"Ah Kissed Him Once"
by: QuasiAngel

Disclaimer: Evo isn't mine. It's Marvel's *hugs Marvel*... I love this show!

Note: This is set during and right after "Stuff Of Villains".


Ah kissed him once. Who's he? Well, he is a mystery... Not really. He is Gambit. It's not like Ah am in love with the guy. It's not like Ah wanna run my hands through that hair or look into those eyes all day long. Nothing like that... Well, maybe a little. That's why Ah did it.

Kitty had called Scott after we 'rescued' Pietro. Of course our 'Leader' came to our aid. HA!

"Ah'm walkin'," Ah said.

"Rogue, it's late. Come on. The Professor is mad enough as it is," Scott whined at me.

"Yeah, come on Rogue," Kitty, another whiner.

"Look, Ah got some thinkin' to do, okay? Is that so wrong?"

Ah waited for an answer for a few seconds.

"Fine, but he wants to see you when you get back. Don't take too long," he said, then drove off.

"Whatevah," Ah said out loud.

"Whatevah? It's not good to talk back to your leader?" That voice, "An' it's not good for a femme like you to be out here alone. You nevah know what might come up," then the sound of shuffled cards.

Ah didn't even turn around. Ah knew who it was and Ah could tell where he was by his voice, "Ah should be sayin' that to you."

"Me? No. Ah jus' don't tink dis Southern Belle should be out dis late," he took a step forward into the moonlight, "Dere are a lot of crazy people out dere."

Ah turned towards him, taking mah own step forward, "Ah can protect mah self, thank you."

"Ah wasn't offerin' protection, chere," he smiled, "Just a warnin'."

Again, Ah moved forward, but this time Ah was right in front of him, my eyes looking into his. Maybe not into, but up at, "A warning?"

He reached up and touched mah hair, "Yeah, a warnin'."

By this time, Ah was, Ah was- well, Ah don't know what Ah was. Mah emotions were so mixed up. Here is this totally hot guy looking straight into my eyes, his hand on mah hair. He looked confident, not scared of the our closeness. But on the other hand, Ah was furious! How dare he warn me? Was he warning me about him? Does this guy wanna fight?

"Why are you here?" Ah asked him simply, trying to figure out his motives.

His fingers moved down the rest of the length of mah hair and rested his hand on mah partially uncovered shoulder, making sure the ungloved part of his hand (his fingers) were on mah material, "Gambit can't look after dis fair beauty? Dis Rogue?"

Ah was stupid and shrugged his hand off, "Ah don't need lookin' after, especially by you," Ah turned and walked away.

Of course he followed me and caught up. Why Ah stopped when Ah felt his hand tug on the hem of mah shirt? Ah don't know. Ah turned and faced him. His hand stayed on me as Ah turned. It's place of rest was now on mah back, still on the shirt.

"Please, chere. Dis-"

"Listen! You are the enemy and Ah should be kickin' your butt raht now."

He raised an eyebrow, "Den why aren't you?"

Ah didn't know what to say. Ah just stared at his chest, unable to answer.

"Are you scared of de Gambit?" he looked down at me as Ah looked up, "You can't fight me because you can't resist me."

The last sentence seemed drawn out. Ah studied it over in mah head for a moment or two, searching for the meaning. Ah, again, was confused. How dare he think that? It was kinda true, but other than that fact, it wasn't. The Professor told us not to fight unless provoked.

"You're right, Gambit, Ah can't resist you. I can't fight the feeling Ah have for you," Ah looked up into his eyes and brought mah covered right hand to his cheek, "And Ah can't resist kickin' your ass!"

The dreamy look in his eye faded as my left hand came in contact with his stomach. He doubled over and Ah saw mah chance. Ah kicked him in the side and Ah waited. He was grabbing at his injury, but Ah knew better. Just as Ah thought, Ah saw the glowing pink cards coming at me. Ah dodged them and got close enough to kick his side again.

"Who needs protecting now, pretty boy?"

"Gambit just wanted to spend time wit you. Not fight wit you," he looked up at me with those eyes, "But I guess de Gambit has no choice." He quickly stood up and grabbed a near by broken branch.

"How am Ah supposed tah believe that? To believe that you wanted to be civil? If you were so civil, you would have left Magneto a long time ago!"

"Well," he swing the branch at me and Ah jumped, "Gambit thought you would get to know him before you judged him," Again he swung and missed, "Maybe see that Gambit has no choice but to be with Magneto," he swung a third time and knocked my feet out from under me. Before Ah knew it, Ah was looking at the night sky.

"No choice?" Ah questioned, ignoring the pain.

He came into view above me, planting the branch in the ground next to my head and placing both of his feet on either side of my waist, "Remy can't be a thief for de rest of his life."

"So instead you are a lackey, following a crazy old man with insane thought?"

He squatted closer, bending his legs as his body was only an inch from mine, "Dat crazy old man was the ticket Remy needed to get outta de life of the Guild," He smiled, leaning closer to my face, "You would have never met me if it wasn't for him."

Ah really just laid there, enjoying the closeness and that sexy voice. That wasn't like me though. Ah am Rogue! No one touches me: body, mind, or soul! "Oh, and what a disappointment that would have been," here Ah go with the sarcasm.

"Knew you'd see it my way, chere," he smirked.

Ah smiled. Ah loved it when Ah get'um off guard. Ah opened mah legs and snaked mah hands quickly and quietly around his ankles and gave the a strong tug. He fell flat on his ass between mah legs. Ah quickly jumped up, pushing his shoulders down with my hands and kneeling on his hands.

"And dis is de way Remy likes it: girl on top," he gave me his best set of puppy dog eyes, "What Gambit wouldn't do to be in dis position with you on a regular basis?"

"How about your powers? Would you give them?" Ah said it calmly and quietly, "Maybe your memories?"


Ah brought mah head down to his face as close as Ah could get it without touching him and said, "You forgot your protection," and Ah kissed him. Ah didn't feel a pull at first. All Ah felt was the warmth of his lips, the tingling feeling all over my body, and his lips kissing back. Ah opened mah eyes a split second before mah powers kicked in and Ah saw the look of contentment on his face. Then Ah felt it. His memories, powers, and life force entering my body. Ah felt his body go limp.

So, Ah kissed him! Ah nevah used mah powers against anyone like that before. Ah like it.

Ah could tell you about all the things going on in that man's mind, but Ah'd rather not. Some of it may not be suitable for children.


The End