn't seem to know it. Well, she didn't dress up like the others girls at the races. That was clear for anyone to see. She was sexy, but unreachable. She had that expression, that screamed: "back off".

Bets were thrown everywhere, until they reached Dom's ears. Who has ball to go talk to the new girl?

Dom didn't pay attention. After checking her out, he was mesmerized by the view. She had the darkest hair he had ever seen, they were long. She wore no makeup, her legs were wrapped around by black leather pants, with this top that was driving him crazy. He wanted to put his hands on her boobs, squeeze 'em, and the feeling was new to him.

"Where are you going, Dom?" The whore next to him said, but he didn't bother saying something. He found himself unaware of the jokes that were being thrown at his back. Nobody believed he was going to fall into her graces like he usually did with most girls. He secretly hoped so. She seemed to be the perfect girl, so far.

But Dom was only sure when he saw what was under the hood. The hot brunette was checking her phone, with her back turned at Dom. He liked to have the opportunity to check her ass, more closely. He was not let down.

"Double injection, magnetic suspension, good paint work…" Dom could feel the brunette's eyes on him, so he lifted his own. Her eyes were dark, almost completely black, intense. He definitely liked what he was looking at "… and you have enough NOS to fly… not bad…"

The girl in front of him raised an eyebrow. She was not taken back by his knowledge. He liked it. The big guy she was staring at did not get to her. He was handsome, she couldn't deny, but just as young as herself. But he was just like everybody else. He wanted her panties. And it made her mad quickly.

"I'm Dominic, by the way" he let out his hand for her to shake, but she didn't. Instead, she took a step closer to him, whispering. Her voice was low, behaved. Suited her, fulfilled his thoughts about it.

"And I don't think you're the kind of guy that shakes hands with girls" Her statement was correct, no matter how uneasy Dom felt. The girl just closed the hood, turning her eyes back at him, who was still hypnotized by her actions. Who was that girl? He didn't know. But he would find out. No matter the cost. He was brought back to reality by her low voice "… and I'm Letty, by the way…"

And then she walked off.

His eyes drifted to her ass. He laughed to shake the tension out of him. He was going to be laughed at for the rest of the week, he knew, but he didn't care. Dominic Toretto wasn't known as a quitter. Especially, when it came to girls.

And this girl, Letty… she did a pretty good job at getting his attention. Dom walked back to his car, ignoring the laughs and bad jokes that were cracked at him. The brunette was all over his mind. Time went by, music was on. He began to talk to other people, just relaxing before the big race tonight.

"Hey, Dom?" Vince called him out, getting his attention.

"What's up, man?"

"Your girl's going to race, check it out"

"What? What girl?"


Following his gaze, Dom found that same red car lining up at the start line. She was putting the money in Hector's hands. Dom was caught off guard. He wasn't planning on letting the girl go after the way she had treated him, but this was getting interesting. Dom had never gone to bed with a girl who knew how to race. Maybe because he wouldn't give 'em a chance to talk, in first place.

But this Letty… she seemed sure at what she was doing. Letting his half-drunk beer with Vince, Dom raised everybody from his car, turning the engine on and lining at the star line himself, after a couple of minutes. He got out of the car, both his eyes on the girl. She didn't notice it.

Dom put the money in Hector's hands, but before walking away, he chatted a little with the guy in front of him.

"What's the girl doing?"

"I don't know man, but she has some serious balls, I'm telling ya. She paid, so she can race. These are the rules".

Dom knew the rules. He made them.

It all made him wonder if this Letty even knew he was the best racer in the whole California. If she knew it, she didn't feel threatened by the fact. If she didn't, she was going to learn. Soon.

But things didn't turn out the way Dom expected. He was surprised when she was right behind him. She was good. The girl, Letty, proved to be quite the competition. They were close, so she turned the NOS on. It made Dom smile. She was good, but she could be better.

"Too soon, girl"

Turning his own NOS on, something went wrong. Suddenly, Dom felt something pushing the steering wheel to the side. And he hit Letty's car. Before Letty could do anything, her car was thrown to the side, along with that idiot's car. She hit the brakes, trying not to hit anyone that was watching. The other two racers zoomed close to where she was, winning.

She got out of her car, slamming the door shut. She was pissed at his cockiness. Now she wanted to punch him. But something made her stop. He was out of his car already, walking towards her.

"Are you okay?" she could sense some genuine worry in his voice, and it slowed her down a bit. She still was mad, but she knew what had happened, so she just took a deep breath, taking the whole guy in. He was tall, this Dominic. The name certainly suited him. He was a good driver, someone that could be a competition to her. Maybe California wouldn't be as bad as she thought.

"Yeah, I'm good. You lost control pretty harsh, huh?" She joked, cracking a smile. There was no way she could walk out of a fight with this wall, so she decided to let it slide, anyway.

"Tell me about it. I think I was using the wrong tires for the night. New tank of NOS."

When Letty said she 'had noticed', Dom was officially blown away by the petite girl in front of him. When she pointed at his car, he saw something on her arm. It was red, bright. It caught his eyes. He stepped closer, taking her arm.

"You're bleeding" Letty hadn't noticed the pain until he said she was bleeding. There were two cuts on the inside of her wrist, and she winced a little.

"It's nothing"

"You should go check it out, I'm sorry"

"It's okay, really. I shall be fine" she smiled, getting uncomfortable at the way Dominic was looking at her. The wall was taking her in like she could disappear at any second. He smiled back, apologizing again "Man, I'm fine, don't worry."

"About your car…"

Dom never had a chance to finish his sentence because the police alarm went out. Out of nowhere, dozens of people started to run and he lost sight of Letty. Her car was gone, so he decided to do the same.

It didn't take long before he was at home. The party was at Hector's for a change, but he didn't feel like it tonight. He had lost. He didn't want to be the joke, so he just went home to crash.

Lying on his bed with nothing but his boxers on, Dom turned off every light of the room. He checked on Mia as soon as he walked in, to find that was sleeping in the room down the hall, her head over her books. After putting her to sleep in her bed, Dom did the same.

He was surprised when his mind drifted to the brunette he had met. He thought of her eyes, not her ass, and that surprised him. Dom enjoyed the view, the girl was smoking hot. She was younger than him, for sure, but that didn't seem to count for him tonight. But he couldn't take her smile out of his head. She was beautiful.

It didn't take long before his eyelids started to shut and, for some reason, Dom didn't fight them.