Her Sister's Frozen Heart- Chapter 3

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Elsa rushed downstairs, trying to keep her composure and her powers in check. When she reached the bottom of the staircase, she noticed the guests had gone. Her heart sped up when she heard murmuring from the throne room. Elsa took a deep breath and fought the urge to clasp her hands towards her chest. Tentatively, she pushed open the door and noticed the foreign dignitaries standing in a circle whispering to one another.

Elsa cleared her throat. "Excuse me gentlemen, may I ask what we are speaking about?" She neared the men and knew the air was getting colder around them as they collectively looked at her with fear.

Hans stepped forward. "We've been discussing the safety of the kingdom from your...powers." He was sternly glaring at Elsa, challenging her to disagree. "We've come to the conclusion that the kingdom may be safer with a different ruler...as it may be, a king by marriage." He gestured towards himself.

Elsa fought the urge to balk. "Surely you won't dethrone me that quickly." She bowed her head in shame. "It is true my powers are...strong, but I have controlled them for thirteen years and do not see why this can't continue." The men continued muttering between themselves as they noticed their breath in the air.

The Duke of Wesleton stepped forward. "Forgive me my queen, but you've done nothing to show us that you can control them." The other men nodded in affirmation.

"So then, it seems your decision has already been made. I find a king to rule with me, or my title is taken, is that right?" Elsa couldn't argue, she could fight, but where would that get her? It would only confirm that she was the monster they feared her to be. However, she set a stone cold stare on each of the men, then at the man who had betrayed her. "I see, you suggest a marriage between myself and you is that right, Prince Hans?"

He smirked and stepped forward to kiss Elsa's gloved hand. "It is, queen Elsa."

Elsa fought the urge to freeze his lips to her glove and sighed. "So be it." But she had no intention of marrying this traitor, merely humoring the dignitaries until she could get away. "I'd like to spend the evening attending to my sister if you don't mind. We shall further the plans for this tomorrow." She curtsied before turning to leave, leaving frosted footprints across the wooden floor as she left.

Anna heard footsteps approaching her door and she quickly wiped the tears from her eyes. Her head was throbbing but it hardly mattered, she was worried about her sister.

Elsa entered in a flurry, literally, there were light snowflakes falling above her head. "Elsa?" Anna reached forward but her sister recoiled.

"Anna, please, stay back." Elsa kept to the wall. She saw that Anna had been crying and almost felt her heart break. Would she ever be able to avoid hurting her little sister?

Anna looked earnestly into Elsa's eyes. "You're upset, please let me help and don't you say I can't."

Elsa chuckled at Anna's determination. She had heard stories from her parents over the years about her sister's determination, her hard-headed attitude, that once Anna set her mind to it she would do it. The blonde had never seen her sister grow up, but oh she had heard stories and that was enough to sustain her love for her feisty younger sister. Right now how she longed to ruffle Anna's hair and tell her everything would be alright, like a good elder sister should, but she couldn't and it killed her inside.

Elsa willed herself to stop the flurries swirling around her head and sat on the edge of Anna's bed. "If I knew how you could help, I would let you." She replied honestly. "This is going to upset you and I'm so sorry, Anna. There is nothing else that can be done."

Anna avoided Elsa's stare and slowly removed the blonde's glove. Elsa slowly began to protest. "Shh." She got the glove off and placed her hand on top of Elsa's. It was softer then she had expected, but also colder, like placing her hand on top of snow. Elsa's eyes widened in fear. "Relax." Anna assured. It was the first time in thirteen years she had come this close to her sister. It was strange and exciting all at the same time.

"Anna don't, please." Elsa bit her bottom lip and forced the urge to draw back, but Anna held tight.

"Just tell me what's wrong. You won't hurt me. I trust you." Anna's teal eyes locked onto Elsa's.

The blonde sighed and humored her sister, if she was going to hurt Anna again she might as well give her this one small comfort. "The dignitaries have decided that the only way I can keep the throne is to marry." Elsa swallowed hard. "Prince Hans has decided he will be the one to take my hand. I have no choice in the matter unless I want to be exiled."

"What?!" Anna couldn't keep the shock and pain from her voice. "So the one man who has ever fallen in love with me is now yours!" Anna knew she was being petulant and should feel for her sister, but all she could feel was intense anger.

Elsa yanked her hand away. "It isn't like that and you know it. I'm being forced against my will Anna, or I will be exiled. It isn't my choice!"

Anna took a deep breath once she saw the pain in her sister's eyes. "So, you're going to marry him then?" She forced down the jealously. The pain of the years she had spent alone doubled and hit her hard, but if she were to stay loyal to a man she had just met or her sister, Anna would choose Elsa.

Elsa knelt down by the edge of the bed and took her sister's hand gently. "I'm not staying, Anna. I'm leaving. I won't marry against my will. I want to be free! I'm tired of being trapped because of my powers. Maybe...maybe I can find somewhere that will accept me."

Anna fought back tears, not again, she couldn't be alone again. "Then I'm coming with you."

Elsa shook her head. "No, no you're not. The people will need a queen they can trust, a kind, generous leader. When you come of age that'll be you." She knew Anna could be the leader Arendelle would need.

Anna shook her head in disbelief. "So you'll just leave me. Don't you care about me?"

Elsa looked right into Anna's pained teal eyes. "More than anything. That's why I'm doing this, for you. So they won't associate you with me, the evil ice queen."

"You aren't evil!" The red head stood, fighting the dizziness and gesturing wildly.

Elsa couldn't handle this, she had to pack and leave. She couldn't watch Anna hurt by her hand again. "You don't even know me..." She whispered.

Anna reached for Elsa and pulled the blonde into an embrace. Elsa fought to free herself to no avail. "You've never let me get to know you. Let me in, please Elsa." Anna felt cold tears on her shoulder and gently rubbed her sister's back to soothe her. "It's going to be alright. I won't let them force you into anything."

Elsa kissed Anna's cheek gently despite her better judgement. "I love you dear sister, but I must go. I won't be back, but if I can somehow get word to you of where I am, I'll try my hardest to see you again."

"No!" Anna reached for Elsa, but the blonde put up a wall of ice between them before running off. Once again leaving Anna alone.

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