"You are not taking my child!"

"We don't have a choice. It is just a hiccup. We can make a better one."

"HE is not just some piece of meat! He's our child Stoick… you cannot just kill him. It's murder!"

"Valla… We can always try again."

"No…we can't…I can't go through all of the miscarriages again. He's alive NOW!"

"It's just a hiccup!"

"HE is my Hiccup! And I love him!"


"Shhhhh… You're okay… I won't let anyone hurt you…"

Year 1:

"NO! You will not touch my son!"

"Get out of the way women. We're just putting em out of is misery."

"He is perfectly happy and strong! I won't let anyone hurt him!"

"Fine… But don't be come ah runnen when that child of yours get sick… This twas a onetime offer."

"He'll be fine… He's a strong child… I can't have him live here anymore… I was hoping that moving to a new island that all this would stop! ... But no Viking wants a hiccup…"

"Bwaaa, Haha!"

"Your just a happy little baby! …My Hiccup…"

Year 2:


"Shhhh… Hiccup… Quiet! They'll hear you."

"How did we end up here? …"

"Wha, wha, whaaaaaaa!"

"You're okay! Shhhhhhh!"


"Wha, wha? Ha?"



"That's my good Hiccup… stay quiet… The dragons can't hurt you… Shhhhhhh…"

Year 4:


"Hiccup! I told you to stay in the cave!"

"I know… But I waz lonwee."

"Oh sweetie… I know it's hard… We'll get off this island soon don't worry. Come on. Back to the cave…"

"Why I got ta stay in cave?"

"Because it's safe. Nothing can hurt you in there."

"But I strong! I can take any dragen!"

:Chuckles: "I know. But I don't want to take any chances. If you were to get hurt… I wouldn't know what I'd do."

"Youz would kill the dragen! Bwecause it hurtz me and that what you do!"

:Chuckles: "You know I don't always kill the dragons. There are some that I don't kill."

"Why no kill them Mama?"

"Because the dragons don't know any different. They see a person and are just trying to protect themselves and their friends."

"Like hows you protec me!"

"Yes, just like how I protect you. Now stay in the cave. I'll be back with super soon."

"Okay Mama… I woves ya."

"I love you too… Hiccup." : kisses on cheek: "Now stay."


Year 6:

"Whaaaaaaaa! Mama! Mama! Whaaaaaaa! Mama!"

~ The child is frightened. ~

~ What should we do? ~

~ I don't know! How should I know!? ~


~ Mama? Do you think that the human who we- ~

~ Quiet! You're scaring the child! ~

~ Sorry… ~

~ What should we do with it? ~

~ I believe it is male. ~

~ We can't just leave him. ~

"Mama! Help me! You said you would protect me!"

~ This child is alone… because of us… We must help him. ~

~ Why should we!? Just let the child die. ~

~ It is out fault he is alone! Think if it were your hatchlings! ~

~ ~

~ So we're keeping it? ~

~ Like a human pet? ~

~ For now we should leave him be… He should grieve for his mother. ~

~ I sort of feel bad about killing her now. ~

~ So do I… I don't like it! ~

~ Let's get back to the nest. Tomorrow we should bring the child food so he does not starve. ~

~ Alright. ~

~ This sucks. ~