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Doppelgangers & Travels

When Caroline agreed to deal with Stefan's doppelganger she did not expect this. She expected a boring road trip to a small nearby town, but instead she was on her way to freaking New Orleans! God, the universe hated her!

Why New Orleans? Jesus, couldn't this doppelganger-turned-paramedic be somewhere else, like Miami or LA? No, it had to be the town that the Original hybrid she hadn't seen for months lived in! And as if that wasn't enough, she had to kill someone who looked like her best friend or let her best friend get killed by a bunch of psychotic witches. Her life sucked!

The sun was setting and she was still on the plane with Enzo. Truth is he wasn't that bad despite being Damon's killing buddy. He was smart, funny and quite good looking. Who the hell was she kidding? He was hot! Not that she would ever tell him that, obviously.

She fidgeted for what seemed like the thousandth time, in her seat. This not-so-fun trip was driving her nuts and she hadn't even arrived yet.

"You seem nervous, Goldilocks. What's got your knickers in a twist?"

She sighed. Don't freak out, Caroline. Everything will be fine. You're doing this for Stefan!

"I…I just have a bad feeling about this trip and before you make some cheeky comment: no, I'm not being paranoid."

He raised his hands in mock surrender.

"Alright, alright. Just remember: you're not doing this alone."

The blonde vampire smiled and tried to keep her discomfort to a minimum. Just then one of the flight attendants announced they were about to land.

Now that they were both finally in New Orleans, Caroline's fidgeting seemed to get worse. They drove around to their hotel: The Palace Royale.

Enzo compelled the receptionist to give them their nicest suite and they soon walked to their shared bedroom.

"What is really going on with you, Caroline?"

"I suck at this. I volunteered to hunt down Stefan's doppelganger, but I don't think I can do it. I mean, I'm not a killer. That's incredibly stupid since I am a vampire, but I'm just not murderer material. No offence."

All of that was true. She sucked at the whole don't-look-at-me-or-I'll murder-you-thing, besides she was terrified of seeing a certain someone. That was only going to make things harder. Her life could be a soap opera.

"None taken and like I said before, you are not alone."

She sat down on the bed, taking deep and long breaths. She just confessed her insecurities to a complete stranger. She was supposed to become stronger and less neurotic now that she had embraced her undead self but apparently her human insecurities were never going to fully disappear.

"Thanks, again." She paused. The sooner they did this the better. "So should we, you know, look around town tonight? Maybe if we split up we can find a clue or something."

"Of course. Just keep looking for a Tom Avery."

The blonde vampire could feel her features form a frown.

"I pity this guy already. He looks like Stefan but has none of the benefits of being a Salvatore."

The dark haired Augustine vampire laughed out loud.

"You really are a peculiar girl, aren't you?"

She scoffed at the older man.

"Whatever. Just keep in touch." She grabbed her jacket and got ready to explore the night life of New Orleans and look for Stefan 2.0. "Oh and try not to kill him without telling me."

He waved her off doing some spirit fingers thingy making her roll her eyes.

Walking out of their hotel was the best thing she could have done. The wind was blowing gently, making her feel free and happy even though she was in that town for a purpose.

The French quarter was illuminated by dozens of lights. Neon signs could be seen everywhere. People were dancing freely on the streets and she could have sworn she saw a vampire or two feeding without caring who saw them.

New Orleans was a freaky town, no doubt about it. She kept glancing over the street making sure she didn't miss anyone, unfortunately or luckily, she really didn't know at this point, none of them looked like her best friend.

She passed a couple of bars and decided to enter one, it would be stupid not to, and that wasn't something she could afford right now since her best friend's life was in her hands. Well, hers and Enzo's.

The smell of alcohol hit her nostrils as soon as she opened the door not that it bothered her. Once again she scanned the crowd. Nope, no sign of the doppelganger, just a bunch of people and Klaus's blonde head.

Wait, what?

She cursed to herself and turned around quickly, almost running towards the door. Please don't let him see me. Please don't let him see me.


Shit! What the hell had she done to deserve this? Yeah, she was a major bitch in high school but hadn't she already paid for that? If she could she would stake herself right now, but unfortunately facing him was the only option.


Her voice was raw and not as steady as she hoped it would be.

"Finally came to explore my favorite town, I see."

She gave a smile. He smiled back. His face hadn't changed at all. He still looked as handsome as ever. She felt herself being dragged to a table.

Make an excuse. Now!

But of course her mouth was too slow, so she ended up sitting on a small wooden table with three other people and Elijah.

"Miss Forbes, how nice to see you here."

"Thanks Elijah."

"Love, meet Marcel, Camille and Genevieve." He indicated who was who and she managed to say hello although the red headed girl was glaring at her. If looks could kill Caroline would be dead. Permanently.

"How are you enjoying New Orleans, Caroline?"

"It's nice. I just got here, actually."

"Why is that?" asked Genevieve.

She thought before answering. Keep it short and simple, Care.

"I'm on a business trip."

"What trouble are you in, love?"

His eyes were full of lust and worry. Christ, he wasn't even trying to hide it.

"I'm not in trouble, Klaus. I'm just lending a hand to someone in need."

"If that's the case then how can we be of service?"

Elijah was always a gentleman and she appreciated it but now was not the time to involve Originals with anger issues into Traveler's business. In fact she never wanted to involve Klaus or any of his siblings in her life ever again.

Before she could answer, her phone beeped.

Where are you?

Enzo! Thank god! Without hesitation the blonde vampire texted him the name of the bar she was in.

Hearing someone cough she remembered she still had to answer them.

"Is everything okay?" asked Camille.

"Yes, like I was saying I'm fine. I didn't come here to ask you for help, in fact I already have all the help I need. But thank you for asking."

She was getting up when she bumped hard on someone. She was about to apologize when she heard an accented voice.

"Not so fast, gorgeous. I have news." He looked at her with a slight smirk. She noticed he was holding two shots with a green liquid. Absinthe. "Trust me, you're gonna need it."

She raised an eyebrow at him, encouraging him to talk.

"I found him." She sat back down. Oh my god this was it. She ignored the curious/furious looks from the other people at the table, the latter coming from Klaus obviously.

"Okay. Please tell me you didn't do anything stupid like break his legs or kill him."

He laughed so loud that people from the nearby tables looked over despite all the loud noise in the bar. She punched his arm.

"Stop laughing, Enzo! It's not funny!"

"Sorry Goldilocks! We had a deal, remember? He's nearby waiting for us, still breathing might I add. "

She nodded. And took one of the shots.

"Told you, you were going to need it."

"Whatever!" She shrugged. "Let's do this before my liquid courage evaporates."

Getting up she said goodbye ignoring the murderous glares from Klaus and his not-so-subtle growls, and walked out of the bar with Enzo close behind. It was time.