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"Rel?" Will called as he poked his head around into her apartment. He had called earlier to ask if he could come over. And Rel of course agreed, stating that he could let himself in. Looking around he spotted her lounging on a black arm chair, laptop balanced on her crossed legs while she typed rapidly across its keys. The end of a lollipop stick just poking out between her lips. She didn't look up when her voice rang out "Don't just stand there staring it's rude, come over here."

Shaking his head Will made his way to her side. Plopping down on the matching black leather sofa next to her. Closing her laptop and placing it on the glass coffetable she turned to face him. "What's up?" She questioned, her eyes landing on the manila folder in his hands. Smiling at the obvious curiosity that sat in her eyes Will relinquished the folder. "I was wondering if you could take a look at this case for me?" Taking the folder Rel opened it, pulling out several files and pictures while laying them on the coffetable.

Will continued to speak as she examined the papers and pictures before her. "With the recent activity of the black horns it is to be expected that criminal activity spike and new pieces to come in. However we weren't expecting something like this." Will murmured as he watched her eyes study the photo of the man with the mockingbird wings made from his back. "They cant to be working for the black horns as all the victims happened to be from the gang. But we have no other leads on who they could be, they just popped out of nowhere. Theirs no obvious motive and no witnesses due to the secluded area it was in." He finished carefully as she flipped through the autopsy and crime scene reports. Her eyes rapidly scanning the pages.

"Did they find any evidence?" She mumbled quietly, eyes trained solely on the pictures. Will hesitated as he watched her eyes glaze over slightly. What was she thinking? "No they didn't." He admitted. He was however startled as Rel crunched through the rest of her lollipop, her teeth grounding it into finer pieces that soon disappeared. "I see, I'm sorry Will but I cant help you, I have nothing to go off of." she answered. Will merely smiled in response "It's alright, you're right their isn't really anything that can help us."

Standing in Jacks office Will huffed angrily. "I still don't see why we shouldn't make this a priority as well!" He almost shouted as Jack merely stood there, hands tucked to his pockets as heard Will out. "We don't have any evidence to make it a priority not to mention the fact that we have a bigger issues ." Jack responded calmly. Will had come to him demanding a reason why they had all but ignored the mockingbird case. Clenching his fists till it hurt Will all but growled "That's no excuse, they are killing people as well and need to be investigated." Sighing in frustration Jack fixed Will with a gentle look, one you would use when approaching a weary animal. "I understand that Will and we will eventually, but for now we wont. It is my choice."

Sitting in the cafeteria Will quietly ate his lunch. Ignoring everyone else around him, until he heard a clatter and looked up to see Rel settle across from him with her own food. "Jack told me about earlier. Do you want to talk about it?" Feeling suddenly embarrassed Will shook his head. Smiling gently she covered his hand with her own. "Maybe it's for the best if we focus on the main case and worry about the mockingbird bird later." Will merely nodded his head in agreement.


A dull gray that seemed to close down on him was the first thing Will saw as his eyes slowly cracked open. Blinking away the fog that had settled around his senses. Without twitching a muscle he let his eyes wander around the room, taking in the black chesterfield sofa he was laying upon, the wide windows that panned the back half of the room, it was still dark outside but Will could just make out the outline of a forest. Refocusing on the room he felt something brush his hand, Lowering his eyes he spotted a trash can with a small pile of bloody bandages laying on top.

Suddenly it all came rushing back for him. The date, glass shattering, the stinging pain in his arm, men with guns crashing through his living room, gray mockingbird wings inked onto Rel's back. It was clear now, Rel was the one slaughtering members of the black horns. She was the guard dog of sorts for the obviously claimed northern territory. The main question though was, who was she working for?

But before Will could raise himself from his draped positon on the couch a very familiar face loomed above him. "How are you feeling?" Rel murmured, as if afraid to disturb anyone else. Ignoring her concern Will gingerly pulled himself into sitting position. Reluctantly allowing Rel to help, all the while being careful of his injured arm. As he sat up she handed him a glass of water. Taking it he gulped greedily at the contents. Not realizing how thirsty he really was. When he had his fill she gently took it from him and set it on a small table just to the side of the couch.

Feeling his throat relaxing Will ventured speaking. "Where am I?" he managed to croak out. Looking around further he could see a roaring fireplace on the opposite wall accompanied by several other plush arm chairs. The rest of his vison was further blocked though as Rel hovered closer to him. Gently examining his arm. "It looks like the bleeding has stopped." She mumbled, fingers prodding along the bandage as she spoke. Becoming agitated Will pushed her hand away and glared up at her. "I asked you a question." He growled out.

Looking up from where she was still examining his arm Rel shook her head slightly. "so impatient aren't you."

Will couldn't help but bristle at this, slamming his hand down on the table beside him he growled "damn right I am! I could have been killed! I have no idea how those men found me and what they were doing there. Not to mention that this whole time you've been the mocking bird. All those killings were you! This whole time you were lying about not knowing anything!" By the end of his rant he couldn't help but huff out breath. He was starting to get worked up. Something that never helped his case.

Rel merely chose to ignore his bout of anger as she refilled his water with a pitcher and placed it back on the table. By this time Will was ready to explode. She was his best friend who he trusted with everything but he couldn't even get a word out of her now. Deciding to be spiteful in his anger Will leaned back into the couch cushions, smirking ever so slightly as he addressed her "you know you wont get away with any of this, you cant keep me here forever and as soon as I get out of here ill let Jack know that all this time you were the mocking bird."

At will's blatant statement Rel glanced up at him from where she was currently reading a text from the look of it. Her eyes seemed to bore though Will, calculating and shrewd but somehow amused before she turned back to her phone. Typing back a quick reply and putting her phone away, Will watched as the corner of her mouth twitched as if she was holding back a smile. "I'm sorry Will but that wont be happening." She answered, her tone carried a hint of amusement and something secretive that she only knew. But before Will could question her meaning, a door to the right of them creaked open.

Rel slowly turned towards to door, a look of teasing exasperation on her face. "you are late." Her silky voice rang out at the intruder entered the room. As Will watched them come in his eyes began to widen, his breath all but seemed to stop as he struggled for words. This wasn't happening. Rel was suppose to be the only one corrupt, but as the figure fully entered the room Wills hopes were crushed.

"Sorry, I was held up at the office." Jack Crawford answered as he removed his jacket and draped it across one of the arm chairs. Tucking his hands into his pockets he slowly walked over to Will. Slowly and deliberately, already aware of the situation they were in. "How are you doing Will?" he asked. Eyes roaming over the bandage on his arm before fixing itself on his face.

Will dimly noted it was almost the exact same thing Rel asked him not 10 minutes ago. After a few seconds that felt like eternity Will finally managed to spit out the words he wanted to say. " W-what are you doing here?''

Looking at Will, Jack fixed him with a pitying look as he made his way to stand a few feet away from Will. Rel backed up a few feet to stand by Jack as to solidify the point that was itching at Will's mind. But he had to be sure this was what he really thought it to be. "Jack you need to arrest Rel now! She is the mockingbird, the one who has been killing all those men!" he shouted, terror at what was happening slowly beginning to creep through his veins.

It didn't help in the least when Rel and Jack shared a troubled look. As If deciding who would be the one to tell. Sighing as it would be clear he would Jack looked back to Will, "I know."

Will felt his stomach drop at the sudden admission. "what do you mean?" he managed to stutter out.

"What I mean is I have know she is the mockingbird for quite some time. I'm sorry Will but the FBI isn't in control anymore." Jack carefully told him, afraid that he might break Will in more than one way. But it seemed being careful wasn't very helpful. Will's eyes grew big and his breath came out in ragged puffs. Rel hovered just over Will, prepared to step in just in case a panic attack came. But none came.

After several moments of deep breathing Will managed to calm himself down and avoid the threat of passing out again. In the meantime Jack took a tiny step back, just in case Will became violent. Will was many things but predictable was not one of them. Better to be safe then sorry.

Although Will managed to calm his body down his mind was racing a million miles per minute. "what is happening? When did this all happen? How long has it been happening? And how deep in shit was he?" all swirled insides Will's mind. However when he thought about it made sense. All the times Jack refused to further investigate the case. Rel not finding any evidence at all or how she was all to happy to let the case go. They had been deceiving him the whole time and that angered him. But there was one question that managed to shove everything else aside and pop up in the center of his thoughts. Looking up from where he currently was hanging his head in his hands Will fixed Jack with a calculating look. "does this mean you're the one in charge?"

At this question Jack looked stunned and Rel slightly confused. Shaking his head Jack to a step forward to explain himself. "no Will, I may be working on this side but I do not call the shots." As Jack finished answering Will's question Rel let out a tiny sound of understanding, understanding for what Will was talking about.

"You want to know who my boss is." It was more of a statement then a question as Rel already knew the answer. She just didn't figure Will would come to conclusion so fast that she wasn't the one in charge. Narrowing her eyes slightly Rel asked just what she had precisely thought. "when did you figure out there was someone else higher then me, someone else in charge?"

Realizing that Will had never got the chance to tell her about the conclusion he came to with her last murders he couldn't help but gulp. Clearly it wasn't something Rel was planning on having been discovered so soon. " when I examined the last murders you committed in that warehouse." He shakily answered.

Rel's eyes widened in surprise before a slight smile crossed her face. " I am impressed. But then again only you would have figured that out," nodding his head Will silently agreed with her statement, " however, they wont get you the answers you seek. You have no need to know who we work for." As she said this Rel motioned to her and Jack. Indicating that Jack was just as committed to this as her.

Feeling the blood began to boil back up in his veins, Will lashed out. " Why the fuck shouldn't I know?! I have every right dammit! I never asked to be dragged into you stupid turf war or be the target of it! Whoever the hell is pulling the shots behind all of this is a fucking coward if they cant at least show their face to me! As far as I'm concerned, all these innocent people who have been dying is your fucking fault!" Will screamed as he grabbed the glass of water beside him and flung it across the room where it shattered against the wall, creating a huge water mark on the wallpaper.

Jack immediately backed up some and raised his hands in a surrender/calming gesture. Rel however held her ground, choosing to actually approach Will ever so carefully. By this time Will was beginning to hyperventilate. None of this should be happening. He shouldn't be losing his cool, his boss and best friend shouldn't be corrupt and he shouldn't be in the dark still. Sensing Will's distress Rel pulled out her phone and typed out a quick message before hitting send. She then crouched down to his level and took his face in her hands, unafraid of the anger that might still be there. But Will easily complied, to tired to protest as she gently glided her thumbs over his cheek bones.

Speaking in a quiet mummer she leaned ever so slightly so their faces were inches apart. " Will, please believe me, all of this is for you. I have never done any of this in order to hurt you. Instead I have always protected you. You are my reason for living and that is why I wanted to keep you in the dark. Both of us did," at this Jack came forward, presenting himself as a the other half of "us". " I wanted you to be safe, unknowing, even blind to it all. But it is no longer in my hands. We knew it was only a matter of time. Eventually you would be pulled in to all of this but still I prayed that you wouldn't ever find out who we serve, who in the end owns and controls almost everything. Because trust me Will, now that you will know, it will break your heart."

As she finished Rel wiped away the tears that had gathered under her eyes and stood up. Will wanted to keep her hands holding on to him but he didn't have time for that. Summoning up the courage Will whispered "what do you mean?" fixing his now terrified eyes on them. But Rel merely shook her head and turned towards the door. Will followed her gaze to the door just as a knock sounded, sniffling up the little remains of her tears she called out, "come in." the door began to creak open as Rel addressed Will.

"Will I would like you to meet my boss. The head of the syndicate I belong to and serve. The owner and controller of the northern territories," as she spoke a pair of oxford shoes became visible from the shadows of the hall way, followed by a pair of legs clad in a darks suit pinstripe paints, then a chest clothed in a red dress shirt and black tie and covered by a equally dark suit jacket, and then the face became visible and a oh so familiar figure stepped fully into the room. Wills eyes widened in shock as he took in the figure before him. Tears began to form in his eyes and terror took over as Rel finished her introduction. " our leader Hannibal Lector."


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