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Beta Reader's note: The prologue will be in the present tense, because I think it just makes sense. If you're describing a place in the past, that's telling me it no longer exists.


Element High: a school for benders and non-benders alike. It is located in Republic City, and is the best school in the nation. Parents from other nations ship their kids to Republic City, just so their child can attend, in hopes their child would become something successful. The school excels in its academics and is known for their outstanding Pro-bending team.

A majority of students in Element High are filthy rich kids, while very few are charity cases. After all, the school was top of the line, having ignorant street talking kids running up and down the halls made it look like a low class public school.

The school is very strict, with a rule book the size of two dictionaries. Students have to wear uniforms, no fighting, no bad grades, etc. The only time they can use bending is in the Bending Education class. And anyone who breaks that rule was immediately expelled.

The school is perfect, and the principal, Lin Beifong plans on keeping it that way.

As said earlier, the school is known for its Pro-bending team. The senior team captain: Mako Iwamatso, has been a part of the team since his freshman year as well his brother Bolin Iwamatso. They're known as the bending brothers around the school and city.

The duo had taken Element High to championship for three years in a row, and each year they returned with a 1st place trophy.

Aside from their sports the brothers lead two different lives. Bolin cabn make any one laugh, and van always cheer up someone who's sad. When he's not fighting, or eating, he's in the theater. Some people it's strange that the athlete enjoyes dressing up like a clown and parading around the stage. While others (mostly girls) think it's cute and attractive.

Mako on the other hand is rude and arrogant, but there is no denying that he's unbelievably attractive. Girls swoon when he walked down the hallways, imaging what it would be like to feel his softly lips on theirs, or to wear his blood-red scarf. Guys try to look cool, hoping he'll notice them and make them his new best friend.

But Mako already has a girlfriend and best friend. Asami Sato has been his girlfriend for a year and Iroh Kato is his life-long best friend.

Bolin and Mako have a perfect image, but none know their history. Their parents were killed when they were kids, and the two lived on the streets for a few years until they were put in a foster home.

The brothers were shipped from home to home, never staying in one place too long. In their eighth grade year both boys took a test on their reading, math, and writing levels. No one expected them to get good scores, they were just two stupid abandoned boys. To everyone's surprise they scored perfectly. The results were sent to Element High and a few weeks later, Bolin and Mako were informed they'd be attending Element High. Since the school has dormitories for exchange students, they're living there for free as long as they kept their g.p.a at a 3.5 or better.

If anyone grabbed onto of this information and spread it around the school, Mako would go from hero to zero. The fan girls who longed to kiss him would shun him and the guys who craved to be his best friend would pick on him. As for Bolin, he doesn't really care about popularity.

One person who knows about their secret is Asami, Mako's girlfriend. Asami is one of the popular girls at Element High, and no not because she's a cheer. Asami is loaded and her dad owns a very successful engineer company. Being a friend of Asami's meant car rides in the latest and maybe a car of their own.

Asami is also gorgeous and intelligent, she has been on honor roll since sixth grade with a 4.0 gpa. She has almost everything: beauty, brains, but no power. She's a non-bender, and isn't very strong, but what she lacks in strength, she backs up with her cunning ideas.

Iroh is a handsome firebender who also came from a wealthy family. His grandfather is the Fire Lord and his father is a general. Even though he is a royal, he preferres not to be treated like one. That's why he came to Element High, so he could lead a somewhat normal teenage life.

There are quite a few royals at Element High, the two most known are Eska and Desna Tanaka, Princess and Prince of the Northern Water Tribe. Eska is the president of the Senior class and Desna was the vice president. The two organized everything, from school lunch to school dances.

Eska and Desna are very well-behaved and well groomed. But if you get on their bad side, your life would be hell. It would start with your grades going down and then you would be shunned by the students. Once you hit a 2.8 GPA you would instantly get kicked out.

This only happened to four students in the three years. Everyone fears the two, and do everything not to displease them. The siblings have the highest grades in their class and perfect attendance record; they are Lin Beifong's star pupils.

Element High is a high classed school, with an outstanding reputation. So when Principal Beifong saw an application from the Avatar, she couldn't reject! She didn't even bother to look at the application. With the Avatar enrolled into her school, parents would want their child to attend.

It wasn't until a few weeks after she admitted the female Avatar before she looked at her paper. As soon as Lin read the first paragraph she turned pale. She found out the young avatar was out of control and had a bad temper. From what she read, Korra liked to solve her problems with her fist. That was unacceptable. If this was any other child, Lin wouldn't even them set foot on her campus.

It wasn't until a few days later when she decided what she was going to do. She would tell the Avatar the rules several times very clearly and the consequences for breaking them. After that she would send a guard to follow her around for a couple of weeks, so she would know Lin meant business. If Korra started anything, the guard would immediately stop it. And hopefully after a while Korra would get fed up and act like a decent teenage. It was the perfect plan.