A few months had come and gone. The Toretto's were all good. The shop was doing fine, no problems, for the first time in a while. After Letty's 'accident', Dom had become a little (believe it or not) more caring and protective.

Mia and Letty were out today. It was a Saturday, after all. The guys were supposed to meet them up for dinner, so the day was going to run smoothly.

By the end of the day, Mia and Letty stumbled laughing into the restaurant where they were supposed to meet up with the boys. They weren't drunk or anything, just thankful to have some girl time off together.

They guys were there already. As soon as the girls approached the table, Letty bend over to kiss Dom's cheek, sitting beside him. Everybody greeted everybody. Soon enough, the chatting began.

It was a normal family time, with lots of food and talk. On their way back home, Dom and the guys followed the girls back to their cars, for they were laughing.

"Finally everything is fine"

What they didn't know, is that things wouldn't be fine for long.

The next morning, Letty and Dom were working alone in a new project, Vince and the guys were finishing the costumers' cars. Around lunch time, when they were all ready to eat, someone knocked on the door.

Dom was the one to get it, receiving a letter addressed to Letty. After saying grace, Letty opened it, for she was too curious to know. She never got letters before. And she wasn't the only one dying to know what was written inside.

When Dom saw the look on Letty's, he dropped his knife and fork, as did everybody else.

"Let, what is it?"

She didn't answer. Instead, she just dropped the letter on the table, leaving the room. Not knowing what was wrong, Dom read the letter, his eyes growing wide with shock. Leaving everybody even more confused, Dom stood up, running after her.


Founding Letty in his office at the shop, Dom didn't quite know what to do, but he knew he had to be there with her. That was the only thing he was sure of in that moment. She was sitting by his chair, her hands helping her stand up.

There were tears in her eyes. Tears she would only let Dom see. When everything seemed to be going just great, that letter destroyed all that she praised in her life.

"I haven't thought about her in so long, Dom, I'm a terrible daughter"

"Letty, she was in Mexico, she was thinking of you when she sent you here"

"But how could she do this to me? To my family? Just because she had a mental illness, it didn't give her the right to…"

"Don't say this things, Letty" Dom put his arms around her small frame, tears streaming down her face "you know she had no control over herself"

"They were supposed to be taking care of her" Letty allowed herself to cry into his chest "and now she's dead"

Nobody in the house, apart from Dom, knew what to say or do near Letty. After a night of beers and tears with Mia and Dom, Letty was saying good-bye to her family. Dom and herself had a plain to catch.

"Take care of her, Dom" Mia and Vince were at the door with them. The sun hadn't come up yet, the air was cold and wet "you'll be back for my graduation, right?"

"We'll try to be fast, Mia"

And as they made their way to Letty's hometown in Mexico, Dom and Letty said nothing. Letty had no more tears to cry, but still she could feel this hole inside her own soul that wasn't there before.

Dom asked nothing, said nothing. Whenever she needed him, Dom was there. Even if it was to bury his girlfriend's mother.